Motorola DROID 3 Now Just $50 at Verizon

It’s almost as if we’re watching leaves fall off of a tree throughout the autumn months. The Motorola DROID 3 recently got a price drop to $100 and we, of course, assumed that the DROID 4 release date was close – a simple case of Verizon wanting to clear store shelves to make room for the next man up. Well it looks like they’re really trying to get the ball rolling on that now as they have knocked it down another $50. You can grab the device for $50 on contract through February 6th. Any relevance to that date? We can’t say, but Verizon should be just about ready to go with a DROID 4 launch as there have been too many signs to suggest otherwise. As for the DROID 3, it’s still a fantastic phone if 4G isn’t important to you. Be sure to check it out here. [via Droid Life]

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  • How Do i Use Android?

    Wow!  If you think that you must have a keyboard on a phone, this is what you’re looking for.

  • David Pat

    Amazing price if you’re looking for a global business phone

  • The Moose Speaks

    It’s not 4G, but it is a global phone and has a replaceable battery.  Aside from the network, it’s still up to spec on specs.  This is a great deal on a very nice phone.

  • T4rd

    Yeah, definitely a decent deal.  The only things that kept me from buying this at launch was the locked bootloader and 512 MBs RAM (which is good for 2.3, but I wasn’t so sure for ICS and later).  I’m glad I held out for the Galaxy Nexus though =D.

  • Rob

    Again this is not a great phone. My wife has issues daily with glitches, lag, and her camera just plain blows. Fifty is overpriced

  • jennirug

    This discount only applies to new customers.  Existing customers still have to pay  $199 for this phone – which is an outrageous way to treat loyal customers.

  • hash

    Rob if your wife has that many problems she must have a bad one. Why did she keep it to begin with. Makes no sense.

    Maybe bad Apps.

  • cbkcc1

    newegg has D3 free with desktop dock and car dock for new or upgrade lines and free overnight shipping.