Andy Rubin Reveals Android Activations For December 24th and 25th

We told you guys earlier today about smartphone activations jumping 353% from the previous year but many were left wondering, “Just how many of those were Android devices?” Well, I found this report from Localytics who breaks it down by country and OS but if you’re looking for a specific number — our very own Andy Rubin helped further answer this burning question with a tweet he sent out only moments ago.

Apparently, there were 3.7 million Android activations just on December 24th and 25th alone. Pretty impressive numbers if you ask me. This leaves me wondering — did you guys get a shiny new Android device for Christmas? If so, which one?

[Twitter | Localytics]

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  • sciwizam

    That chart would be more useful if Android and iOS had the same base “x”, which probably it isn’t.

    • Marcus Lee

      I think that chart is perfectly useful for measuring the rate of change.

  • JulianZHuang

    i got a gnex :) 

    • Chris Chavez

      T_T  (jealous)

    • dario sucic

      Welcome to the club :P

    • Shen Ye

      I have 2 of each baseband :D

    • austin nichols

      i got a g-nex 2 weeks ago

  • Bob

    Does a Kindle Fire count?

    • Chris Chavez

      I’ll count it! :)

      • AGx

        I think if you do count it you can add another million (at least) to those numbers.

    • BrettLewis

      From what I have read it doesn’t. Only android devices with Google apps count.

  • Sam Monty

    2 points each, I guess.

  • AElK

    A galaxy s2 that ill exchange really soon for a galaxy nexus

  • bossyman15

    Now the question is what percentage of Android activation is tablet? 
    You can see in IOS they divided up iPhone, iPad, and iPod but they just lumped up all android in one categories.

    • AGx

      I’m sure the vast majority are smartphones for Android. Anybody with a brain is waiting on the Transformer Prime. I wouldn’t buy anything less with that so close to release.

  • Marlon Moura

    It was probably me flashing a shitload of ROMS! hahahaha

  • Corey Shaughnessy

    The reason so many iDevices sold is because you are supposed to get toys for children on Xmas. ZING!

  • jj14x

    So, does this count include Kindle Fire activations too?

    • MrStylz

      No – this is only devices attached to a carrier.  Tablets and readers are not “activated” unless they are 3G/4G.

      • Mark Haynes

        I’m guessing apple can consider all of their items as “activated” though since they have to be hooked up to iTunes before use. I’m sure they track it whether it’s wifi or 3G/4G.

  • Josh Martin

    Wooo!! Go Android! :)

  • Scott Tompkins

    I think they’ll need to start padding their numbers with Macbook sales too, soon. Including iPods and iPads won’t be enough.

    • iKing_2

      Android phones = over 300
      iOS phones = 3

      Android tablets = over 100
      IPads = 2

      Did you really have the nerve to talk about APPLE padding numbers???? Really????

  • Kelly anderson

    Got the wife an acer A500 mainly for droidtv (she likes to take her shows with her) now she is demanding an hdmi cable :-)

  • Sandeep Deshpande

    ipod touch isn’t a smart device, it is a toy worn around the neck by hipsters.

    • Roger Brooks

      Why exactly is it not a smart device?

      sent from my iPod

  • $8357570

    FFS, can someone actual release data that isn’t misleading?
    all localytics did is “how much did it go up”
    not “how many were sold”

    How hard are they bent on making apple look good? Looks pretty much like they’re willing to make their own graphs look like crap to do it. Germany is somewhere apple is losing marketshare in already, and is getting fined by Italy.

    So how many did apple claim to sell during that time period? Let me help people out with the real math. Not more than android, but certainly a lot.

    6.8 million activations on 12/25, per
    Subtract 3.7 million, and what do you have? 3.1 million for apple. Hint: this doesn’t increase apple’s marketshare as much as google’s. If Google sold more than apple in total but their ratio of increase in any particular area is slightly less? It’s entirely possible that they sold more phones in that area.

    • Roger Brooks

      It says android activated 3.7 mil on two days. He said earlier that there were 700,000 on 12/24. That means on 12/25 there were 6.8 mil minus 3 mil android = 3.8 mil IOS. Read all the facts first.

      • $8357570

        he didnt’ say 700k on 12/24, he said they’ve been averaging 700k a day on 12/21.  you’re assuming that still held true for 12/24. there’s no proof one way or the other on this. 
        They then said 3.7 million for android over 12/24 and 12/25. That could be per day, or that could be total. Again, you’re assuming total, and we don’t have clarification yet. I suppose I assumed based on per day without clarification either.

  • Draven Majoor

    well i guess its only fair we let apple include all there devices just to try and stack up against android ;)