Sample Image Linked to Samsung GT-I9500, Could Be Galaxy S III

If Samsung follows the precedent set over the past two years, the next entry into their Galaxy S series of Android smartphones should be announced sometime this spring. It’s safe to assume prototype devices are already running around Samsung’s South Korea offices, and a newly uncovered sample photo could be linked to the device. A look at the photo’s EXIF data reveals that it was taken with a device baring the model number GT-I9500. With the original Galaxy S given the model number GT-I9000, the Galaxy S II assigned GT-I9100, and the Galaxy Nexus receiving a designation of GT-I9250, the model number associated with the test photo is in line with Samsung’s incremental numbering strategy.

The same data that reveals the GT-I9500 model number also links the images origins to Suwon, South Korea. The location hosts a Samsung-operated factory. EXIF data can be easily manipulated, and even if it hasn’t been there is nothing to conclusively link the eventual Galaxy S III to this GT-I9500 handset.

[via PocketNow]

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  • Chris Chavez

    It looks…… wonderful =*)

  • dtblair24

    jeeze feel like I have been hearing a lot of noise about the GalaxyS 3 lately. It kind of pisses me off because I feel like I just got my Epic 4g Touch but at the same time I am excited to see what they are going to come with. Just wish the US variants of the phone could drop a little quicker

    • Covert_Death

      this is my biggest gripe, carriers need to get out of the way, stop loading my phone up with shit before i buy it and worry about the damn networks while the manufacturers worry about the phones… i hate over controlling people and it seems the states are just chock full of them now-a-days

  • Mitchmoney

    hmm.. i wonder if they will change up the touchwiz ui but this camera pic really looks great!

  • yomama84

    ….and it begins.  The rumors!!!!

    It feels like the iPhone because of all the recent rumors.

  • Craig Becker

    The Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S II are now obsolete.  Outdated old balls POS worthless.  Haha. 

    My original galaxy s is still faster on ACS rom than any newer phone on stock rom.  SUCKIT

    • Hank Godwin

      Riiiiight.  Keep telling yourself that while those of us with a G-Nex or GSII enjoy our superior phones.

  • Bob G

    picture looks cloudy…

    • bolthouse

      it looks fine to me.  leaves are focused, colors nicely saturated. besides it’s a cell phone camera what do you expect.  ru telling me you buy phones for cameras? u must be a isheep…. figures… This phone will eat everything for breakfast lunch and dinner

  • InspectorGadget80

    You guy have no proof. I’ll wait till CES

  • Nudo

    Here’s a link to the little red sign… Google Goggles couldn’t read it :( (i know, it’s unrelated to the phone/picture, but maybe it’ll help determine the validity)

  • DYNK

    Man whatever this phone will be it will rock 2012 and the iPhone 5.

    Can’t wait. Meanwhile ill be kicking ass with my Galaxy S II!

  • Viper

    Let me get this straight – im looking at a photo supposedly clicked by a phone which could be the SGS3? 
    Really guys this is taking things too far – there is one thing writing an article about rumored phone designs for the SGS3 but this doesnt help at all !!!

  • hot_spare

    EXIF data says model as I9500 and location as Korea..damn!!

    • PhilMcGraw

      Only 5 megapixels though? Doesn’t sound like a GSIII unless they just happened to select 5MP to take that one picture.  Perhaps they have a zero shutter lag if you have it on 5MP but it could still take a higher one as well.

      • hot_spare

        Can’t say for sure until Barcelona WMC in Feb. 
        Maybe they reduced the size. 

        ISO 125?? I am trying to figure what was the minimum ISO for GS2 – 100 maybe??

        EXIF data can be modified though. 

      • ZenInsight

        I agree. Seems odd to take a lower rez photo on purpose.  I’m hoping the next cmos for Samsung uses a lower f stop for better night pics and video.