Call of Duty ELITE Hits the Android Market

As if enough hours aren’t already consumed playing Call of Duty, Activision wants to make sure that the popular first person shooter is never out of reach. Call of Duty ELITE isn’t a game. It’s an app for viewing your Modern Warfare 3 stats and comparing them with those of other players. Yes, this freemium service is for the most hardcore of hardcore CoD addicts. You can even edit your custom class within the app and have it ready for you whenever you next boot up an online multiplayer battle, whatever that means. If you managed to find ten minutes to read this article, you obviously aren’t playing enough Call of Duty. Go get the app now.

Android Market Download Link: Call of Duty ELITE

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  • NavalGilles

    Pathetic app straight ios port. Sad

    • Ryan Jarrett

      What’s wrong with it being an iOS port? That just means any upgrades they make to the app will be able to come to both platforms right away instead of it coming to iOS and then Android 3 months later. The app works just fine. The only thing that doesn’t is the hardware back button and you have to use the back button at the top of the screen.

  • Juhani

    This is the worse app design I’ve ever seen from a high profile dev on Android Market. It is embarrassing:

  • RitishOemraw

    dont care for the game, nor the app, but this line ”
    If you managed to find ten minutes to read this article, you obviously aren’t playing enough Call of Duty. ” is awesome, seeing as I am working on a school project with 3 fellow students who are CoD addicts :P

  • Splendor78

    I hope you don’t really think it took us ten minutes to read 117 words.

    • Caleb Lewis

      Gotta ask, how long did it take you to count all those words?

      • Splendor78

        Less than a minute. I just copied and pasted the post into Word and let it tell me how many words it was.

  • Matlock

    Finally. We’ve been waiting for this since we first heard of it a few months before MW3 was released. I would like Activision to make the app look a little less like its iOS counterpart aand more like AOSP 4. All in all, its a much needed app.

  • jonathan diaz

    activision needs to focus on porting over nazi zombies lol 

  • Sonelone

    This does not comply with Matias Duarte’s new Android Design stuff:

    Also, I expect better from Android fans. MW3? Seriously? Elite is for the multiplayer, which is CoD’s weak point. Even Black Ops is better. Battlefield 3 FTW!!!! (aside from the campaign, which is horrendously boring)

  • EasyEEE

    Battlefield 3 is where it’s at lol :)

  • SuperiorSmartphone


    Here’s another post for ya!

  • EasyEEE

    Battlefield 3 is where it’s at lol :)

  • Matt

    I would definitely say that I like MW3’s campaign better than Battlefield’s, but Battlefield’s multiplayer is SO much better, not to mention the graphics and movement and all that. Definitely prefer Battlefield as a whole. But CoD fans are just as bad as isheep, they keep running to the same old thing and swearing it’s better than everything else without giving anything else a chance.