More Galaxy Nexus Shipments Arriving at Stores for Expected December 15th Launch [Photo]

Although Verizon’s been as quiet on the Galaxy Nexus launch as they’ve ever been about a device launch, our sources are still telling us that Verizon is certainly expected to launch the phone tomorrow. We’ve heard that one before, I know. But our source is receiving more supplemental shipments and says a launch is definite.

Add that to the fact that stores which didn’t have any units should all be getting some today and it’s hard for us not to get a little excited. We’ll still stay cautious because, again, the rug was snatched from right beneath us last week just as we approached that rumored date (which looked extremely solid) and we’re still here almost a week later without a phone.

So why’s Verizon being quiet about it? Any number of things may be the case. They might still be announcing it for a launch tomorrow – no rules say they have to release all their press releases at the same time. I’m, of course, referring to the white DROID RAZR announcement they sent out this morning stating it’d be in stores December 15th.

They could also be doing a soft/quiet launch, making the device available through a number of channels without really announcing or advertising anything. The Galaxy Nexus is quite unlike any Android device they’ve had so it’s possible they want to handle its launch unlike they’ve handled any other device’s launch. Again, this is all speculation. Either way, we have our fingers crossed for tomorrow. [Thanks ______!]

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  • Rad Stevens

    Rumor has it Hulk Hogan and Brutus the Barber Beefcake did it.

    • theGseries

      You better get ready, cause launch dates tomorrow BROTHER – in my Hulk Hogan voice.

  • Greg Newberry


  • wtpanos

    Now if we could only get some T-mobile love.

    • revangunrod

      I just gave up and ordered from Newegg. We don’t even know if the 15th is real for the Verizon, let alone what the actual date will be if it’s not. Then we don’t know about the exclusivity period, or if T-Mobile is even going to actually carry it. Apparently AT&T wasn’t even planning on it, so who knows about T-Mo. Not that the two are really related, but it certainly isn’t encouraging.

      Basically this launch sucks but whatever I’m getting my phone anyway.

      • wtpanos

        I envy you and wish I could do the same. Truth is I dont have 700$ to blow on a phone atm. Im an android enthusiast and want a nexus, but at what cost. Just for shits and giggles I went on Verizon’s website to see how much my plan would cost on their network and it would be 30 dollars more a month then my same plan on tmobile. That for me is a 33% increase, and now with their pricing of phones at 300 dollars I would spend an extra 720 dollars on their service over the course of the next two years. Their service does not justify that difference, at least to me. Enjoy your Nexus sir, while I will be patiently waiting  for it or its equivalent on Tmobile.

        • revangunrod

          Well, not to try to get you to buy something if it’s not in your budget, but I got it through a Newegg Preferred account(which is free if I remember) and it’s got 12 months no interest, so it works out to ~$60 a month if you want it paid off right at 12 months. 

          I could have bought it outright, but I’d rather have the payments since it’ll help build credit more. So that might be an option for you.

          Besides, I did get mine for T-Mobile. Their service has been freakin awesome to me for the like 8 years I’ve had them, and you’re right. Verizon is god awful expensive.

          • wtpanos

            I will have to look into that. Did you get your nexus yet? and if so do you know if it plays nice with tmobiles hspa+

            Edit: Blast! New Egg is showing they are sold out.

          • revangunrod

            Aw :(

            I haven’t gotten it yet, but should be waiting for me when I get home from work.

            It’s a pentaband GSM phone so it’ll work with both AT&T and T-Mobile’s 3G/HSPA+. If I remember it’s only 14.4Mb though, not 28 or 42.

        • sygyzy

          Another way to look at it is if you bought the phone outright and stayed on T-Mobile’s no-contract, bring-your-own-phone plan, you would actually end up saving a few hundred dollars after 2 years, versus going to Verizon and buying a subsidized phone.

          • Anthony Ross

            very true, i did the math on another post. 

            Current: $90 a mo w/ T-Mo then $700 for the phone.  Total cost over 2yrs: $2860
            Proposed: $120 a mo w/ Vz then $300 for the phone.  Total cost over 2yrs: $3180

  • MFG

    Ugh PLEASE launch this tomorrow!

    Fucking Verizon. I hate you. 

    • rals

      I’m sure they aren’t going to lose any sleep with your comment. 

      • theGseries

        Nope, just respect. 

        • MFG

          Because there was any to begin with?

      • MFG

        And I’m sure you’re going to sleep soundly. Smug people usually do.

        • rals

          Not trying to be smug, I’m saying people are wasting their breathes on talking down the carriers, be thankful at some point they are releasing a Nexus device on Verizon.  

  • mikesuds

    WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE A PHONE THAT YOU HAVE FOR SALE??? AKA A SOFT LAUNCH. What the fuck would the point be of not attempting to announce something that will make you money?

    • cizzlen

      Agreed, I don’t get that!

    • Roloc

      It’s probably because they make a lot more money off of the phones with all the bloatware in them.

  • Jordan Christopher Epps

    This my be an “in the know” launch since it’s an “in the know” phone. 

    • TheScientists

      I think it’s more of an “in the knee” launch.  As in…”The Nexus was going to launch, but then it took an arrow in the knee.”

      (I know…..I hate that meme also.)

  • Jeremy Leventhal

    I’m hearing tomorrow is definite as well. 

  • ivorycruncher

    The sales rep at my Verizon store that promised to call me with a known launch date has not called, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be at the store at 9 AM to claim my Nexus!

  • Soulbait

    I hate VZW

  • Ben Judy

    No amount of enjoyment or excitement I will feel over finally getting my hands on the phone will completely eclipse my disappointment and frustration with Verizon for completely bungling the rollout. They have shown their true colors toward their customers — they don’t give a rip about giving us what we want, or explaining what they are thinking. They are Big Red, and they can do no wrong. To even question them is heresy. It’s sad to see big companies act this way. It’s hard not to want to see it come back to bite them in some way. If only there were decent competition… I’ve been with AT&T and Sprint before, and left both and will not go back. *sigh* … is it too much to expect that a company provide good service, treat its customers with respect, and COMMUNICATE like real human beings?

    On another note… Dear God, please don’t let Verizon buy Netflix…

    • Line6ix

      Proof this is Verizon bungling anything?  Theres never been an announcement of a release.  You just “know too much” because of random leaks and you take a blog headline that reads “Nov 24th Galaxy Nexus Release: CONFIRMED” to mean something.  Your fault.

      • Jon Gee

        While it is true that VZW never came out and gave a date, it is clear from what we have all seen and read that they had planned to release the device earlier than this and Verizon’s COMPLETE lack of response is frustrating to say the least. I’ll say it again though, I’ll believe the release date when the device is in my hand.

      • Cipher Zero

        +10²° Well said. I don’t know where the hell people keep getting the idea that Verizon bungled anything. Just because some blog sites say idiotic things like “imminent” and worse, “confirmed” because their “totally reliable source” or some guy heard from another guy at the bar who works for Verizon that the Samsung Nexus will be out on such-and-such a date. I’ve never once heard a Verizon executive say anything about dates, I’ve not seen a Verizon ad with any dates (VERIZON ads, NOT Best Buy ads, etc.), the only thing I’ve seen is a bunch of speculation on these blog sites that just rile up the spaz-cases even more. Verizon said “by the end of the year”. Last I looked, it’s still 2011. I’m actually at the point where I hope it NEVER gets released just to fuck with said people. Hopefully, that will cause a mass-suicide and when and if there is a Nexus 4, they won’t be around to flood every frikkin comment thread with their silly bullshit.

        • phinnybaby

           Your right… they didn’t bungle the release, they failed to do anything. How can you say they didn’t screw it up when the phone is released internationally almost a MONTH ago now, but they still can’t figure it out. And don’t give me the volume bug crap is worth the wait. the 1% of users in 2g areas would suck it up and the other 99% of us would have our phones. That is… if verizon didnt have a outage of THEIR network. Dont blame google, Dont blame samsung (their fix came in November). This is 95% verizon’s fault. Forget ever seeing google launch another nexus on verizon. I’ll have to enjoy the iphone 5s in two years.

        • Adam Diaz

          DUDE YTF R U TROLLING??? u talk shyt about Nexus Yarrells yet ur posting on every nexus thread, ur the epitome of a douchebag. go suck whoevers dyck is telling u to trol u piece of shyt fuqstik.

          • Cipher Zero

            Can someone get me an Idiot-English dictionary? That transcended illiteracy and stupidity. The only thing I understood was posting on every Nexus thread, which I have not, or do not.

      • PC_Tool

        Verizon has pissed off customers.  Regardless of whether they’ve done anything “wrong”…they’ve bungled.

        Pissed off customers = a big no-no.

        Now look at any other Nexus launch and tell me VZW hasn’t bungled…considering this Nexus is now available in almost every country getting it *but* the US.

        (..and don’t go with the LTE thing holding it up like someone else tried…both Google, Samsung, and VZW have done LTE before.)

      • DadzBoyz

        I’ve talked to many Verizon reps, Best Buy people, Radio Shack people, managers, etc.  They will tell you that Verizon had a release date of the 9th and killed it.  So, while they have not had the all telling and only form of validation press release that YOU need, they have, in fact screwed up the release to all channels, direct and indirect.  Ask they people that make money off selling the things.

      • DadzBoyz

        You also seem to imply that they have not screwed this up because they have not set a date.  I submit that they have totally screwed this up because they haven’t set a date.  Their product partners have announced it. The product has been shown.  Other products have been announced since the Gnex unveiling and been sold/released.  VZW has screwed this up by not communicating vs. your assertion that they have not screwed up because they have not communicated.

    • Bryan Finestone

      What a sense of entitlement you have…

      • Ben Judy

        I see you are qualified to say that, because you know me so well. But you are right — I am entitled to like or dislike a company based on how the handle their business, treat their customers, and communicate (or don’t.) I’m also entitled to sound off about it on a forum with like-minded people. I’m also entitled to think you’re a troll.

        • Tim242

          There are starving and homeless people. Put that passion toward something worthwhile.

  • Brandon Taylor

    im losing hope my local corporate store says they had to send their stock back and that it was delayed again and could be as long as july what a flipping joke

    • Hank Godwin

      If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

      • koolkid1935

        I think your bridge sale might go through before all of our Nexus sales…/s

    • koolkid1935

      If that’s true…I don’t think my OGD has that much life left in it…Other carriers can’t launch until VZW does as VZW is Google’s exclusive launch partner.  May need to import/switch carriers to see this device come to the US…

      • Brandon Taylor

        at this rate its a nexus one all over again im not happy but hoping i was just lied to and announcement will come today later on


    I wonder if Apple would ever release a iPhone without announcing it.. SO MAYBE VERZION YOU SHOULD PISS OFF WITH THE WORST DEBACLE OF A LAUNCH EVER.. 

    No announcements, killed the hype, fricken lame!



    • Nudo

      what hype? only like 1% of the actual Android market even gives a hoot about the Nexus. it’s not that big of a deal in the long run.

      • wtpanos

        It would kinda be a big deal for those who buy it, enthusiast or not, and for two years no less (kinda long run). People I know (who are not android junkies like me) think the Razr is too thin. The second I tell them about the GNex they understand my excitement, and every time I talk to them I get asked “so did you get that new phone yet” which I regrettably answer no. The tech nerd community is larger than 1%. Even if they dont know all the ins and outs of android, there is a growing population of informed buyers.

        • Nathan Hosford

          Its only a big deal to the regular guy. I see some people getting it coming from a Bionic or Droid 3 these people have lots of money to drop on a phone and to them its just another phone or just the latest phone.For the regular guy its a 2 year relationship we will baby this thing so its gotta be great.

          • wtpanos

            True, if only I could be a high roller and get a new phone every two months. 

        • Nudo

          I just don’t get what you’re pissed off about. They never announced a release date, and frankly, everything people are speculating about the release is just that…. Speculation. Just hang tight, i’m sure you’ll see the phone released soon :)

      • DadzBoyz

        Holy crap the ignorance is everywhere today.  First, you cannot site source for your 1% ass-umption.  Second, the reason that there may be a less than ideal interest is BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T MARKETED OR PUBLICIZED IT!  Holy crap.  If the any product is not publicized there is little interest….  That’s part of the whole argument/grudge.  First is that they haven’t released it.  Second is that they have not communicated and/or marketed it.

        • Nudo

          You have highlighted my point. “they haven’t marketed or publicized it” so, again, I ask, what hype?

  •!/fitman88 Fitman88

    I don’t understand why they would do a soft launch — I thought the purpose of the exclusivity deal was so they could flaunt that they’re the first network to have an Ice Cream Sandwich phone. If the phone truly is launching tomorrow, there is something very strange going on behind the scenes…

    • Tim242

      The Rezound’s release was not announced until its Monday morning release.

  • 330369

    verizon store said it would be the 15

  • muchaelg1030

    Looks promising, but who knows.

  • Andrew Elliott

    Realistically when should we have an official announcement by to know for sure whether or not I should be at a verizon store in the morning?  I mean if they have made no announcement by 8:00 tonight should I be safe in assuming its not coming?


      forget the announcement…call vzw tonight or follow @vzwsupport:twitter they are typically online past store hours…OR STAY HERE!! Phandroid will have first word! 

    • Tim242

      The Rezound’s release was not announced until its Monday morning release. GO TO THE STORE! : )

  • Nudo

    again with the blurry photos. are people using iPhones or something?  :P


    Oh I get it now, this is the old school sneak attack launch!? Where you don’t tell anybody and it just shows up on store shelves…

    Yes! this method works much better than the hype train, long lines, tons of press and in general just lots of excitement!!! :(

  • Ryan Scott Miller

    It was not too long ago that Verizon was the top carrier for customer satisfaction. I wonder how much brand equity Verizon has squandered with this launch.  Enough to drive people away? I actually left to T-Mobile to get the HTC Sensation after the Bionic fail.  Now I have the opportunity to assume a Verizon line that still has the unlimited data on it and now that LTE has come to my area I’m paying the ETF (with the money I get from selling the Sensation) to come back to get the Galaxy Nexus.  But like the Bionic debacle, the Nexus launch or non-launch is souring me again.  Will it all go away when I get it finally in my hands? I have want it to, half want to hold on to that bitterness.

  • Randroid

    ______ sure provides you guys with a lot of tips!

  • DrumKitt87

    Called my local Carrollton, Ga store and was told that it would launch tomorrow. Called customer service to try and get the $100 off promotion and was told it was only for the midwest. Still going to try and work out a deal tomorrow if it does indeed launch. 

  • Andrew

    This is starting to look a bit promising….

  • nwilliam3

    My local Verizon store confirmed it for me a little while ago and said they would put one on hold for me to pick-up in the morning. Their stock is set to arrive today via FedEx.  Been burned too many time to say it is definitely happening, but feel more positive about his date and any of the past ones.

  • Travillion

    As much as I like to see things pointing to an “imminent” launch, all these pictures of Verizon employees unpacking retail units, turning them on, etc., gives me the creeps. I want to be the first to play with my phone. I hate the thought of being the hapless customer who purchases one of these “used” models that got repackaged and sold.

    • AFelm

      Lmao, I was saying the same thing to myself and then scrolled down and seen your comment. If I get a box that looks like its been messed with I’m telling them to go get another. My hands need to be the first ones on this baby, I don’t want one that’s been passed around like Kim K.

      • Travillion

        Haha, +1!

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    I called the corporate store in my city and got the standard, “We still don’t have a release date” answer.

    He probably said that as he was sitting with his feet propped up on a box of Galaxy Nexuses. 

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Our store just got our shipment today.

  • Brad Hutchings

    I bet they just want it to silently fail so they have an excuse to not do the Nexus thing again.

  • ctopher4

    I even hope they release that gnex p.o.s. so all you adolescent boys will s.t.f.u.

  • MikePopovici

    Who wants this phone now its been almost a month and thats how long it takes an android to be out dated(even though this phone is out dated to begine with hardware wise) Just saying why not wait for gs3 or some othe ICS phone root it have updates just like this one

  • Greg Davidson

    Just walked into a Verizon store on 58th st and 3rd avenue in NYC and the guy told me the Nexus would be on sale tomorrow morning when the store opens up at 9:30am….you can bet your sweet ass i’ll be there

  • preachJESUS!

    I am smelling a delay, hopefully I am wrong.

  • babadush

    What is this a nuclear device? What’s with all the secrecy.

  • droid.

    Verizon employees know as much about the launch date as us.  I am not confident that it will launch tomorrow.  At this point I really don’t care, I will get it when it comes out. 

  • Tim J. Bish

    I called my local store. They have them in stock, and reserved one for me to pick up tomorrow!
    {Crossing my fingers}

  • Tim242

    The Rezound release was not announced, until it’s Monday morning release. So, that will prob be the case with my Nexus : )

  • housry23

    Not gonna happen. It will not release tomorrow. I can guarantee it.

  • Vinny

    Being a Verizon customer since the day before the unlimited data was stopped, (I have unlimited data) They have had more toop of the lne devices then I can keep track of. I can honestly say I have never been happier over my Carrier then I am right now. The New Nexus will be hear very soon and all will be forgotten. Thanks Verizon for all the great Hardware and the LTE Network. 

  • snoww X

    I wont ever move over from tmobile they r the cheapest option out there and tmobile should get the nexus in 2 months. I already have ICS on my galaxy s phone so i am not missing out on the sweetness. 
    I am also getting the galaxy tab shipped tomorrow which i will also upgrade to ICS