Google Begins Android 4.0 Rollout to GSM Nexus S

The Android 4.0 rollout for the GSM/UMTS Nexus S has begun, according to a post to the official Google Nexus Twitter account. A corresponding help page has been set up over at Google’s support page to aid Nexus S owners in the transition to the latest version of Android. The rollout starts today and will continue to reach Nexus S owners throughout the month, though for the impatient we expect an official update file to surface online for those wishing to manually upgrade.

[via Twitter | Thanks, Alex!]

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  • Michael Grabowski

    I want to cry of happiness but I feel stupid.

    So instead I keep helplessly typing in *#*#checkin#*#* And staring at my Nexus S, hoping it will come. 

    • otosnede

      As soon as the official Google link hits the Interwebs, you’ll be doing an “Apply” instead of waiting ;-)

  • phoenix_fire

    i got excited for a second, and then i read the s

  • FreakFly

    Source code please!  :-D

  • Magus2300

    Wow… that was fast.

  • MttFrog13

    This is pretty cool. Nexus S owners will be getting ics literally the day after the galaxy nexus was released in the US. This is the reason I had to get a nexus phone. One year from now when the new android version is released. I don’t want to be stuck waiting for an update.

  • dancedroid

    still waiting for nexus s 4G update though =/ hopefully it comes sooner than later

    • Wes Watson


  • Emmanuel T

    I did that and i got it, it is downloading as i speak :-)

    • Michael Grabowski

      You checked in? 

      What country do you live in? GAH I’m so excited and impatient!!

  • Emmanuel T

    Here it is

    • otosnede

      So jealous! Can’t wait!

      • Emmanuel T

        Sorry guys i was too excited i forgot to get the link. I had to dial *#*#CHECKIN#*#* to get the update

        • thesniperz

          did you have to restart after checking in? i checked in and it succeeded, then checked system updates and nothing available for download.

          • ant-roid

            What does checkin do?

    • Héctor

      OMG! Amoled Nexus S? I’m fearing european nexus will go last :_(

  • andrés

    how do I copy the zip file or get the link if I get the update to share

  • otosnede

    This link worked for me (Official Google server)…

    Renamed and installed from the stock recovery… I’m on 4.0.3 now (:

    • Claudia Wiese

      Will that version work for the I9020A version, or is it just the T-Mobile version?

      • otosnede

        Not really sure, I’m on T-Mobile in the US

  • Guest

    Does it keep the “washed out” (on SAMOLED) look from 2.3? I love my Voodoo’d screen on my NS

  • Nudo


  • Crimson13

    Downloading now!!!

  • amoosefloats

    Well installed and it was easy but no face unlock and so far auto screen brightness does not work. Love it otherwise and a tad sluggish, had a few freezes too

    • SocalTeknique

      Does it keep the “washed out” (on SAMOLED) look from 2.3? I’ll just wait for CM9 if thats the case.

  • jimmy

    Anybody get it on the US at&t version?

  • van casipong

    Updated, now on 4.0.3, enjoying it but face unlock is not included…

  • Jinesh Gheeya

    Sorry for off-topic question: Does G-Nex has notification light? I just bought it yesterday and I havent seen it go off yet. Do I have to turn on some setting? Thanks in advance

    • Ellianth

      Yes, it does; It’s located in the bottom centre part of the front of the phone. Where the android virtual buttons normally be.

  • Amelia Lewis
  • Michael Grabowski

    I have the I9020A Version here in Canada on Koodo mobile; does anyone have the for that? The OTA hasn’t come yet, and obviously the T-Mobile update – which won’t work – is the only one I can find!

    I’m so impatient, but any news – or links – to the for the I9020A version would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • jeran

    Not as zippy as gingerbread but better than recent custom roms. My browser keels closing with no error message.

  • AntonioSchuhmanndosSantos

    Love ICS ! but no face unlock on the Nexus S ! i want to try it :(

  • fred123456789

    someone please explain what happens with the 4 capacitive buttons that existing on these older phones when they are upgraded to ICS.    ICS has 3 of its own buttons that are software only.  Do the 4 original ‘physical’ buttons just go away and become useless..OR to the 4 remain useful, but you get the additional ICS 3 buttons (making for wasted screen space)???!    Because those 3 ICS software buttons have very different purposes and uses than the physical 4 found on ‘older’ phones.  Someone please share.  thanks!

  • Nudo

    It Just Updated!!!!!!!! YAYAY!! :)

  • http://phandroid Pnutt

    Nexus S 4g?????????

  • thesniperz

    where is the OTA for AT&T?? i want it now!! :(

    … im so impatient now.. lol

  • erni74

    it seems that the Nexus S is getting the new Android 4.0.3

    read more: and

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez

    ill stay here with my nexus one :(  waiting………. waiting………. :`(