Official ASUS Transformer Prime “Origami” Cover Now Available From Amazon – Can Be Yours For $40


The ASUS Transformer Prime is no doubt on many a Phandroid’s wishlist this holiday season and some of you are already receiving your supertabs as we speak. If you decided to forgo the optional keyboard dock, you may find that your Prime is left rather… exposed.

It wasn’t too long ago we showed you ASUS’s answer to the iPad smart cover with a sleeve cover of their very own. Dubbed the “origami cover,” ASUS’s sleeve case for the Transformer Prime offers a twist on the traditional “smart cover” thanks to it’s unique folding design that allows you to prop up your tablet in a variety of positions. Well, the tablet cover has finally popped up on Amazon, allowing T-Prime owners everywhere to keep their most prized possession safe and do it in style.

You can see the covers comes in a variety of neapolitan colors and even with a $40 price tag, it will be worth it to see everyone’s faces when you whip out the origami cover at your local Starbucks. Unfortunately, the sleeves are currently displayed as out of stock but you can order now and receive email updates from Amazon once more come in. Anyone going to be picking one of these up?

Thanks, Kevin!


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  1. Can anyone find the black? Hit me up with a link brahz

    1. Found one site that is taking back orders with a scheduled stock date of 100 units in black on 1-5-2011!ORDERID! 

      Hope this helps. I preordered one myself.

      1. that website makes no sense. I can’t find it.

  2. if anyone is wondering if this is like the smart cover for the iPad one, it is NOT. the smart cover is magnetic, however it does not latch on like the iPad. Pics here from a user at XDA:

    1. This is true. I took the pictures and I can confirm that the sleeve is not magnetic which is a real let down.

      1. Hmmm… that does kinda suck. Guess you could always use a big rubber band? =/

        1. I thought Sprint was doing origami at ICS

    2. i cant stand apple,but all i just read is

      “if you think this is an apple product,its not,the apple product is actually better”

      kinda sad

  3. That’s nice, but I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying my Transformer Prime is not expected to ship until January 25, 2012 – February 08, 2012.
    This, after I pre-ordered on Day 1 and they “inadvertently” canceled my (and everyone else’s) order.

    1. same estimate for me /sigh/

    2. They didnt cancel everyones order, mine shipped this morning!! This thing is gonna be even more of a beast since the next rumored sammy tab is only gonna be dual core like the 10.1

    3. I suspect that it is those of us that ordered 64GB units that are delayed. As far as I can tell, the ppl I’ve seen who says theirs shipped were all 32GB’ers. I was disappointed as well, but if I have to wait a month later to get the one I want… I can do that.

  4. T-Prime…That’s adorable!

  5. Just received my Transformer Prime today. Can’t wait to buy awesome accessories for it like these!

  6. Mine coming in today from amazon..

  7. Hoping to get my pre ordet at Gamestop tomorrow.

  8. I’ve ordered a Prime and although I like the origami stand/cover if it isn’t magnetic like the one for the iPad what’s the point.

    1. ??? How is magnetism supposed to be the point??? The cover holds securely in place, covers your tablet’s screen, and doubles as a stand… I thought THAT was the point???

      1. My point is that the ipad’s magnetic cover is self fixing (you could hold it face down and it stays in place and so protects the screen)) and when you fold it back the iPad automatically switches on. I thought that the Asus cover was going to be along the same lines. I understand that it’s not and for this reason I don’t see the point. You do see a point to it- that’s fine. 

        1. I don’t know you, but you are a %$*@#$*@#* %*@#%*#$%*#@$%* @#*% #$*% *#@%*#%* $* #$% * (@$ #%( #@($% (# %((%# ( *$! *@#$ @Gamercore:disqus ! idiot.

          1. Amazon reviews say the cover is piece of junk. flops around and doesn’t protect the screen. Also, the tabs that fit into the Prime scratch up the aluminum cover.

  9. Woot! Manager at Gamestop just sent me a pic of my Prime! Going to get it.

  10. So, the extra colors are available now! (except for black [the color I actually want])

  11. I’ll be ordering one for when I don’t want to carry the dock with me… but I won’t bother to order until I receive my email stating that my Prime is on the way!

  12. If anyone is still looking for a T-Prime, has them in stock for $499.99.  Ordered mine last week — it arrives tomorrow.

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