Verizon’s LG Spectrum Outed in Leaked Press Image

While we have yet to be treated to a followup to the LG Revolution, it appears we soon may be. The LG Spectrum was first proposed as a potential “Revolution 2″ last month, and while it looks to avoid that name it will still pick up where the last left off. PocketNow got their hands on a press render of the Spectrum showing off a similar look to the Revolution (and most other LG handsets). With a rumored HD display, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, and 8MP camera, it sounds like the phone will be a slightly retooled Optimus LTE, and it indeed will have support for Verizon’s 4G network. There is no word on a release timeframe at this time.

[via PocketNow]

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  • dario sucic

    Do not want

  • sc0rch3d

    haha, wow it’s too early. When I read the “Spectrum” word in the title….i was thinking to myself – “what is the leaked image going to be of? cell towers with drawn in wavy lines spanning out?” -> “oh, it’s a LG phone….nvm” :)

  • chris125

    Looks like a nice phone. Will be interesting to see how it performs and if they lock it down or not. If not, looks like it would have a large dev following. Hopefully lg will do a little better with updates.

    • BigCiX

      That’s LG’s biggest complaint right there.  Updates and the kiddish UI.

  • Taha Sheikh

    I swear if this comes out before the Nexus, I will smack a bitch

  • jclokwork

    Rezound repackaged in LG clothes?

  • J Dub

    Thanks to HTC and LG for really making the Android handset ecosystem look lackluster. At least Moto is pushing out some more eye catching designs. I feel like every HTC and LG phone look the same.

    • Robert Manser

      You even know what your talking about? You make absolutely no sense.

    • mikesuds

      Are you crazy? Every single LG phone looks the same. Every HTC phone looks the same. And yes, every Motorola looks identical. The Razr is the only one that stands out at all and it just barely does so.

    • BigCiX

      looks at the Samsung Vibrant, Galaxy S II, Skyrocket and note…..ohh…..they all look the same.  Every company pretty much make their phones identical.  If i had to choose between LG and samsung to make the Galaxy Nexus i would of had choosen LG or HTC cause they don’t make plastic phones.

  • Robert Manser

    My girlfriend will be happy she has the revolution.

  • sbredflag

    I don’t know if we’re looking at the same pictures here, because this phone does not look visually pleasing at all. It looks like the generic Pantech crap, not a high-end phone. I would take the Rezound or Nexus over this any day of the week.

  • Jonathan Roman

    another lg phone no one will buy