Motorola DROID RAZR Gets Clockwork Mod Recovery

The biggest thing holding the DROID RAZR development community back was the lack of a custom recovery for the device. Without a recovery, you can’t flash custom ROMs. Well, that’s no longer an issue as a recovery has been worked up for this specific phone. It applies to all versions of the RAZR currently available so those of you with the Motorola RAZR need not feel slighted this time. Head to the XDA thread for full instructions and download links.

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  • abc

    How many versions of the Razr are currently available? Isn’t there just 1 on Verizon?

    • Marcelo Burrieza

      On the rest of the world is called Motorola Razr (without Droid brand that is exclusive to verizon). There are different radios for the different 3G frequencies and HSPA or LTE (Europe, Latin America, etc).

  • Scott D

    You do realize that I posted the bootstrap for the Droid Razr back on November 14th right?

  • LonTrew
    • abc

      They have been shipping it since 11-11-11 where it sold for $111.11 on that day.

  • Justin C

    Scott, I don’t think any of the jackasses are listening. Please tweet when you pull from xda so I’ll know where to go for your stuff. Thanks dude.

  • Russ Thacher

    Scott D, ya beat me to the punch on posting that.