Vizio’s 8 Inch Android Tablet on Woot for $160, the daily deals and steals site, has posted another Android related deal today. It’s the 8 inch tablet from Vizio, hardly a heavy hitter up to 3.0-touting competitors but for the price they’re offering it for – $160 – it might make for a nice Christmas gift for someone. You won’t be getting a pure Android experience but for the money you probably weren’t expecting one. Anyway, head over to Woot if you want to take advantage. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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  • Justin

    sorry, saving my money for a galaxy nexus
    (broke my og droid recently)

    • Magus2300

      Hang in there, brother.  We’ll get ours.  Someday… someday…

      • Justin

        preach on my brother!

    • J Dub

      I bet it does make the waiting hard with a broken phone. Thankfully mine is doing ok. Battery life is starting to dwindle but not too bad. 

    • ScottColbert

      Jesus, does every thread have to have some schmuck whining about the fucking Nexus? Worse the Apple fanbois.

  • Brad Dirks

    Might want to add that its a refurb. not quite such a good price after that.

  • Justin

    p.s.  I think the next contest should be for people who have already posted today. To reward the people who are always on Phandroid reading the articles, not just here for the contests. Or, maybe for the person who has shared the most past Phandroid links to other sites.

    • Chad Cardwell

      I think they should honor their 48 hour turnaround time on announcing contest winners… (in original rules)

      • Justin

        which one did they not announce?
        (I don’t mean that in a jerky way, I’m honestly asking. haven’t been keeping track of all of the winners)

        • Chad Cardwell

          The song/video contest from last Friday. Kevin briefly acknowledged that they’d announce it “shortly” in Saturday’s contest posting… Now they just posted today’s contest and STILL not mention of Friday’s winner. I didn’t even submit an entry and am surprised that no one is even acknowledging it. Maybe they’re going to devote an article exclusively to that winner due to the difficulty of that day’s contest?

  •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

    Muahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! JOSIE…
    oooh! Fruit Ninja!

  • Dana Garner-Johnson

    no thanks, my friend got her daughter a cheap android tablet, and it was awful, almost unusable!

    • Chris Chavez

      Which one??? This Vizio isn’t TOO bad. 1GHz processor is bare minimum.. 

  • Robb Nunya

    If this is anything like the 10″ Viewsonic, it’s damn near unreadable because of the crappy viewing angles. 

    • Xorg Kc

      I played with the Vizio at Costo and it looked pretty good.  Am surprised at the negative comments here.  Has far better specs than Amazon Fire, will run nearly all Android apps, Amazon apps and even Nook – like a real tablet.   While I already have a large tablet, at least it’s better than Fire or Nook – for less.  Anyone thinking of Fire should at least check out this one – good starter Android device.

  • Bob G

    This is probably the best of the cheap Android tablets. Costco has been selling them for about $180-$190 and they are actually good.

    With an IR Blaster for universal remote usage, and light skinning, this is perfect for those people that just want a starter tablet for simple usage and not need something crazy and expensive that they will use only 2 hours a day at most.

  • Jon

    Just bought mine. The ir blaster is a point in plus as well as sd card over the kindle fire. Got great reviews on Amazon

  • widodo y

    Android will be the best OS for smartphone
    because it’s written using open source program. Many more people will
    use smartphone and android.

  • NJ Mike

    The Phandroid app is OK for me (Droid 3), but it would be nice if the “search” feature worked.

  • Mr_Sweet

    This article is badly written. No explanation as to why it won’t give a “pure Android experience”. The only things you say about the device are “$160″ and “8 inch screen”, which to me sounds like a much better deal than the 7 inch tablets out there price-wise.

  • MCX Today

    its really a unique tablet than others…