BlueStacks Moves Out of Alpha – Android Apps On Your PC Move One Step Closer

BlueStacks — a program for Windows that runs Android applications — has been in the works for quite awhile now. Quentyn originally reported on BlueStacks back in April and more recently, the company released a creepy infograph highlighting a typical Android user’s appearance. They even managed to secure a “Best of CES 2012″ award from Cnet.

With BlueStacks buzz in full effect, I am happy to report that BlueStacks has finally moved out of the alpha stages of testing, with the beta coming just around the bend. Users who would like to sign up for the beta can do so via the company’s signup page (linked below). Any of our readers have a chance to try out the alpha? Would love to get some user feedback.

[BlueStacks | Via TalkAndroid]

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  • ShirtlessKirk

    If it didn’t require a Facebook login I’d use it.

    • NotRelevent

      Yea, because a facebook login is such a terrible thing. /s

      • Karim Languedoc


    • Off_Road_Racing

      It requires a Facebook login? Strange, because I’m not using Facebook to log in. Hmm…

      • ShirtlessKirk

        It was Facebook only, but isn’t any more.
        From the Bluestacks Connect app page: 
        UPDATE: We are now supporting email-based logins in addition to Facebook login.

  • ObasiS

    I have the alpha and it does run apps very well. My only problem with it was that it was incompatible with many of my apps.

  • How Do i Use Android?

    Not sure how useful this will be.  If I can run an App on my tablet, why would I want to run it on my PC too?   Many of my Android Apps are cloud apps like Gmail, which already run on my PC’s browser anyway.

  • Sonelone

    I could see the use of this on a Windows 8 tablet, where you could run both!

  • Janice

    I recently bought a Samsung series 7 slate touch PC with Windows 7 instead of an Android tablet because I wanted to use several Windows programs. Bluestacks allows me to also have the ability to use my Android Apps on my PC. So far most apps work fine, but some are somewhat slow to respond. Bluestacks is a very good program & I can have the best of both worlds! :-)

  • Polly Jenkins

    Looks pretty cool.

  • Patrick Cassels

    Hey Chris, I know from other comments that you guys are aware of it already (and it might just be taking a while to clear from Google’s or anyone else’s databases..) but just to let you know there are still malware warnings popping up for me.  I’m using Chrome  as my browser for the record.

    Just a suggestion that it maybe worth posting an article just to make sure people aren’t too alarmed or put off?  I’d be worried you guys might lose subscribers when you do a fantastic job!

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!  Been my number one Android site since the G1 *nostalgia* :)

  • jeremy

    Will not be back till you fix the site

    • Painman

      You braved the warnings just to say that? Really?  I’m sure if you hadn’t bothered that no-one would have noticed anyway.

      You have a nice day now!!

  • Paul sabovich

    Would love to try it out

  • SimsWesley90

    So what about this?…

  • R L

    Not super necessary, but great for us devs

  • Off_Road_Racing

    I have this. ADW launcher kinda works on this too. LoL!! It’s kinda funny looking at it. It really looks lyk Android now, using ADW. IDK if any other home replacement works. Oh!! And apparently it’s rooted since rooted apps work. =.S

  • Tatted Man
  • HughesKim60

    Guys…think again about what u just read. More info…

  • Janice

    Windows 8 is supposed to be even more TOUCH friendly than Win 7, so Bluestacks will be even more fun. Looking forward to getting Win 8 and the Bluestacks alpha. Love my PC tablet now but running more Android Apps on it will be great.

  • linda

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  • bayramonline

    Hey people, I have ICS Launcher running on BlueStacks on Windows 8
    I Can acsess more settings and a faster way of Syncing Apps as long as I had BlueStacks Cloud in the tray by:

    Draging and Dropping a .apk file to

    C:Program FilesBlueStacks

    -to- HD-ApkHandler.exe file and CMD runns then a box showing BlueStacks Apk Install

    as i have no Google Andriod Account to sync with BlueStacks

    Has any one have luck with rooted apps etc.
    This would really help before Metro style UI comes soon i say late Feburary /March?