Toshiba Tablet Pops Up on AnTuTu With Tegra 3?

A new Toshiba tablet appears to have popped up at AnTuTu’s benchmark results site. It gives the vague name of “toshiba06,” something that’s common with their early naming scheme. The results show that the processor inside has a clock speed of 1400 – Tegra 3’s maximum stock clock speed – and shows benchmark results similar to other Tegra 3 benchmark results. While this is by no means any confirmation whatsoever, it’s not all that crazy to suggest they’ll soon be introducing a quad-core tablet. We’ll let them do the talking for themselves at CES. [via UberGizmo]

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  • just me

    And the excite is thinner than the T Prime

    • Ogami Itto

      I completely forgot about the Excite. It better be packing some Tegra 3 or else it will be DOA.

      Edit: Just read it’s coming with an OMAP 4430 1.2ghz and HC 3.2. Huh?!

  • buildakicker

    84″ tablet.

  • Smlawrence

    That sounds cool. Still waiting to find out if ICS is coming to my Toshiba Thrive.

    • Robert Simmons

      I bet you our Thrive’s will be getting it! :)