Motorola Will Focus On “Smart Actions,” High-End Devices, And New Razr’s in 2012


When Motorola introduced the Droid Razr, they didn’t just debut the device but their new Smart Actions software as well. Smart Actions is a much coveted app that gives users the ability to assign certain “triggers” when performing a specific action. For example, you can configure the app so that every time you plug-in your headphones, the Music app will instantly open. Or you could set it to lower the ringer volume during late night hours. Pretty smarty-pants stuff.

Well, according to Motorola’s Senior VP Alain Mutricy, Moto is planning to expand investment in Smart Actions, bringing the software to more devices next year. Pretty much a no brainer when it comes to future devices but we can’t help but wonder if Motorola will bring Smart Actions to current devices, given they’re running the latest version of Moto Blur. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Mutricy also mentioned the company’s plans to continue expanding their Razr line of handsets this year, possibly outside of the upcoming Razr Maxx. If true, I’m sure we can expect that leaked Razr with an HD display in the coming months.

For the rest of 2012, Motorola will remain focused the high-end US market (sorry, no entry level phones for you guys) and also pledged to introduce fewer devices moving forward. This no doubt comes as a relief to those chronically experiencing buyer’s remorse after a newly purchased handset was trumped only weeks later by a newer version (read: Bionic).

Via AllThingsD

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Great news! Let’s hope that everyone,regardless of carrier,will have at least one high end MOTOROLA phone w/all the mentioned features.

    1. Still waiting on a RAZR to come to Sprint *fingers crossed*

      1. Chris Chavez- In all serious why support this company with a phone purchase? They continue to lock down their bootloader and out right lied about unlocking them by 2011 and still nothing.

      2. Chris Chavez- In all seriousness why support this company with a phone purchase? They continue to lock down their bootloader and out right lied about unlocking them by 2011 and still nothing.

        1. Let me see:

          I can call folks and not have to worry about my phone breaking up alot, or them saying they cant hear me alot…

          I have had ppl tell me that when I was on both the G Nex and Rezound. My RAZR worked in places both the G Nex I had and the Rezound I have now struggled.

          Thats one reason to support Motorola…everyone doesnt have the same wants n needs.

          1. It isn’t about what your wants and needs, they flat out lied to paying customers. When I comment on their Facebook about it, they delete it and reply to EVERYONE except the people who are asking about the bootloader situation. You don’t do that to paying customers.

          2. Ok…lets try this again…

            Wants n needs. Bootloader isnt one of mine, it must be to some ppl.

            To the customers that havent a clue what a bootloader is…it is all about wants n needs.

  2. Great news.I hope MOTOROLA spreads this around to all carriers.

    1. That’s the carrier’s choice.  

  3. Anyone know if “smart actions” is better or worse than the Tasker app?

    1. Tasker is not user friendly AT ALL. Something they could work on. Smart Actions definitely easier to use, but not as full featured..

      1. I’ve been using Tasker since before its release, so I’ve been exposed to its growing complexity over a long period of time, as opposed to new users getting it all thrown at them at once.  However, I still think you’re exaggerating its lack of user friendliness.

        IMO, the simplicity (user friendliness) of Smart Actions is a direct result of its limited feature set when compared with Tasker.  I’m not saying Tasker couldn’t be more user friendly, but given its feature set its never going to have the simplicity of Smart Actions.

        1. So tasker has more features, thats all I needed to know…..:)

  4. An HD Razr with an unlocked bootloader would be heavenly…

  5. … hey moto, i would like to see a RAZR MAXX HD and a RAZR minii

  6. My apologies for the double posting,chalk it up to DISQUS error/lag.

    With that said,SMART ACTIONS should have at least already been pushed to all ANDROID phones that haven’t reached End Of Life status,& no reason to not update the older models as well.

  7. I have a razr. Great phone. Motocast and the smart feature are pretty cool and useful. Only thing missing is the fm radio.

    1. Have you tried TuneIn Radio?

  8. Congratulations Motorola, you wrote an App that has been on the market for 2 years.

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  9. I am really hoping for a RAZR K’POW (or whatever they want to call it) that has the battery life of the MAXX, the new HD display and a Tegra 3 or equivalent. That phone has to be in the pipeline if they want to be competitive in the high end US market this year, and that is the phone I will retire my Droid X2 (rooted and rocking Eclipse ROM) for. However, patience is pretty tough with the Rezound at its current price and manufacturer approved unlock tool. I really want to buy into the lapdock concept, but I’ve used them in Verizon’s brick and mortars, and it kinda sucks. Cool concept, but the phones are too weak to pump the processes as needed and it comes across as a laggy, unsure mess. If the phone I outlines above isn’t unveiled at MWC, I am going to plunk on a Rezound as the wait for 4G is excruciating, haha!

  10. hahahah new RAZR’s already? wow and I thought Razr buyers would be pissed nevermind the MAXX users

  11. Chris, I’ve the RAZR on UK Vodafone, and let me tell you this, it’s the shizzle! The new blur (or whatever it’s called) is excellent, does not intrude into the user experience as it used to, the battery life is pretty good, usually squeeze a day out of it, the screen is pretty good (only drawback is the criss-cross of the pentile matrix). The phone itself looks damn good and reinforced concrete is no match for the kevlar ans gorilla glass. In short, for me, it’s a wise choice.

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