Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX Hitting Verizon Stores This Thursday for $300

It’s official, folks. The Motorola DROID Maxx will be in stores this Thursday according to this nice press release that was dropped into our inboxes. The device is pretty much like the original version Verizon released except it’s a bit thicker and has a lot more battery life. Verizon and Motorola are touting that it can get users through three hours short of a full day – even if they’ve been talking on the phone that entire time! It’s unreal to see 21 hours of talk time in a phone. Some of us are happy to get anything above 5 these days so it’s remarkable that they’re been able to do this without compromising the thinness of the device. It’ll be $300 to walk home with it but the original is a fantastic dual-core 4.3 inch phone that has pretty OK software. Check out our review here.

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  • jt O’Brien

    I am regretting my purchase of the Nexus after seeing this phone.

    • Sako Babayan

      you are stupit how can you say that you would rather have that piece of crap instead of the official google phone your gonna get that stupit phone then get outdated in a month when they release some other razr maxx 2 or some bullcrap nexus might not have faster proccesor but its stock android and will function much faster than stupit motorolas UI

      • shooter50

        omg, probably the greatest all time fanboy loser post!!! Drink the coolaid much Sako? If the GN was crack you would be dead. Do you sleep with your phone too? What happened, did they kick you out of the iPhone club?? Did you break up with your blow up doll and get left with nothing but your Nexus? Speak fanboy, I need another laugh.
        Do you actually use your phone or is it sitting on the Android alter with you the high priest kneeling in worship??

    • Sako Babayan

      nexus phones are the best they release one evrey year and they dont get outdated quickly and its the fastest phones there chips are optimized to run the fast with the sofware which is allways googles lastest software ice cream sandwhich people look at numbers and get fooled 1.5 ghz 1.8 ghz 2.0ghz it dosnt matter motorola htc they all just slap chips on there phones with high numbers to sell and make money 

    • James Crawford

      I took mine back for this new monster battery phone.  I did like ICS, but the battery did not last a full work day for me. This is my new phone and hope all new phones to follow will get the battery life this one has.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    If this had come out originally, I would have actually considered it over my G-Nex.  I just couldn’t deal with the non-removable battery though.  Ultimately, I probably would have still gone with the G-Nex.

  • WrinkledForeskin

    I would of been all over this phone, only if it had an HD screen. Such a shame….

  • Ben Crawford

    “that has pretty OK software” ahhh 21 hours of OK’ness… i get 17 hours of whatever the F i want with my nexus. enjoy this moto sheep.

    • Peter Gordon

      Are you talking about the Galaxy Nexus that reboots randomly and has a low signal problem and a camera that takes a quick out of focus picture? Oh that one I returned it.

      • Brian

        Have had GNex since day 0, and haven’t had any rebooting issues or signal issues (in greater Boston).

        Just like with any auto-focus camera, if you don’t hold down focus before shooting it will often be blurry. That is just user error.

        • Marcos Morales

          Looks like he told you, Peter.  Lol

    • gltovar

      21hours of talk time, our GN probably only gets about 5.    the size of the razer max battery is 3300 mAh.  GN extended is 2000.

  • Alex Mercer

    Hopefully this will start a trend for manufacturers to start putting bigger batteries in smartphones.

  • cubbey

    Gotta say… I love my RAZR, but had I known about this when I purchased it, I would have waited.  It’s more than “new phone envy” – it’s a ridiculous jump in battery life on a phone I love.  Who wouldn’t want that?

  • Nickalie

    Your an idiot Peter

  • AJ Brimer

    Had the G-Nex!

    Took it back after 24 hours of my life i will NEVER get back!! Piece of garbage!

    And no SD?? WTF is that!!!

  • Ckar

    Damn, Sako! Go get a Google lower back tattoo and chill! Thank goodness this isn’t a political forum!

  • john

    Not the grammar and spelling police but if you’re going to call someone stupid atleast speel it right

    • Dave Lister

      I think you mean “at least spell it right”.

  • ctopher4

    I think maybe some junior high English classes would serve well

  • john

    I probably did

  • john

    I might have done that on purpose too. I’m not too sure. :)

  • shooter50

    yeah, I know Sako, you probably think I’m stupit

  • Since83

    why is no one talking about the locked bootloader and non HD screen?  Come on people.  If you are making a purchase of such a high end phone such as this or the GN, you better be rooting it and taking full advantage of the capabilities of the device. GN blows all Moto crap out of the water.