HTC Flyer Getting Android 4.0 This Quarter?

Although the source of this story is from an HTC rep, we’re going to err on the side of caution. A fellow named Bruno spoke with an HTC rep on their site to ask about the HTC Flyer and a upgrade to Android 4.0. The rep told him that we could expect to see it in Q1 of this year. The reason we’re not jumping up with joy is because customer service reps can be wrong and have been wrong in the past. It’s a good indication that HTC might be thinking about bringing the update to the tablet but we will elect to wait on a more official statement before getting too excited. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled on community efforts to bring a Sense-less ROM to the device. [via Android and Me]

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  • RedPandaAlex

    Hmm. Wonder what a ICS tablet UI looks like for a device with physical buttons.

    • Gus70

      The physical buttons have been disabled since Honeycomb got pushed out to the Flyer/EVO View.   You can’t even tell that there are physical buttons anymore because they don’t light up and it is totally black where the buttons are.  You need to look really close with a bright light pointed at the device in order to see where these buttons were.

    • mikedg

      They removed the physical buttons when they put Honeycomb on it.

  • mikedg

    Good, Honeycomb gimped this device.

  • Gus70

    I hope that this rumor includes ICS for the EVO View also.

  • SoFloEasycore

    Yeah… I’m sure we’ll see ICS for the Flyer in Q1…. Just like HTC said the Flyer would have Honeycomb in “Q2″ last year…

  • gloriousnumber1

    I recently got the Rezound, I’d love ICS soon!

  • Dave Roberts

    How hard can it be if Honeycomb works on it?

  • Jayrock

    I JUST pulled this device out (work tablet). I REALLY would love ICS on it.

  • Sidney Hellman

    I asked this when the 3.2 update came out, but please me ask this again. 

    My wife and daughter both have HTC Flyers, and neither of them want to upgrade to 3.2. They both like the current buttons that HTC rotates automatically, and don’t want to sacrifice screen real estate for Honeycomb buttons. I’m familiar with Honeycomb as I have a Asus Transformer, but to be honest I can’t think of any compelling reasons that will convince them to upgrade to Honeycomb.Can anyone give me a good argument for them to upgrade?


    • Ryan Jarrett

      Honestly, I haven’t figured out why I upgraded my Flyer to Honeycomb yet. The only advantage I’ve seen is that the Scribe pen is more useful with Honeycomb, but that’s about it. Like you said, the giving up the screen real estate kind of irked me a little. Not only do you lose the part of the screen at the bottom for the notification bar, but it also has to scale videos down to on the sides to keep the resolution the same.

      I think they’d be happier staying with 2.3 until there is a Honeycomb specific app that they just have to have.

  • 3of5

    So where can I get a flyer for $300 or less? Best Buy and Staples don’t stock them anymore.

  • moparoy

    1saleaday has been selling the EVO View for $230 and that’s 32 gig.

  • Ryan Jarrett

    Then what was the point of releasing Honeycomb for it if they were just going to release ICS 3 months later. I just can’t see the Flyer getting the update til about the middle of Q2 at the earliest, if it comes at all.

  • magy1

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