Telus Bringing Galaxy Nexus to Consumers Tomorrow

Telus is finally ready to be part of the Galaxy Nexus hype train as they are ready to bring the Galaxy Nexus to store shelves on January 13th. That’s tomorrow if you aren’t  keeping up. Prices start at $160 (three-year contract) with a huge leap (about $400-450) depending on contract length. We’re always glad to hear another set of customers will be able to enjoy the sweet goodness that is the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. [Telus via Android Central]

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  • Jonathan Roman

    who the heck is gonna do a 3 year contract with the way phones are moving now a days? you’d have to be nuts. in 3 years android 4 will be garbage 

    • SuperChunk

      In 3 years a NEXUS phone will be on whatever the latest Android is out. My Gnex will be the first phone I keep for a full contract term in a long time.

  • Croak

    Everyone on Canada who gets a contract gets a three year.  Just the way the carriers roll up here.  

    That said, this is actually only going to be $99 on a 3 year shackle.  Consolation prize for being the last Canadian major carrier to release it.

  • bob

    Hopefully it works better then the crap Verizon released… I still can’t even get a freaking signal on mine. What a piece of junk!

  • erni74

    Google started the 
    Android 4.0.2 Rollout for their Galaxy Nexus 
     again, stopped in December after some problems