Verizon Offering Premium NHL GameCenter App Free to its 4G LTE Customers

Verizon’s back with another smash mouth deals for their 4G LTE consumers. They’ve worked up a deal that’ll allow you to upgrade from NHL GameCenter Free to the premium version of the app for no cost whatsoever. Well, it will cost you something – about two seconds and a tap of the screen. If that’s not too much for you, here are the details:

“Hey Verizon users, download the Verizon edition of the NHL GameCenter app to receive all of the great features of NHL GameCenter plus access to nationally broadcast NBC games, exclusive video features, and live streaming of NHL Network’s On the Fly.

For those users with Verizon 4G LTE Smartphones, Verizon enables you to get NHL GameCenter Premium for FREE! Just download the NHL GameCenter Verizon edition app, click on a video highlight, and you will be automatically upgraded.”

Easy peasy. I’m not one to watch NHL myself but with the football season ending and the basketball season still a bit premature it may be time to find some new sports action to enjoy week in and week out. Find the free app in the Android market and follow the instructions in the quote above to unlock your premium features. [via TalkAndroid]

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  • DanWazz

    Man, I sure could use this. Kinda bummed out about not having a 4g phone now.

    • Jacob Hunter

      Yknow, I downloaded it on my wifes incredible 2…. Didn’t charge me or anything

    • Jacob Hunter

      go sharks

  • JulianZHuang

    i thought it’s NFL…. then it hit me….. uninstall..

    i was like where is Patriots :/

    • Seth Drasner

      im in Boston too, this is great for Bruins, NFL working on my GN too as of today

    • mikeclee

      I too thought this was NFL.  Who watches NHL? :(

      • John

        people who watch a real sport

    • John

      Saw that this wasn’t related to the NFL, installed immediately. 

      GO PREDS!

  • Justin Quach

    Lol of course no one in US cares about the NHL but if a Canadian carrier brought this deal to their customers in Canada… ;)

    • Jason DiCioccio

      I’m in the US and I care.  It’s not all Canadians that fill the US NHL arenas, you know. ;)

  • Zac Cross

    NHL is way better than NFL…

  • Butters619

    I wish there was actually a way to get unlimited data with Verizon….they should offer a trade your unlimited with AT&T for unlimited with Verizon day.

  • TzuDohNihm

    Wonder how long this is good for.  I may need to get me a 4G phone for this.

  • John

    God i hate hockey.

    • John

      God I love hockey

  • neurocyclist

    Love the NHL!! Let’s Go Rangers!!

  • Jay Ochs

    do you have to be on 4g to get this working?  i watched a video like it said and it didn’t activate premium or anything for me :

  • Chris Purcell

    so that’s why they wanted to charge us $2 for each bill pay

  • Ram

    Let’s go Flyers!

  • Alleycat51699

    If only the ‘Canes were decent this year…

  • gavin

    Has anyone actually gotten this to work? I’ve watched the highlights… then watched 3 min of a game and it asked me to pay $119.

  • Chad Nelson

    Installed Go Wings!!!

  • Col_Angus

    Loving my video updates since I rarely get to see any regular season games where I am. Go Flyers!