Skype Updated with Enhanced Video Quality, Power Consumption Improvements

Skype for Android has been updated with improvements to video quality during calls and power consumption and battery wear, especially on Tegra 2 phones and tablets. Additionally, users can now share photo and video files with other contacts. With the new software version, more devices now support Skype video chat including the HTC Amaze 4G, Motorola Droid 4, and Motorola Droid RAZR.

The updates to the app offer even more functionality and efficiency to users, but perhaps my favorite is the addition of a dedicated logout button found at the top right corner of the homescreen. Previous versions of Skype have had some issues when it comes to something as simple as signing out of an account, but those problems should be history.

[via Skype]

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  • detrohutt

    Who names their pet Puck? Lol.

    • joejoe5709

      To scare the neighbors. Imagine calling Puck in for dinner…. PUUUUCKKKKK!! haha

      • detrohutt

        Haha true. You’ve convinced me. My chihuahua will henceforth be known as Puck Jr.

  • Treknologist

    Is anyone having trouble updating Skype on their phone?  I am getting an error message that is not “signed” correctly.

    • Dave Lister

      Did the version on your phone come from somewhere other than the Android Market? Uninstall it and then install the new version from the Market. That should take care of it.

      • Treknologist

        It came from the Market, which is why I’m finding it odd.  I was thinking of doing what you suggested.  Thanks!

        Update: Deleted old version, installed new, working like a charm.

  • Dave Lister

    Not only is there a dedicated logout icon, but you can finally set it to log in automatically without having to re-enter your passwods.

  • barry99705

    It’s wicked laggy when my Atrix1 is in the lapdock.