Notion Ink Adam II Officially Announced – Features TI OMAP 4400 Series Processor

Notion Ink has finally revealed a little more information regarding their upcoming Adam II Android tablet. Apparently the slate will be powered by a Texas Instruments 4400 series dual-core processor, complimented by a PowerVR SGX5xx GPU and running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In an unexpected twist to their announcement, Notion Ink will be featuring a slightly tweaked version of the OS using a restructured Modular Based Software Architecture. These “Application Authoring Tools” will give developers and would-be programmers the ability to customize apps via a new drag-and-drop system. Notion Ink explains,

“This System will help consumers, professionals and students become productive as they will be able to use the tablet as a logic analyzer, medical imaging device, signal acquisition and processing, 3D modeling and multi-media.”

Still no word on when Notion Ink Adam II will be ready to ship. Notion Ink mentioned in a video earlier this week that they plan to design many of the parts in-house, after learning from the company’s previous pitfalls of outsourcing.

[Notion Ink via Electronista]


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  • azsxdc

    The first Adam failed because it was almost irrelevant by the time it finally shipped and was delayed by the “small tweaks” that nobody wanted.  They should have just shipped a normal android tablet that featured the pixelqi screen and other features that made the Adam unique.  Putting a dual core CPU in the Adam II already puts them on the back foot and it sounds like they are all set to make the same mistakes again.

  • Doug Wing

    I wouldn’t count the OMAP4460 out as a very good chipset upon which to base a tablet.  IT all depends on what else Notion Ink adds to the hardware.  I’ll take that chipset with 2GB RAM, 32 or 64GB internal flash with room for an SD card, a dedicated high speed GPU and the PixelQi screen.  Getting more to stock ICS will be a big plus too in my book.  I wanted an Adam but got a Flyer instead due to all the initial issues, but if the Adam II comes out soon, with good specs and good quality I’d be all over it.

  • neowiz73

    Don’t know how well this will stack up to the tegra 3 tablets coming out soon with quad core cpus, but the unique build of android 4.0 looks promising.

  • oldtaku

    No, no, no.  The software on the first Adam was horrible. You’re going to do it again?


  • GiqueGEAR_Todd

    What arrogance! They don’t have my Adam 1 working yet. Broken promises and wasted money. And I was a huge fan of theirs . . .

  • Sonelone

    It better be the 4470

  • bluevoodo

    If, ifs and but’s were candy and nuts

  • Jody Schoolcraft

    Wait, who’s Notion Ink & what’s the Adam….I have never seen one in person!?!?

  • David Pat

    The TI chip is the same chip as the Gnex. Don’t complain….

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    This is just an example of any small company trying to make changes that make them relevant in a market flooded with big players that make, real, big, quality tablets. 

    Sadly, if it werent for these differences, they wouldnt feel they made there mark. Sadly, a quality tablet that fits everyones checklist is what people want