Casio G’zOne Commando Software Update Rolling Out Now

I never could get over this device’s name but the Casio G’zOne Commando hAs repOrtedly beGun (okay, I’ll stop) receiving an OTA update for those of you that fell in love with the device’s rugged good looks and durability. The ‘Mando update includes new Netflix compatbility, a few security patches, improved proximity sensor and update clock widget. Various other bug fixes were also addressed like keyboard performance and email/messaging app force closes.

It’s nice to see Casio still supporting the device with updates and you can either wait around to be prompted for the update or you can jump into your device’s Settings and manually pull it yourself. Good luck!

[Via Droid-Life]


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  • Daniel Rosseau

    I really hope the future of smartphones starts to go this way.  It would be so nice if they were made to be dropped, spilled on, and used in the cold without worries.  How nice would it be for underwater photos.  I’m hoping we move closer to that in the next few years.

    •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

      underwater photos…heh.
      Place phone in sealed plastic bag.
      Place bag in water.
      Press camera button.

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  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    I almost got my girl this phone. She’s really bad with phones. 
    Lost her iP3GS, destroyed my Aria.. twice.. drown a Pre Plus. God knows what shes done to my X10. Havn’t seen the damages yet. Shes away for school , but her iP4S has seen better days..

    • Chris Chavez

      LOL! Reminds me of my ex… xD

      • Aslan N.L. Bollin

        N Im the one who wastes money….
        Sometimes I think she does it on purpose cause shes tired of it and wants a new phone… 
        You have that feeling too o_O?

  • Sean

    Is it wrong that I read the title JIZZ ONE?

  • tim bennett

    Updated clock widget?  Holy Cow!  AWESOME!