Nook Color Receives Update, Keeps Pace with Nook Tablet


Just because Barnes & Noble released their new Nook Tablet doesn’t mean they are done with the Nook Color. Though the Nook Tablet improves on the formula established by their first color e-reader, a new update for the Nook Color is now available, opening up many of the new features put forth in the latest Nook to owners of last year’s model.

Included in the update is access to Netflix and Flixster, as well as Nook Comics and PagePerfect Nook Books. Netflix and Flixster gives you the same access to these subscription services as found on many tablets and Android devices, while the two new book categories open up a variety of new content. Nook Comics boasts “the largest collection of Marvel graphic novels,” while PagePerfect Books stick to more stringent standards to preserve the original formatting and layout of a text. All services take full advantage of the Nook Color’s 7-inch color display.

You can grab the latest update now from B&N and install it to your device or take the more passive approach and wait for an OTA update to touch down.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. This is the best news I’ve had all day! :) I love my NC, and am glad they are not just tossing it out with the packaging of the new NT. 

  2. Woo Hoo.  I’m going to wait until it’s rooted before I switch from CM7.  (I really miss the kids Read To Me books.)

  3. I’m sure glad B&N provides updates on their older devices.

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