Modern Combat 3 For Android Now Available

GameLoft has released Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to the Android market, a first person shooter where you take control of Corporal James Walker who has been thrown into a war that sees the US trying to take on a coalition consisting of North Korea, Pakistan and Russia. 13 different missions across the globe will keep you busy alongside online play that has 6 maps, 6 game modes and support for up to 12 players. It’s only $7, not a bad price to pay for a more-than-decent shooter. Grab it from the market here.

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  • $8357570

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices”

    welp. beyond $7 being excess for any game ($5 being absolute maximum for a top notch game), Gameloft has horrible support for phones in general.

    • Brian

      Cheap @ss get a job

  • Ogami Itto

    Ok. This is just as ridiculous as it can get. After you pay $6.99 for the game, in-app purchases are still needed to upgrade weapons!!! WTF!? Then, they wonder why so many of their games are being pirated all over the internet.

    • xchopx

      they do the same shit with their other games… buy a driver game and then they still want you to make purchases…

  • RitishOemraw

    Could this be any more of a Modern warfare rip-off? (namewise fyi)

    • AndriOS6

      Gameloft is known for rip-off games. I thought I was playing WoW with Order & Chaos game.

  • Landon Wing

    I agree that, in general, Gameloft has poor support for their products. However, what are our alternatives? Modern Warfare has a pretty low rating in the Android Market. What other first/third person shooters compare graphically and UI-wise?

  • AndriOS6

    Works great on iPhone 4S. So smooth. Have had this for couple months now :)

  • Tyson Terry

    Had this on my ipad for some time now, console quality game. Best mobile first person shooter. And no… don’t need to spend (real) money to upgrade guns, you earn cash for kills. There is an option to use real money to do so faster, but that takes the fun out of it.

  • imade karari

    It takes a while to load on my HTC Thunderbolt, but it’s a great FPS for mobile devices (if not the best — so far).