Sprint Issues Statement To AT&T Walking Away From T-Mobile Takeover


It’s not like we didn’t already know what Sprint’s reaction to AT&T’s pulling out of their T-Mobile takeover was going to be. With the proposed merger dead in the water, Sprint would like to take a moment to tell everyone — “We told you so.” Number 3 issued a statement today also reminding everyone that they were always looking out in the best interest of the American consumer (and in the process, their own well being) by opposing the near-duopoly from the start. Somewhere, Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse is doing windmills in his lavish penthouse. Full press release can be found below.

Sprint statement on decision by AT&T and Deutsche Telekom to end bid to acquire T-Mobile USA

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), December 19, 2011 – Vonya B. McCann, senior vice president of Government Affairs for Sprint (NYSE: S), issued the following statement in response to AT&T’s decision to end its bid to takeover T-Mobile USA:

“Earlier today, AT&T terminated its definitive merger agreement with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile USA. This is the right decision for consumers, competition and innovation in the wireless industry.

“From the beginning, Sprint has stood with consumers who spoke loudly and clearly that AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile would create an undeniable duopoly that would have resulted in higher prices, less innovation and fewer choices for the American consumer.

“Sprint commends the Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission and the bi-partisan group of state attorneys general who gave voice to the concerns of consumers across the country. We look forward to competing fiercely in the robust, competitive market that exists today and continuing to deliver the world class service and products that consumers have come to expect from Sprint.”

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  1. $4 Billion is one helluva ETF

    1. $4 billion for AT&T is just pocket change.

  2. I saw “Sprint” and almost thought it was an announcement for the nexus s 4G update, but alas… :-/

    1. same here…. WHATS THE HOLD UP!!! and to the person below me who is no doubt going to suggest that i simply just root my phone. STFU I shouldnt have to i have a Frikkin Nexus 

      1. Just root your…. nevermind. O_o

      2. I don’t think rooting your phone is what think it’s for.

  3. and while they were wasting their time on an acquisition that had no chance,verizon was buying up spectrum and working to expand and improve their network.

  4. Sprint making a statement on how they were right all along will not make people like them more… idiots

  5. Sprint sucks. My employer uses Sprint for their data and cell phones and they suck big time. My phone is always on “extended”….

  6. Sprint would love tmobile to fail.Looking out for them self’s not us what a joke.

  7. Sprint just didnt want to be last, now they have someone they feel is lower than them.

  8. Deliver world class service…lol. Directly compare data speeds with Verizon, it’s atrocious. Not to mention their “coverage” map. I don’t care how cheap and unlimited it is. Whats the point when it’s like aol speed in a broadband world?

  9. You T-Mobile customers should be glad at&t didn’t take over. As for current customers of at&t….be on the lookout for plans to rise.

    1. I am extremely happy the deal fell through . I love my T-Mobile, but definitely would have dropped them like a hot potato if AT&T acquired them. For me , T-Mobiles speeds are fast, the contracts are cheap, soft data caps, and hspa+ is very easy on the battery. I’m sure some other company will attempt to buy T-Mobile soon though….

      1. Right there with ya. I have my complaints about coverage areas some times, but the price is right, and I usually get 9mbps down around my home, and honestly can’t say that I need much more than that on my cell phone. ATT on the other hand can suck it, I would have dropped my service on day one even if I had to pay a cancellation fee to stay away from those crooks.

      2. Of course another company is going to buy them. AT&T wasn’t trying a hostile takeover. T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, doesn’t want T-Mobile – they’re trying to sell it. While I’m glad that AT&T didn’t get it, someone will. The DOJ can prevent AT&T from buying it due to anti-trust issues, but they can’t force DT to keep T-Mo if they don’t want it.

  10. “…world class service and products that consumers have come to expect from Sprint.”

  11. Unlimited…. where 4G is so spotty and 3G is so slow that you’ll never reach 1GB of data (Las Vegas).

    I’m glad AT&T didn’t get T-Mobile, but Sprint is full of it.

    1. Agreed, glad the merger didn’t go through so I didn’t have to turn to them or Verizon. Verizon is $70 more /mo for my plan, and Sprint just sucks everywhere. 

      1. Sprint doesn’t suck here in Central Florida. One of the top carriers here.

      2. Sprint is pretty awesome here in the Baltimore/Annapolis/DC area.  Lots of 4G too!  :)

    2. Agreed I live in Indianapolis, one of the largest most densely populated cities in america (we are hosting the damn superbowl this year) and still no 4g they even said we won’t be getting it until after lte… really sprint? and 3g is tops 1.5 mbps. “the now network” my ass.

  12. Sprint, go focus your attention on cell signal that actually works indoors. Sitting in a restaurant next to a window is the same as being underneath the Grand Canyon. My contract is up in June, but I’m seriously considering paying my $50 ETF and going to T-Mobile now that they aren’t being bought (for now). Can anyone in South Florida attest to their data speeds and signal strength? 

    1. Signal penetration is an issue for both Sprint and Tmobile because of the higher bands that their voice signals reside. Both Sprint and Tmobile have their voice bands on the 1900 Mhz band, whereas AT&T and Verizon have theirs on the 850 MHz band. In general, the lower your band, the better your signal penetrates walls and well…your skull.

      At least TMobile does something about it by giving you wifi calling though…

      1. TMobile also does voice over their 3g AWS (1700mhz) band. Especially in large cities.

  13. In related news, Apple just put in a bid for T-Fumble, thus trying to solidify their place in the wireless market.

  14. So happy about this. Maybe now t-mobile wont be the last to get the latest phones. Sorry buth their version of the galaxy S2 s&*ks and there is nothing amazing bout the amaze. Its crazy that AT&T has more android phones coming out then t-mobile? I’m still rocking my G1 but I need a new phone real bad. Homenow that the merger is dead I can get a new phone!

    1. I always thought T-Mobile was up there with Sprint in getting the best phones.  There were times that I was kinda jealous as a Sprint customer actually.  

  15. Cant believe Sprint would even comment. As a previous 8 yr customer all I can say is .17 mb DL speeds is unacceptable and useless. They say their network is fine… come on! I just switched T-mobile as their pricing was slightly lower and data speeds are on average 20+ times faster. Somebody needs to buy Sprint and do things right.

  16. It doesn’t matter who ends up buying Tmobile. As long as it’s not Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon, we keep the status quo of having 4 major national carriers.

  17. I’m really eager to see who buys T-Mobile.  I’m hoping it’s somebody with enough cash to really expand their network and make them into a major player in the industry.  I’m hoping Google, for some reason.  

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