Verizon COWs Converge on Lucas Oil Stadium

The two participants for Super Bowl 46 have been determined (the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, if you happened to miss the championship games last night) and Verizon felt now was the best opportunity for them to get setup at the game’s hosting site. That site is Lucas Oil Stadium, by the way, an Indianapolis shrine for Peyton Manning and his Colts.

Verizon has deployed 3 COWs (Cells on Wheels), installed 400 mobile antennae to handle texts and calls and 600 WiFi stations for data. All this coupled with Verizon already-excellent coverage in the area should ensure that no mobile phone can go unused. If some of you will happen to be there for Media Week let us know how it all works out. Be sure to check out Gotta Be Mobile’s breakdown of Big Red’s setup in the video above.

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  • SavageJeep

    ZZ Top is looking good! Young…

  • Lowlyworm

    I work 3 blocks from Lucas. It will be interesting to see if my phone sees any new BSID’s with the COWS in the pasture. Dunno, perhaps that will be transparent.

  • n.r. bovee

    Thought you were talking about fat chicks when I saw the headline.

    • KelsonM

      It’s Indy, so their will be plenty of those too.

      • Caleb Lewis

        East side native here. It’s true. We grow ’em big here.

  • montgoss

    Pretty sweet for Indy residents since they’re supposedly leaving behind a lot of the equipment they’ve installed.  I hope AT&T is doing something similar. I know in the past my phone has had practically no service in Indy during a Pacers game…

  • Caleb Lewis

    I’ve been told by more than a few Sprint reps that Sprint 4G will be deployed downtown Indy in time for the Super Bowl. Good news for me, and I guess all the other people.

  • jrizzoinc