Winamp Pro lands on Android Market

Nullsoft, the developers behind the wildly popular Winamp music player, have released a Pro version app to the Market.

The app itself is simply a key that unlocks the Pro features of the regular app. Alternatively, you could purchase the pro features via an in-app purchase.

The pro version adds the following features:

* 10-band graphic equalizer

* Customizable home screen

* Browse by Folder

* Crossfade

* Gapless playback

* Support for FLAC playback in Folders View (lossless audio playback)

* Replay Gain

* Personalized station recommendations

* Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only)

* No ads

Are you a Winamp or Winamp Pro user? Do you have an alternative audio app as your go to music solution? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Mauro Vicentin

    some old news?

    • James DeWitt

       Maybe they missed the memo?

  • tim bennett

    I’m a huge Winamp fan, but haven’t seen the need to go with the Pro version. PowerAmp is pretty neat, but the features are overwhelming.  Both seem to eat a ton of battery with Winamp eating less.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I already use Poweramp for locally stored music, and this can’t top it yet, so I’ll wait.  

  • brian

    Power amp is the only music player for android, and it eats way less battery than other apps.

    • John

      Ya but shoutcast is an awesome feature to have :)

  • RitishOemraw

    Quickly glancing at the orange icon, the thought of media management arose, and I clicked the article, only to be dissapointed…..I thought it was about a VLC player for android….also has a orange icon and relates to media……stupid brain linking winamp to vlc >.<
    :PWill they ever release the VLC app for android?

  • Denis Scholvien

    as long as there is no way for third parties to implement Google Music into their apps….I will be stuck with Google Music. I prefer PowerAmp but having my whole library of music accessible over 3G is killer.

  • Bob Allen

    Poweramp fan from the start – Winamp would have to be much better to convince me to change!

  • Adar

    I think PowerAmp is still the best Android music app. I use a Google Music importer to bring in my music from Google Music, since I dislike their app, but like the service. Used to use Winamp on my PCs exclusively, but it can’t compare to PowerAmp for Android

  • McLabia

    For the computer, Winamp is all I use, but until someone can implement Google music into their app, theyre pissin in the wind.

  • McLabia