Root Tool Now Available for ASUS Transformer Prime

Though its bootloader is still locked down, the ASUS Transformer Prime has been rooted. The news broke yesterday, and at that time the method for achieving Superuser access had not been made publice. Today, thanks to ViperBoy of RootzWiki fame, the NachoRoot exploit developed by jcase and TeamAndIRC can be deployed by all. The viperMod Primer Tool is currently a Windows-only executable, but a Linux version is said to be in the works. Those interested in rooting may want to hold off until ASUS delivers its official Ice Cream Sandwich update, as new software versions often break previously uncovered exploits. An official bootloader unlock tool has been promised for release later this year.

[RootzWiki via Electronista]

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  • Stephen_Rockefeller

    Off topic but does anyone else notice that looking at the screen when at full brightness is like looking directly into the sun???? PAINFUL!

  • John

    Actually, you would want to root now just in case ice cream sandwich takes a while to root. With root you will just be able to flash an ICS rom and keep root access.


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  • Tarik Husejinovic

    Cool, now all I need is to actually find a store that has one!