Nook Tablet Gets New SD Card Root Method – Android Market Accessible Once Again

When it comes to hacking and modding a device’s software, it’s always played out like an episode of Tom & Jerry. A developer will take advantage of an exploit in the software that allows them to root the device, followed by the hardware OEM who will release an update to patch up the software, and things start all over again. Such is the case with the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, after B&N’s latest update, shall we say, complicated things a bit.

But now, as to be expected, a new root method has found its way to the N-Tab, making it possible once again to not only root the device, but get that precious Android Market up and running on the ‘old e-reader. It’s a little tricky in that you will have to use an SD card to get the Google apps on the device but if you’re at all familiar with partitioning SD cards (like the oldschool G1 days) using ADB, Linux and ClockworkMod, you’ll feel right at home.

The boys on on XDA put together a nice, quick tutorial further explaining the whole process, complete with download links to get everything working properly. Good luck and godspeed, folks.

XDA | Via Liliputing

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  • Montisaquadeis

    We have had the option to downgrade our nook tablets since the update came out. You just need to put a single file on an sdcard and have the nook boot up with that and it will Install 1.4.0 onto the nook so that you can then root and block OTA updates.

  • captainskyhawk

    Yeah, but with an encrypted bootloader (right), this thing is still no fun.

    • Jim Buzbee

      That’s no longer an issue as a security hole has been found in the boot sequence that will allow an unsigned kernel to boot. Just getting ICS running is now the goal. Check out the XDA developer’s forums for details.

      • captainskyhawk

        Well, rock on, hacking community.  That’s actually pretty incredible.  (Would’ve been nice had something like been found for Moto phones.)

  • Albert Wertz

    check out this updated video on my youtube channel.