T-Mobile Galaxy S II Software Upgrade Goes Out Today

The HTC Amaze 4G isn’t the only T-Mobile Android phone getting some upgrade love. The Samsung Galaxy S II is also getting an upgrade over the air and via Kies Mini. Like the Amaze 4G’s upgrade it’s also getting WiFi calling and numerous fixes and enhancements for battery and caller ID features. Be on the lookout for it throughout the course of the day and through the weekend. [T-Mobile, TmoNews]

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  • J.C. Diaz

    Why do you people insist on continuing to call these small, incremental updates “upgrades”? This is just an update. And a small one at that.

    Call it a pet peeve if you will, but it sounds pretty silly.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Because… this is phandroid.

  • tq745

    getting wifi calling on a phone that’s suppose to have it at launch is not a small incremental update. for me it’s a big update as i do not have reception in areas where i have wifi access. 

    • J.C. Diaz

      Yeah…I can negotiate that. I think my point is still valid though, it’s an update, not an upgrade.

      • tq745

        Never said anything about an “upgrade” as this is a big update.