Rumor: DROID 3, LG Revolution Hit End of Life Status

If the rumor we’re reporting on right now is true, a few of Verizon’s top devices – including the relatively-recent Motorola DROID 3 and the LTE-enabled LG Revolution – are set to hit end of life status.

End of life means you’ll be hard-pressed to find them for sale by Verizon or their third-party retailers, but they will still offer hardware and software support. You usually see a few quick bug-fixing OTAs after end-of-life hits and warranties are often fulfilled long afterward, if not replaced by newer devices if Asurion happens to run out of them.

For what it’s worth, a few hotspot units are also hitting the bottom of the ocean but expect Verizon to introduce new ones following CES. As for the Android devices, we, of course,suspect that the DROID 4 will be taking the DROID 3’s place sometime soon.

The LG Revolution may or may not get a “replacement” per se, but the rumored LG Connect 4G is said to be headed to their LTE network and is pretty much a dual-core upgrade.

I know end-of-life sounds bad, but it’s really not that bad. If you want these phones and you don’t already have them by the time stock evaporates I’m sure a couple quick tricks to eBay, Amazon and Craigslist will get you on your way. [The Verge]

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  • NB

    These are both 2011 phones, right? Jeez.

    • meany105

      It’s 2012!!!! They’re a year old ;)

  • Mon

    I said the same thing! Wow!!

  • JMcGee

    My last few phones have been Moto phones. I do not own a Droid 3. But if Moto does not release ICS for Droid 3, I will never buy another Moto device. Weren’t they part of the whole 18 months of upgrades thing Google was so excited about at the beginning of the year?

  • jake creed

    seriously not buying a moto phone again…

  • tik2

    I’m not getting the D4 unless the D3 gets on the list of phones Moto is going to update to ICS. I’m all for new phones coming out but I don’t want that to mean that my current phone stops getting support.

  • NJ Mike

    I’m done with non-Nexus phones.

  • Mon

    Ice cream for DroidX2

  • TzuDohNihm

    I thought Craigslist stopped the quick tricks?

  • hash

    Good. I’ve been waiting for this. This is why I love moto. Keep updating. And for all you who worry moto is just as likely/ unlikely to upgrade as anyone else. And they upgrade better than many other manufacturers

  • Lex Lybrand

    The beauty of Android is that we don’t need Verizon/Moto to continue to provide updates/support.

    To everyone saying they’re not gonna do X unless Moto puts ICS on the D3 — worry not, my friends, there’s already a 90% port of ICS ready to go. As soon as they get the cameras working, it’ll be good to go!

    • derekmorr

      And how many average users will install an unofficial port? How many will even know how?

      This is a big problem for Android. It’s all the more reason to only buy Nexus devices.

      • Lex Lybrand

        ‘Average users’ won’t even be able to tell the difference between ICS and Gingerbread. The OS differences are only significant to nerds like us. On the surface, they pretty much look/operate the same.

        • derekmorr

          I’m not sure about this. ICS certainly looks different, and it’s much faster. The lag is almost completely gone. Also, there are security updates that old devices don’t get.

          • Lex Lybrand

            ICS more or less looks like a blue version of Gingerbread. They’ve paid more attention to the details this time around, and I agree that it looks more complete and better overall, but it’s not much of a difference. And I haven’t experienced any lag since our phones jumped to 1ghz processors. I’m running a dual core in my Droid 3 and I see no reason to ever need anything more powerful. :)

  • motorola Atrix

    @2125015d8df6c09f05332e1bd4cfe9a2:disqus I am agree with you