Mr. Android 2011: What the Common Android User Looks Like According to BlueStacks

Our friends at BlueStacks, the folks who made the Android app player for Windows, has made an infographic of what the common Android user would looks like. We’ve got everything from their hair types and color to their glasses, from their pants to their shoes.

Their country of origin, accessories, phone habits and more are all visualized here. Their data comes from a pretty large sample, consisting of data from Nielsen and data from 145,000 of their fans on Facebook. Take a look below. (Right click to enlarge.)

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  • irishrally

    Not everyone uses bloody Facespace.

    •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

      thats right. in 12 months, google will replace FaceBlock

  • bob

    That’s pretty creepy

  • AADeezzy

    hmmm majority of us are slackers???  yeah.. i can deal with that. 

  • JoeOnDnet

    why do I have a feeling that using info from people who are facebook fans of using android apps in windows isn’t the average android user? This is stupid.

  • Ben Attwood

    18% have an unusually large head.

    • Robert Stewart

      That’s what she said…

  • ScottColbert

    They forgot the tinfoil hat.

  • John Landgrave

    Sooooo.. 54% of Android users don’t wear shoes?

  • ctopher4

    I’d like to see the % of iPhone users that where those little stupid looking glasses

  • DavidVarghese

    It’s funny cause it’s true.. lmao

  • CharlesBarouch

    Actually, that’s just a picture of me. The curly braces are my new hovering tattoos. And I swear I am not a slacker.

  • Jason

    Yet again the African American community is not included. Only nonethnics are.

    • ChrisGroff

      Really?  It lists percentages by global region, who cares if the user is black or white?  Does that honestly make a difference?  We’re all human beings, that’s good enough for me.  And just because the guy they decided to photoshop happens to be white doesn’t mean a damn thing.

    • No_Nickname90

      What are you talking about? It shows where these people live, either the Americas, European countries, or Asian countries. They even have a percentage of people that has short hair. Hello!?

      I don’t get what you’re trying to say. -_-

  • Jasmine Noor

    No Miss Android?

  • Nicholas Feden

    I keep picturing the 3% of android users who wear dress pants with a t-shirt.  Must be some new style.

    • Miles Reiter

       I’ll have to try that. I’ve been known to wear dress shirts with shorts and converse with suits but never a tshirt with dress pants.

  • deathbysnoosnoo

    One problem with this picture. The person is not obese.

  • Evan Kaufman

    What about the women? I know there’s a decent amount of female Android users…though neither myself or my girl are on the facespace.

  • chuckles87

    i love the average data so most users only use it for a phone i normally can use 582mb in less than a week on light use.

    • No_Nickname90

      IKR!? 3GB average without tethering. I don’t know what these ppL be doing. And most ppL are married, yet most people use it for gaming? Huh? So married ppL mainly use Android for gaming over work? 

      AWESOME!! LoL!! I’ll be right there with you, ignoring the wife playing on the soon-to-hopefully-be-GameCube Emulator. LoL!!

  • No_Nickname90

    32% Short Hair.
    38% Brown Hair
    36% American
    71% Tshirts
    62% Android for play
    45% Wear watch
    13% More than 50 apps
    6% Wear khakis, if (dickie shorts count)
    41% Sneakers.

    Oh no. Now errbody knows errthing about me. As if Google don’t already. LoL!!

  • Justin

    Really, only avg of 582mb?