LG’s Prada Phone 3.0 hits T-Mobile UK in February

Dapper dandies take note: T-Mobile UK has updated their coming soon page to now list the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 for a launch sometime in February. The carrier touts the handset’s “stunning Prada style” and a 4.3-inch ultra-bright NOVA display but offers little in the way of specifics regarding release date and pricing. The latest Prada Phone has already brought its touch of class to market in Korea.

[via Engadget]

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    they always get the good stuff in europe.

    we get the teenage girlie phones here.

  • pookietookie

    Android 2.3? Yawn. More Galaxy Nexus news now? Hahaha jk. :-P

  • Rastlin

    I agree with the teenage girly phones….Att and all the other carriers get cool phones. I guess it is because we have that special spectrum for our “4g” network

    • HalfwayCrook

      Tmobile UK you dip

  • SuperiorSmartphone

    Nice phone to try out some custom roms :)