Seidio Releases 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus

Many have been wondering when Seidio would release their extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus but you can stop all of that wondering. They have released a 3800mAh extended battery for the device and, as you might expect, it’s an eyesore of a sight. It adds an enormous amount of bulk but it also adds an enormous amount of battery life. Another negative is that you’d be losing NFC support, though we’re sure there are those who care more about prolonged battery life than a technology that is not yet widespread. It’s only $70 to take the plunge so get to it here. [via Gizmodo]

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  • Micah Madru

    Eye sore and losing NFC. To me it’s not worth it. We need manufactures to design smartphones with larger batteries. I’m thinking 3,000 mAh+ is good.

    • Itchy_Robot

      … see Moto MAXX

      • Micah Madru

        I’m on T-Mobile though, and $299 is $100 more than I want to pay. I don’t want to encourage the price of my smartphone to inflate so drastically in a short time.

        • Itchy_Robot

          Wait 30 days and they will reduce it to 199. The MAXX is on Verizon. And I would suppose most manufacturers will also start offering these larger batteries soon, so as long as you have a little will power, you should be fine. It seems we have a battery war a brewing =)

  • Vangelis


  • Jim

    Meh.  I’d just buy a spare battery instead.

  • sc0rch3d

    baby got back

  • Justin S

    what has been seen cannot be unseen……not worth it, and its ugly

  • jjrudey

    Carrying around a second battery would take up less space and double your battery life.

  • Patrick

    My Droid Incredible 2 with the HTC 2150 mah extended battery gets a good 13 hours of battery life with normal usage. Im thinking companies should make all batteries at LEAST 2200mah +

    • Horace

      Agreed – 2200mAh should be a standard.

      Does Seido make a case for this extended battery pack? That is my biggest argument… once you have this useful/unsightly accessory, your phone can’t be protected.

      • DanEspich

        There is still a large percentage of people who don’t cover up their phone with ugly protectors.  The same percentage is likely to never buy something as ugly as this either though.  i.e. if you think the protection is ugly wait till you see the over-sized battery.

        For people who have a tough time being near a charger during the day the over-sized battery may be a good option.  Second batteries are a pain and the back cover is not that easy to pop off on this phone. 

        • ClayRogers

          The back cover is actually very easy to remove, just my opinion though.

          • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

            The back cover is certainly easy to remove and replace, but how many times until the little snaps start snapping off? The whole back cover is pretty flimsy plastic and I don’t trust it.

  • Dr. Azrael Tod

    i like the concept… cant get anything out of making phones flat as hell anyway
    my only problem is the design currently, would it fit over the whole phone, thus looking less obstrusive/obvious it would be a lot better

  • Jwhap

    No thanks! That thing is ugly, not that i purchased this phone for it’s looks but still. The battery life is not so bad that i would uglify my device like that!

  • sc0rch3d

    i don’t want to see your step mom do nasty things to a mouse for a few hours a day :P

  • shooter50

    Wow, all that ugliness for a battery that still won’t equal the time on a RAZR Maxx. 

  • ShangTsung702

    Looks like that phone has a phone on it’s back.

  • DYNK


  • Matt

    Lol, all you people complaining that it’s too ugly, go buy an iphone if you want pretty.


    Just buy a extra reg battery and swap them out when needed and you get 3700 mah this way and your phone doesn’t have to go on the Biggest Loser show!

  • Dc

    Well, this is good but would not play nice with my 50.00 otter box case. So, I will not be shelling out 70.00 for it