Plants vs Zombies and Peggle Coming to the Android Market this Week

After a long period of Amazon Appstore exclusivity, the PopCap titles Plants vs Zombies and Peggle will make their way to the Android Market. The announcement was made on a blog post earlier today, in which it was stated that the games should be available by the end of the week. The news should please those in areas of the world without access to Amazon’s Android marketplace.

If pricing is consistent with their Amazon releases, both Peggle and Plants vs Zombies should come in priced at $2.99.

[via PopCap]

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  • superfly071293

    not here either

    •!/fitman88 Fitman88

      so fast!

      • superfly071293


    •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

      how do you do it?

      • superfly071293

        sorry thats my secret

      • rschmitz88

        superfly posts for Phandroid…he’s playing all of us…lol!

  • XoutlawX

    Not here either :P

  • Ryan Cowley

    Not it =/

  • Michael Suriel

    Oh how disappointing. I could care less about Plants vs. Zombies right now.

  • Damon Lewis

    Took their time, not sure if I’m still interested any more.

  • Shadow_Droid


    • AJA0

      “I’ve been having”, I never thought I’d see those words in that order before.

  • Rudy Fierro

    Almost… almost…

  • Brentt Foster

    I prayed that I would win I really want it

  • saif khan

    I going to try todays contest but if I don’t win how many more shots do we have at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus or all 10 of them gone. I just wanted to know.

  • anan bollin

    I got PvZ as the free app of the day from the amazon app store alloonnng time ago. Didn’t even realize it wasn’t available on the Android Market. o_O

    • Xorg Kc

      Yeah, I’ve had both games for quite a while from Amazon. ¬†Wonder why it hasn’t been on Market?

  • Jdog25

    Anybody here have the Tablet HD version?

  • Mensahwatts

    So…ahhhhh why did this game take years to come to Andriod?

  • AndroidShiz

    They are milking this game soooo much. Where’s part 2?

  • AndroidShiz

    They recently released a Kindle only HD version, but Amazon will not let you download it to other devices. (hence the name Kindle only), being rebellious and having bought both versions for the same price, I found out that if you quickly hit the download link before it would fully load the app page, you could download any Kindle only versions to your phone or other Android devices. They recently fixed it now so that Kindle only versions won’t even show up on your list unless you have the Kindle. The HD versions of this, Angry Birds, etc looks way better on my Galaxy Nexus and HTC Flyer. Wont be deleting any of these unless the Market gets them in HD and ad free.

  • VinMessina

    I was getting ready to be all “Plants vs Zombies is in the Android Market!” Then I remembered I had downloaded it for Chrome, not Android. *facepalm*¬†

  • Robabobbob