Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Praises Android’s Greater Functionality


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak isn’t ready to make the switch to using an Android phone as his go-to device, but he isn’t shy about offering some praise in Google’s direction. The Woz, who was spied picking up his Galaxy Nexus at the Google campus back in November, admits that the iPhone is the device he would recommend to those not particularly proficient with computers or looking for beauty in simplicity, but had nothing but nice things to say about the expanded functionality of the Android ecosystem. In an interview with The Daily Best, Wozniak said of Android, “if you’re willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there’s more available in some ways.”

And if the Woz were to use an Android smartphone as his main mobile device, he wouldn’t go for that Galaxy Nexus given to him by his pals at Google. He prefers the Motorola Droid RAZR, even with its older version of Android and non-standard user interface. Though he has been away from Apple for quite some time, it’s nice to see a figure traditionally associated with the opposite camp offering some kind words for Android. Check out more choice quotes and the full story at the source link below.

[via The Daily Beast]

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  1. Thanks a lot phandroid…sweet trojanz: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2861084/PHANDROID%20TROJAN.txt

    1. I am also getting trojan warnings while visiting Phandroid. Mine were from beg.in so I’m thinking they have a malware infected advertisement. 

      1. ad block + ftw!

  2. Yet another reason ill always respect Woz way more than that douchebag jobs.

    1. I find it pretty hard to respect Jobs to start with…

      1. you can respect him on the fact that he did make millions but as far as contributing to the techy community not so much he was more of a mainstream kinda guy

    2. Yes, Woz is a true geek…a lover of all things technology and that’s the angle he plays.  You just can’t help but respect a man who’s doing it for the right reasons.  Jobs, out of pure spite and denial, would never admit to such truths.

      Jobs, by contrast, seemed content to build his empire by acquiring as much intellectual property as possible so the he could safely borrow other peoples ideas, create this great aesthetic and then lock people down with it.  A brilliant business tactic, but not pro-technology.   

      After reading and hearing all about Jobs since his departure, I still can’t figure out what motivated him to do what he did.  I am not convinced he was a true technology lover like the wizard.   In my opinion, he was more like a disciplined and highly motivated sociopath.

      1. Jobs wasn’t a technology lover in the sense of what it could do for him but rather for what it could do for people who don’t want to deal with much complexity.
        But if you wanted to do more with your phone then no, he wasn’t really interested in what you think.

        1. I would have respected Steve Jobs a lot more if he wouldn’t have tried to lock down competitors. He was a brilliant person and I think his mission to make technology simpler to use and more of an art form was pure genius, but don’t try and kill the competition. Other companies exist to give consumers more choice and Jobs tried to lock that down. If he would have done his own thing and respected choice, I could have had more respect for him but when you resort to lawsuits and patents to halt innovation, I find it very hard to respect you. If Apple would have competed solely on the basis of a better product, then I could have had a lot of respect for him.

          1. While Jobs would personally benefit financially from fighting choice, he also had a lot of fans who wanted fewer choices to deal with. It’s just too much for their minds to handle! So here we had a very smart man who made a lot of money from lazy people.

        2. he really wasnt out of all the things i read about job i dont know if he was a true geek or a avid geek or just a money hungry  geek,, but realistic most people that have contributed the most are unknown and online and part of the modding community 

    3. Idd!

      I agree with what the Woz says here mostly. While I think android is superior in every way to iOS except in user friendliness and UI lag, I would mostly recommend iPhones to the average consumer. Unless the person asking for advice is someone willing to spend time to figure out the OS, I think they will like an iPhone more, even though with time, they’d too learn that android is better (well quite a few of them would, I am inclined to believe)

      I think it falls under: “Ignorance is bliss”

      While I am loving my Gnexus, so can’t really blame him for liking the Razr more, seeing as I have never seen the Razr in action

    4. My Hitler parody has Steve Jobs overtones – clicky my profile and see (no rickroll iGuarantee) tho Jobs doesn’t fair so well lol

    5. he really tells it like it is

  3. Well, he lost a bit of respect by saying he prefers the RAZR.  That’s like a car enthusiast claiming their favorite car is a PT Cruiser.

    1. Doesn’t sounds like you’ve owned the Razr.. Fantastic phone.

    2. i’d say its more like saying their favorite car is a Porsche when although its a GREAT car, there are cars others MIGHT prefer over it, like a Lamborghini, or Bugatti 

    3. As soon as I read that he preferred the Razr, I was sure there would be a hundred douchebags insulting the phone. As I write this, you are the only one. The Lone Douchebag. Congratulations. I hate you.

    4. RAZR may be more comparable to Pagani, since slapping a sheet of Kevlar on the back of the phone sounds more comparable to slapping carbotanium on a car.

    5. If the Razr’s a PT Cruiser the Nexus must be a Yugo, or a Gremlin…or maybe an old Miata with a really, really worn out transmission

  4. Its weird that jobs and woz were actually friends because you can obviously see that jobs, as great as his visions were, was a very paranoid man who wanted to lock everyone of his inventions into the apple ecosystem and only let the customer get one choice. As for woz, he seems normal and friendly that likes change once in a while….

  5. I love that even he can admit that iphones are for the tech challenged and people who just want a pretty phone, yet the isheep are still in denial.

  6. Just wanted to apologize for the multiple posts, it said it didn’t go through the first 2 times.

  7. He still recommended the iphone to other people. I read the interview from cnet.

    1.  Yeah, to the dumb ones.

      1. actually, a lot of my friends (90%) use iphone and they most of them know how to a built pc. 

        80% of the people who use android, dont even know what is root and roms. 

        comment like that, you are no different than iFan stepping on an android user.  

        1. The idea, however, is that if you know what you’re doing, Android allows for endless possibilities when compared to the iPhone. The iPhone has nearly the same functionality to an Amish person as it does to somebody with a Masters degree in IT. That, and the fact that I refuse to buy any Apple hardware, is why I love Android.

        2. So what you’re saying is that 90% of your friends are clueless?

          My wife is not at all technically inclined and totally loves her HTC Incredible S.  Since the 2.3.5 update (with Sense 3.0) she loves it even more.  Oh and she can’t build a PC but she isn’t blinded by shiny marketing and advertising.

  8. Woz was in on the ground floor though… That was probably the difference. You have a trust set up, and unless that trust is broken, you usually don’t think twice about it. 

  9. OK well your friends are the ones who buy apple because it’s pretty or simply because everyone else has… That’s why they’re called iSheep :)

  10. OK well your friends are the ones who buy apple because it’s pretty or simply because everyone else has… That’s why they’re called iSheep :)

  11. He had to wait for Steve to pass.

    Could you imagine that conversation??

  12. Oh my god, if that isn’t a stab in the apple fanboys’ back I don’t know what is. 

  13. why android is better 2011, edition

  14. Iam not sure how much was ‘The Woz’ associated with the company during the ipod, iphone and ipad era. He was more with the working of the company during the Mac era. Now I feel he is just a ‘geek’ who has lots of apple shares and was the founder .. i dont think he gives much creative input these days !!! He was a hard core programmer and people like will always appreciate the Android OS

  15. I love the line ” the iPhone is the device he would recommend to those not particularly proficient with computers or looking for beauty in simplicity,”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself

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