Android Powered DragonBot Is Quite Possibly The Coolest “Toy” Of The Year

If the idea of a child’s “toy” actually learning from you and uploading that information to the cloud to share with fellow toys scares you — you’re not the only one. But you gotta admit. It sounds pretty cool.

That’s exactly what these Android powered DragonBot’s do. These cute little fellers were first designed to help pre-schoolers learn language by researchers at MIT, Harvard and Northeastern. But they don’t just teach language, they actually take visual cues using an Android phone’s built-in, front facing camera to display animations for the eyes and mouth with unique expressions. I know, this is blowing your mind right now. Me too. When attached, the phone is actually the brains of the “toy,” acting as its central nervous system, moving it around and most importantly… learning. And as I mentioned before, when it learns, it uploads the information to the cloud so the other DragonBots can learn too.

The DragonBot can also be controlled using an app and an Android and pricing for the DragonBot should come in at under $1,000 which means unless you’re a rapper waiting for your next multiplatinum album to drop, you may have to wait a couple more years for the price to drop. At the very least we know our DragonBot is out there. And waiting.

Now… if only I could make it love me. At least something would… (sniffle)

[MIT Media Lab | Spectrum IEEE | Via Gizmodo]

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  • Josh Wagle

    An android-powered, move grooving Furby…

    • Chris Chavez

      If only it danced…. then I’d buy it. O_o

      • Covert_Death

        well according to this add, you can probably teach it to dance?!????

      • babadush

        Haha they lost me at data logging

        • Darkflame

           It has CarrierIQ installed in it. For quality assurance purposes of course.

    • TechJunkie198
  • Austin Nichols

    we love you chris <3 without you my daily dose of android news wouldn't be the same

    • Chris Chavez

      You just made my day :D


  • rustygh

    if this thing spent any real time around me it would become super cool
    it would love Chris Chavez, & chicks would hate it. :-)

  • andrew__des_moines

    Someone once said everything truly weird comes from Japan.  Somehow, this oddness has infected the Ivory Towers of our own higher education.  

  • Duane Roberts

    If you’re skint you could always make a fluffy box, cut a hole in the top, velcro your phone to a puppets head, get in the box, stick your hand up the puppet and hey presto you’ve saved a fortune. Probably wouldn’t be as good though!

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    I so want one.. maybe 2….. lol

  • YamiYaiba

    Oh Chris, you know I love you still. I’ll forgive you.

  • John Thiers

    Can anyone say SkyNet

    • DeePo

      Indeed, I never thought the end could come at the hand of such a hairy thing … though looking better it resembles a Mogwai!!!

  • thedicemaster

    a bit… furry for a dragon.

  • Alexander Ramirez

    And once they’ve learned enough about the human race, they’ll all assemble together into some huge transformer like thing and exterminate everyone who doesn’t agree with their demands. Oh wait, they’re powered by android, not iOS, nevermind, they’ll just make us great offers on things and read us ads. 

  • bakdroid

    Just make sure you don’t feed it after dark…

    • Dwayne Wilkinson

      …and don’t get it wet!

  • Slizzard Lizard

    The whole idea is kinda scary but im glad we are using tecknology to help young kids. I wonder what would happen if you put 2 facing each other..? What would they do?

  • nalpakj

    I get this was probably i another language but why are people obsessed with settings things like this to music when clearly there must be some sound that goes along with the experience…so why not let us hear as well as see it?

    • ObasiS

      Actually, this is from MIT, si it’d be in English. But music makes everything better. Including demonic little robots who will soon overpower us all and make us perform strange testing rituals and reward us with the promise of cake.

  • ObasiS

    Note that it video tapes your every movement. It’s probably learning how humans move and react, so that then once it’s ready, it can pass the information to its big brother who will be able to easily kill any human it comes into contact with.

    Either that or it’s trying its best to be a cute little plush toy.

  • hi_hellothere

    It kind of looks like a Gremlin’s vagina (don’t ask me how I know, please), but a cool toy none the less. Adding these features to a pet robot dog or a roomba would be cool too. “Hey cunt face, bring me a beer and vacuum the room!!” Macho cavemen would love it. 

  • Warren

    Pretty neat… for Android.

  • hulk smash

    Siri is smarter. Lol. I can make this. This is too much. Good price should be $450.

  • sitnstew

    I wish the video would have actually shown them doing what they were designed to do. The explanation seemed cool but the video was severely underwhelming. It’s awesome that it runs on Android but I guess I still don’t get the value. How exactly do these help kids learn?

  • leaponover

    Chris, I know bestiality is illegal, but Robot Beastiality, hmm no info on that.  I still recommend you keep your robot beast love in the privacy of your own home ;-)