Deal Alert: Sprint HTC EVO View 4G 32GB Being Offered For Only $230

It’s baaaaaaack… The possibly discontinued HTC EVO View 4G is being offered once again at a heavily discounted price, this time — for 1 day only — from online retailer Daily Steals. The 32GB Sprint branded 4G version of the HTC Flyer can be picked up for only $230 and with HTC updating the device to Android 3.1 Honeycomb, makes this an enticing buy, indeed. Keep in mind this is NOT a refurbished model and the 7-inch tablet will come brand new in its original packaging. Now, all you have to do is find a good price on the HTC Scribe pen and you’ll be all set. Anybody picking one of these up?

Thanks, Otis!


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  • Scott Greene

    Looks enticing, but I’m not really in the market for a tablet at this point. My Nexus will tide me over for some time ;)

  • Matt Patterson

    Just ordered one, I hope I’m not disappointed.

    • Chris Chavez

      Good luck! :D

  • http://Yahoo! craig

    That site gets terrible reviews

  • jerome510

    3.2 Honeycomb not 3.1

    • Horace

      does this have an unlocked bootloader? Is there a Dev community?

  • Otis Spunkmeyer

    I order from daily steals from time to time, and while the shipping times are a few days longer I really haven’t had any bad experiences.

  • Daniel

    Already have the flyer…I love it. And its said that not even a year later is being disconnected. HTC should’ve lowered the price earlier.

  • Efrem Pannell

    I would hold off on this purchase.

    Sprint will sale this tablet for 199 after Xmas:

    • Darren Thornton

      Sprint’s $199 price appears to be contingent on purchasers signing up for new 2yr contracts (or upgrades). The daily steals deal does not require a new contract, I believe.

    • WHAT?

      $199 from Sprint will require a 2-year contract. This does not. This is a MUCh better deal.

  • Lincoln Mennuti

    $199 WITH the pen, then I’d bite. 

  • Horace

    Not bad, I was considering a Kindle for my niece, but this is probably a better deal. Just turn 3G/4G off, and you never hear from Sprint, right?

    • WHAT?

      That is correct.

  • macr0t0r

    Grabbed one for my wife to replace her Archos 70. This is cheaper than a Nook tablet, yet has twice the RAM, 4 times the flash, and comes with the FULL Google market. (Don’t get started about the Kindle Fire’s performance). No contract required!

    – Jim

  • http://Yahoo! craig

    Trust that site if u want to. Google them

  • Tim Weiss

    Just got mine today.Ordered from bidallies on ebay…. works like a charm.

  • Paul Ivanauskas

    $10 cheaper here and a more realiable site