Verizon Wireless Offering HTC Thunderbolt for Free on Contract Through January 26th

We reckon most of you will find many reasons not to buy the HTC Thunderbolt at this point but when Verizon’s offering it for next to nothing it becomes a viable option for those looking for a 4G smartphone. They are offering the Thunderbolt for free on contract through January 26th. While this isn’t the first time a free deal for this phone has popped up it may have been hard to find following the booming holiday season. Check out our review of the device here and grab it here if you end up being interested. [Thanks Linda!]

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  • xchopx

    i feel sorry for the poor bastards who get this phone that don’t know any better…

    • Stephen Cox

      Actually, this phone is very capable once it has been S-OFF’ed and loaded with CyanogenMod.

    • 3of5

      It’s really not that bad of a phone. It is better rooted than stock though.

    • Cipher Zero

      I feel sorry for the poor bastards who are too stupid to know how to maximize the TBolt’s abilities. They’re actually very good phones if you know how to tweak them correctly.

  • flashfast2000

    I bought this mess last summer. Run from it like the plague!

    • Mitch Samuels

      What was wrong with yours? Mine is awesome.

      • flashfast2000

        Poor battery life, poor finish on the kick stand. But a good camera. Just not good enough to save the thing.

    • John Wentworth

      I’ve been rocking a tbolt since launch day, their was some serious software issues when it launched, but since then HTC really resolved all of the problems with the phone, I’m actually tethering to the phone on LTE (on business trip ) to make this post as we speak :), I’ll keep it until my upgrade next november, it’s a good deal for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on an android phone, I’d recommend it as a free phone.

  • Justin Michael

    Mine was a good phone while I had it, but my new Gnex trumps it in every way

    • Cipher Zero

      Yeah! The GNex absolutely blows the TBolt out of the water when it comes to simultaneously using 3G data and voice! The ability to expand the memory of the GNex was good thinking too.

  • Stephen_Rockefeller

    You people who think that everyone has the funds to go out and buy a top o the line android device are smoking crack, while I am not in that situation, some people might be……….this is a viable option for some!

  • Jonathan rivera

    I actually liked the thunderbolt while I had it …the only thing I really c dual core trumping with games and.flash ….single core flash is still good tho

  • kev

    Verizon only gives deals on phones that are crappy or discontinuing

  • Constantine Smith

    This phone is actually one of the few if not only phone that does Data and Voice at the same time on 3G. Which to me is a huge WIN! I gave my wife this and got the Bionic and I can’t stop regretting that decision. Plus with the bootloader unlocked developer support has sky rocketed in days. I can barely find ROMs for my phone. Other than it’s weight, it’s a awesome phone, and free made it ten times better.

  • Elyod

    I bought it with the extended battery on day one (in March). I’ve had zero problems and any minor bugs have been fixed via updates. AWESOME LTE phone with simultaneous voice and data.

  • Jake

    Come guys, it’s a free 4G phone that is really not all that bad.

  • Matt

    Everyone thinks all these phones are garbage because they don’t compete with the SGSII or the GNex… Not everyone can afford these phones. Just because they aren’t the BEST doesn’t mean they are no good for someone with less cash looking for a DECENT phone.

  • Matt

    I didn’t realize data and voice at the same time were rare on mid range phones. My cheapy Samsung Exhibit II 4G does that.

  • Marcos Morales

    Always liked the look of this phone.  The kickstand is awesome (except for the covering of the speaker) as well as the included storage (8GB + 32GB SD card).  If it wasn’t for the super poor battery life it would’ve definitely been thee best.  I’m sure it’s great when rooted.

    • Cipher Zero

      I get 12-16 hours of moderately heavy usage out of mine (rooted and tweaked, obviously).

  • McLabia

    Bolt owner since March, and I’ve loved the hardware on this. Imo, its the best single core device available. Software was the biggest issue with both battery life and some functionality. Root, a rom by Virus of and the HTC Rezound battery gave me the phone I thought I was buying.

  • McLabia

    Wow, that showed as not posted due to some error… Sorry bout that.