Sony Drops Tablet S Price, Now $400 for 16GB Model

After a temporary $50 price cut for the holidays, Sony has dropped the price of its Tablet S by $100 permanently. The discount brings the 16GB model to $400 and the 32GB model to $500 and may be telling of poor sales for Sony’s debut Android slate. A $400 price tag is sure to attract a bit of extra interest, though the pricing drops the slate into direct competition with a crowded field of competitively priced mid-rang tablets.

[via Engadget]

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  • Kaostheory

    Sony has some of the best technology and designs but need to bring it all together. If they brought the Vita out on an android tablet I would buy it.

    • AGx

      Vita and Vita games need buttons. Its more likely they would make a Playstation tablet than it would be for them to totally integrate their Playtation Brand with Android. Dont get me wrong, I like the idea but thinks like the Xperia Play are about as close as we’re going to get. I just don’t think there’s any way they would try to build such a quality gaming platform with Android. Most people wouldn’t pay the premium price Vita games will go for ($40+) when its associated with a mobile OS like Android. That and the Piracy concerns.

  • AGx

    IMO, still too pricy. I love Android but the only OS I would pay 4500+ for on a tablet is Windows 8 and thats only because they’ve led me to believe it will be able to do more than it probably will. (We’ll see).