Google’s Latest Galaxy Nexus Ad Highlights the Panoramic Lifestyle [Video]

Sometimes an almost-square frame just isn’t enough. Google has released a new ad for the Galaxy Nexus highlighting its ability to take panoramic photos with its camera. No more having to move back until everything fits in the frame – just pan across the vast landscapes or whatever you’re shooting a photo of and you’ll get to take it all in. Check out the quick 30 second spot above. [via]

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  • Mark

    I’m sorry, but I’ve never gotten that panorama feature to work well. Every single time I try I get multiple stitching errors. It looks like a five-year-old put a bunch of photos together with safety scissors and elmer’s glue.

    • Ryan chandler

       try a factory reset maybe?  Mine always seems to work well

    • Jesse Chin

      You can clearly see the part thats been captured already, all of my panoramic photos have come out great

  • bob

    How bout they highlight the fact that it doesn’t get service!!!! If I wasn’t connected to wifi right now I wouldn’t even be posting this response.

    • Taye Young

      wow dat sucks, mines always has service might just be a defected phone or were you stay


    ^Geez guys…settle down.  @Ian, you might try swapping out phones if you dont get service…My phone always has service.  

  • yankeesrule587

    Wish theyd show these commercials on TV….so far the only place ive seen any Android commercials are in between shows on HULU. 

    • Jose Villa

      I’ve seen some commercials on TV; the commercials were from Verizon, but they were promoting the Galaxy Nexus. I even saw one on Univision the Spanish channel haha 

    • selonmoi

      I’ve seen the face unlock ad several times on TV here in Canada. I’m glad they’re actually advertising this one, and the ads are pretty great: they’re targeted at normal people and they highlight distinguishing features.

    • Marlon Millhouse

      I see the one promoting Circles on the Galaxy Nexus a lot during sports… NFL and NBA.

  • texanaustinite

    My Rezound does that. 

  • Dana Garner-Johnson

    My Mytouch 4g slide does that, and I think was the first to do that!

  • Jin

    That’s funny. My Fascinate running Ice Cream sandwich does panorama pretty well

  • melina

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