AirPlay No Longer Exclusive to Apple TV Thanks to Airtight

One advantage Apple TV holds over Google’s television platform is access to the wide array of media offered through iTunes. Thanks to a rogue developer that isn’t such a problem anymore. Airtight is an app for Google TV that brings the functionality of Apple AirPlay to the Android-based system and allows users to stream content directly from their iTunes library on their home computer to their HD television set.

Airtight isn’t perfect, however. Currently in beta, some features aren’t currently supported including the streaming of copy-protected movies, AirPlay mirroring, and all-important access to your music library. While development is expected to continue, it remains to be seen if Apple or Google will take action to block the app.

[via iPodNN]

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  • Alex Mercer



    is it really necessary? all the media that apple has can be had somewhere else.

  • Lex Lybrand

    Yeah.. I don’t use iTunes.

  • Jon Deutsch

    Actually, airplay has been working with windows media center for months.

    So, this is not the first non-Apple use for airplay.

  • Leo Aguillon

    I have airplay on my receivers at home.  I am jealous of my kids ipod ability to instantly stream music the only thing I have found for android is airsync for double twist but it does not support google music only music in phone memory.

  • spicymeatball

    I don’t want to use itunes, but content is king. It seem that the only choice I have for purchasing movies and shows is either Amazon or itunes. Who has the most content? Right now to get everything I want to access legally and afford-ably I have to use Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu+. Can probably use Google movies as well. Amazon is the only one that seems to offer content in the same way ITunes does.