Sony Tablet S, P and Xperia Phones are Being Upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich in Spring

Sony has mentioned to The Verge that Ice Cream Sandwich is well on its way to their userbase. In Spring, owners of the Tablet P and S can expect the upgrade in tablet form while those on the Xperia side of the pond will also be getting some love. As we get close to that season we hope the window will be narrowed even further, but at least we know you all won’t be waiting long.

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  • Scott Souder

    Anyone else see Panda Express in the title of this article?

    • Scott Souder

      Maybe i’m just hungry… lol


    Anyone know if/when g tab 10.1 gets ICS?

  • Jdog25

    I guess after all these years ain’t sh*t changed with the OEMs.