Want Answers For Verizon Galaxy Nexus Delay? Apparently It Has Everything To Do With Google Wallet


The whole “fiasco” surrounding the release of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon has left many of our readers upset, bitter and for some — they want answers. Even though Verizon has been rather quiet on the subject, taking more of a “we’ll release it when it’s ready” stance, we still don’t have a solid reason for the “hold up.” But I guess Verizon can’t give a reason for the supposed delay when technically, a release date was never given. But with all the leaks flooding into our mailbox and various blogs around the net, it seems pretty apparent that something is definitely up and the Galaxy Nexus has most certainly missed its original target launch date (possibly more than once).

So what has been going on? What exactly is the reason for the delay? Hardware defects? Software defects? Well, yes and no. According to a few close — and completely separate sources — the delay has nothing to do with quality control and most certainly has everything to do with Google Wallet.

Money and corporate politics? Surprise, surprise.

According to higher uppers in Verizon’s chain of command, Google Wallet does not sit very well with Verizon. Especially when Big Red has already partnered up with ISIS to offer their own NFC mobile payment services. The conflict comes with Google wanting to keep their device largely “untouched” — it is their flagship device after all — and by Verizon demanding Google Wallet be removed, this is not only a disservice to their loyal customers but it could be borderline illegal if defined by a little something called “Net Neutrality” that we’ve reported on in the past. According to our sources, Verizon is treading on some thin ice here.

Our source also mentioned December 15th is, in fact, the new target date — but anything can happen from now until then. I’ve said it time and time again. The carriers are in total control and have all the power. It’s their world, we just live in it. As always, take all the above with a grain of salt. I just felt like our readers had a right to know what is apparently going on “behind the scenes.”

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Corperate can die.  

    Have a nice night Chris.

  2. So, is Google blocking the release? I’m glad google has an issue with it, but isnt’t this just a simple software “fix” that can be applied once VZW and google work their shit out? 

    1. The article says Verizon is blocking the release because of issues that they have with Google Wallet. The issue being that they have a competing product in the works and GW is a conflict of interest for them. Verizon bought the phones and won’t release them for sale untill they get what they want out of Google. Basically VZ is completely butchering the launch of what is supposed to be an untouched device because of corporate greed. 

      1. right, but they’re already blocking it. how is this causing a delay? google wants it on, Verizon is a control freak and is blocking it… what’s to stop the release? seems like VZW is already getting their way…

        1. You said it yourself “Verizon is a control freak and is blocking it…” It’s not Google saying “don’t sell the phone yet,” it’s Verizon saying “we’re not selling the phone unless we get what we want.” The point is, this is suppose to be a Nexus device which means hands off from the carrier. Verizon, in a truly Verizon move, can not keep their hands off of any device they deem fit for their network. The Gnex is close but Verizon won’t put it out until they get more influence over our device. And God only knows if this is the only reason. We all know VZ would love to sell more Droid branded devices before this completely consumes those sales. I’m blaming VZ for the delay and Google/Samsung for not having the balls to just make it available for every other US carrier. Something is rotten in the State of New Jersey and the smell is coming from Basking Ridge.

  3. Wow. C’mon Google, just leave off GW for now. At least until we get the phone in our hands, then continue to argue.

    1. the problem with google wallet is that no store in boston support it haha. 

      1. Quite a few people support it here (silicone valley), and more seem to be showing up more and more

        1. Ahhh, Silicone Valley. Where all the women are well-endowed artificially.

      2. I’m in Indianapolis and there are numerous stores that accept it.  Any store that takes Mastercard PayPass will accept GW.  Around here gas stations fast food office supply stores dept stores etc etc lots of places..

      3. That sucks. I see it supported quite a bit here, in Phoenix.

      4. Macy’s takes it. I’m just sayin.

      5. But more support Gogle Wallet then ISIS, haha.

    2. It’s the PRINCIPLE! lol, esp. if VZW AGREED to have it and SIGNED a legal document… I think VZW needs to get their act together… They won’t have the best coverage forever…

  4. He said she said. At this point until I hear a date from Verizon it’s all white noise. But I do love Phandroid and the others who feed my android addiction.

  5. Google Should Block Galaxy Nexus From Verizon……. 

    it’s already December 9th and the Nexus3 aka Galaxy Nexus is available almost everywhere in the world except Google’s home land…The USA!!!!!!! this whole thing with Verizon is just STUPID. what are they waiting for to sell this phone! it is clear that people want to but it, and everybody knows the phone is already in retailers stores so what is the deal….Google should stop Verizon from selling the phone and give BESTBUY Stores the green light to sell the freaking LTE phone along with the HSPA+ version so users can get it for their preferred LTE and GSM networks……

    I think +Anderson Cooper 360 should add this mess to their #Ridiculist list!

    1. If you stop Verizon from selling it then they won’t allow it on their network. What will Samsung do with the millions of unsellable phones?

      1. Sell them on Ebay.

        1. lol’d <3

      2. wouldnt that be on verizon.  they placed the order.  its not like sammy said take these and sell them or else.

        1. Exactly.  It wouldn’t be Samsung’s issue.

        2. The problem though is that it could become a publicity issue. People are so confused as to what the issue is they are willing to blame verizon, google and samsung and maybe even the poor schmuck who works part time at the verizon store…cleaning the store counters.

      3. It’s not Samsung’s problem at this point. The phones were ordered and purchased by Verizon. Samsung is ROFLing right now because they’ve sold millions of the Galaxy S2 series without much delay (except in the US). 

    2. Why cant google sell these like The first nexus from there web store for those who want it early. Then work out the problem with verizon

      1. How many people are willing to buy a phone they can’t activate and not know when or if they can ever activate it.

        1. the rest of the world has no problem buying unlocked phones- why wouldn’t you guys… someone above said it right- the carriers have far too much power…

          I bought my GN from a company here in Australia that imported them from UK. Outright. Unlocked- insert sim and u r good to go.  I then pay my carrier a prepaid amount which i determine whenever i need to – eg. $40 gets me about $500 in calls and text and about 2.5GB of data… then when that runs out i pay again… easily enough for a month.

          I think adding the availability of the online store like nexus onewould be perfect for the rest of the world and many americans.

          1. Americans, like buying subsidized devices, then argue when these subsidies come at a price, it is a catch 22 really

          2. We argue over what?

          3. The many shortcomings of being at the mercy of a carrier and what the carrier wants with regards to any device, it’s not meant in a negative manner, as opposed to where I am from, we have to pay full price for our all our devices, the plus is, the devices are barely touched by our carriers, it’s almost as if you buy directly from the manufacturer

          4. There is no unlocked CDMA LTE Gnex

    3. I’m ON Verizon and I want this. I want to stick it to Verizon more than I want the dang phone at this point!

      1. Ya, I understand they have a commitment with isis, but like someone else said, why didn’t they resolve these issues prior.

  6. Verizon Aka Dr. Killjoy.

    1. you mean Dr. SpreadurAssandNoVaseline

  7. Dear Verizon,

    You can take your corporate politics up your ass.

    Your customers 

    1. haha dare you to email them that see what they say

      1. They wont answer it. Or if they do it will be some general PR bullshit we are all sick of.

        I am not even on Verizon or want the GN for that matter but all this bullshit is so sicking.

        1. Not so. I think the secret is to send the letter/email and cc it to more than one department. e.g, CEO, National Customer service and your local Area customer service. This way, they are less like to just discard it as they know other departments are aware of the complaint. I have always recieved personal responses by doing this.

          When I was with ATT I wrote a complaint to those departments.  In a couple days I got called by the CEO’s assistant. In an attempt to placate me they sent me–free of charge–the current top of the line phone. They then followed up to see If I had received it, and whether I was satisfied.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t. (had no signal in my house) I thanked them for their effort, returned the phone, and went to Verizon. 

          I recently sent a similar letter to Verizon regarding uninstallable bloatware. I had a lengthy discussion with the Verizon rep tasked with retaining this longtime customer. I had written that I felt “buggered” by Verizon. I told the rep I had no problem with pre-installed apps as long as I could chose to keep them or not.  Since this was not the case and Verizon did not give me that choice, my only choice would be to seek another provider at the end of my contract. Of coarse this threat is only valid if other carriers allow removal of bloatware. At any rate, my complaint did register with the company.

          1. Hey stop challenging my cynical view of the world. lol

            Though i do agree emailing multitude of people/department is your best course of action. and glad it has been working for you.

            now back to my cynical view of the world. lol

      2. I did email them and raged like nobody’s business.

        You can hear the reply from my voicemail here:


    2. More like “Your former customers,” at this rate … 

      1. I couldn’t switch if I wanted to… Everyone I know is on VZW and I would cease to receive phone calls from my friends and family if I switched to say… T-Mobile. Then again… maybe the Gnex is worth being a social pariah? Guess it’s time to make new friends XD

        1. Try Sprint or At&t. You get calls to any mobile number for free. Lol it sounds so archaic to me now to worry about what carrier my friends have.

          1. At&t and Sprint Sucks for coverage and customer service. Talked with a district level Rep for Verizon in the Pittsburgh area yesterday he said it will be released Dec 15th in both a 16GB version for $199 and a 32GB for $299. He did confirm that the 4G problem did delay release.

          2. if you’re telling the truth, then the 16GB cheaper version will be a nice surprise. I know people around these parts of the interwebs are smart enough to get the 32GB version, but the Moms and the Aunties out there who just need a nice phone will welcome the 16GB with open arms.

            And most importantly, this is a very competitive move against the 4S.

          3. 16 GB is more than enough capacity if you aren’t using your phone to store vast amounts of video content. My current smartphone,  loaded with applications (but minimal data), has 16 GB of memory, with 14.5 GB available. I prefer to keep my data in other, more secure, locations anyhow.

        2. Verizon’s friends and family numbers can be to any number, it doesn’t have to be a Verizon number. Your friends and family would never even know you switched.

          1. Assuming that they are using friends and family and not just relying on free in network mobile to mobile.

        3. Most Verizon customers have a Friends and Family plan thing that allows them to not charge them minutes if they have your new phone number as one of the 5 or 10 people on their number plan. 

          That could also help you so they would still call you as much times as they want without charging them minutes if you got say an unlimited plan.

      2. I totally agree.  I’ve already set my line in the sand at Monday, since that’s the latest I’ll be able to order one from our telecom office and still get it before the university shuts down for the holiday break.  And if I don’t get it by holiday break, I’m leaving Verizon.  Technical issues are one thing–I work in IT, so I’m sympathetic–but if this really is a political issue around Google Wallet, things have just become far too unacceptable to continue to give them my money.

        This is no way to do business, Verizon.  You’ve really effed this one up, and the only way you’re getting out of it is by releasing the damned phone before you lose your customers’ trust completely.  (Oh yeah, and try to keep LTE up, okay?) ;)

        1. If it is a political plot it is really pitiful and shameful. Greed is simply so prevalent in our society. By the time this phone is released in the U.S it will look and feel old except for ICS. The newest phones now have super amoled+ and/or Gorilla; plus better cameras and faster processors. However I have loved my three previous Samsung phones. I have surpassed my patience threshold, if the phone is not out by the 24th it’s over, I will stick to the 4s. I am sure better Samsung phones will be out by March after the CES convention of 2012

        2. today is monday, do you have any updates?

      3. can’t be former if you want this phone.

      1. Lol

        Really?  I haven’t seen a petition demanding something online since the 90s.

        Good luck with that!

  8. Not a very smart business decision to prevent the use of an application that only 5% of users will use..

    1. I guarantee more people would use this as time went on. It’s a revolutionizing technology that will probably catch on slow, and then become a staple on smartphones everywhere. But I’m still with you because I think that by the time this “app” gets popular, we’ll have moved on to a new phone by then.

      1. True, but Google is also known for fighting for the customers. If Verizon will do this with Google Wallet (and get away with it) then there’s no telling what they will get away with later. I’d like to believe that Google has an end game here. Something like them actually wanting shit to hit the fan so that the FCC and others get involved. 

        Ignoring the whole Net Neutrality thing, how is this not anti-competitive behavior? If Verizon is preventing the use of anyone but their own payment system then doesn’t that violate anti-trust law? Sure, this is the 21st century version… but it still seems to follow the same line…

      2. regardless.  verizon will probably omit all google wallet functionality in all future phones.  there are multiple apps of all kinds, what makes verizon so fearful of G.W.  is isis lacking in some way.  I personally will find a way to put the damn G.W. on my phone(s).  fuck verizon.  and lastly this is the future, how many times have you forgotten your wallet, but not your phone.  never without a payment source ever again.  :)

        1. I will never use something like this. Just how do you know that scanners aren’t able to also grab the radio waves that your payment info is attached to?

  9. This is a big deal, especially if this is the reason. With two of the biggest players from both sides of the net neutrality debate wrangling it out, it could decide many issues that go beyond one phone.

    I’ll be looking for more information on this and subsequent decisions.

  10. This, out of all the theories are the most plausible one for me. 4G one doesnt seem relevant and if its hardware issue it wouldve been recalled. Volume bug didnt stop UK release nor has any other software issue seriously stopped verizon from trying to sell phones asap…

    Thinking that this could be the reason make it more infuriating, but alas theres no way to verify unless google or verizon says it outright, and neither will probably be upfront about it.

    So back to waiting… and speculating for me…. :(

    1. they should break up all the carriers and just have smaller providers.  these fucking carriers rape our asses with their ridiculous plans and then come out with a cheap ass plan that really is cheap, but provides like 100 texts or 100 minutes or 100 mb.  wtf.  i can go through this shit in the first hour minus the minutes lol.

  11. Is that the reason for the delay? Some gimmicky payment service that doesn’t sound secure at all? Ridiculous. 

    1. It’s a WHOLE lot more secure than what current credit cards are going around with on them…

  12. how does Verizon push software changes to phones when they are sitting in a box without a battery in them??

    1. As soon as you power on the phone, it will be prompted for a software update. 

      1. Then you say yes, root it, and do whatever the heck you want with it ;)

  13. Well then they should skip Verizon and go with Sprint which, like the Nexus S 4G, will be left mostly untouched and intact!

    1. Do sprint customers have full integration of google voice yet?

      1. Yeah, that was MONTHS ago =)

  14. How are you roping net neutrality into this? You’re not even close on there being a “legal” issue here, this is two companies negotiation a contract. Sure, Verizon’s being a dick about it, but it’s their network, man.

    I get tired of hearing all this “net neutrality because Verizon bought the FCC Block C spectrum” talk getting reduced into a simple “yeah they can’t stop anyone from running any software on their network because that’s the law.” That’s not how it works, at all, and you’re doing a disservice to your readers by spreading blatant misinformation about it. Block C spectrum rules don’t apply to subsidized phones – they require that unlocked devices compatible with the network be able to run on it regardless of software. Verizon doesn’t even have a fully functional voice or sms/mms network running on this spectrum.

    Are Verizon’s motives impure? Sure looks like it. Is it their choice to choose who they want to do business with? Yep. Just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean it’s illegal.

    1. They’re trying to control something which they have no reasonable control over. Google wallet is an app which uses hardware features in the phone. There really is nothing that requires anything from Verizon to make it work. Their blocking the app is really not that different from them blocking any service or website, which is where, I believe, net neutrality comes in. 
      Imagine a future where phone payments are the norm and you have to switch banks whenever you switch mobile phone carriers because your carrier doesn’t support your bank.   

      1. That’s a scary thought. And it’s because American carriers have wayyyyyy too much power and say-so in my opinion. I know it helps keep our phone prices low, but damn.

      2. You mean the net neutrality that doesn’t apply to wireless carriers??  The FCC rules on net neutrality are almost entirely focused on cable and wireline providers.  It hardly touches wireless providers, such as Verizon.  While that might not be the right approach, that is the current state of the law.  So I don’t really understand what you’re arguing.

        Moreover, even if it did, they aren’t “blocking” the app.  They’re refusing to launch the product with Google Wallet on it.  There is a difference.

        1. So they are going through all these delays to stop the phone from launching with the app, just so it can be launched without the app and you can then download it from the market…. HUH

          1. Apparently you didn’t read the first paragraph I wrote.

          2. The information data transmitted using NFC is transmitted at 13.56Mhz over a maximum range of .25meters. NFC itself, is the simple transmission of data from pt A to B on 13.5Mhz. Nothing more nothing less.

            What happens with the data AFTER that transmission falls under the whole “Net Neutrality” umbrella. VZW is in now way trying to block any wireless CONTENT from your phones. VZW saying they’re going to allow NFC devices and then block any data sent from their devices would be a violation of net neutrality. NFC in itself has nothing to do with content being sent and received over the wireless spectrum for voice and data

          3. Correct, and even if the app is not available in the android market, you can go into your android menu settings and click checkmark “allow non-market app installations from unknown sources”, then find an apk of the google wallet app, email it to your phone, and install it. voila.

    2. Just because it’s not ‘illegal’ doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT.

    3. I agree with you, it isn’t in explicit violation of the rules. However, I also think it may be a little much to say “the rules just don’t apply.” It isn’t that black and white. The open network rules have nothing to do with subsidized vs. unsubsidized. The rules are that Verizon cannot restrict access to apps on its network using C-block, period. You are right, this is not literal network-level blocking. Technically, Microsoft didn’t “block” Netscape, either. That didn’t exempt them from monopolistic practices. The FCC won’t view this as engineers do, and VZW knows it. 

      If they are using their control over device certification to mandate what apps can or can’t get onto the network, then they are using their position as carrier to select apps. They are acting as gatekeeper. They are allowing some through, and… {insert word that represents selective disallowal} others. So, are they “refusing to allow packets originating from existing apps to pass through the pipes”? No. But if 99% of the userbase can’t access an app that the publisher wanted them to be able to access, and the reason for that is because of something VZW did (no matter what it is), are you sure VZW isn’t restricting it?

      1. No, the idea of the Block C spectrum rules is open *access*, not open *carriers* – there’s a difference. There hasn’t been much written on this, but I’m like 95% certain this is going to be the interpretation.

        If you buy an unlocked phone that operates on Block C (which is part of large number of inter-compatible chunks of spectrum LTE will use in the US) and the phone is actually, technologically capable of operating on that network, the carrier cannot stop you from using any compatible phone on that network unless it constitutes a threat to network management (as ajudged by the carrier – which is why it is such a weak rule). Google wanted the open access rule because it wanted to make buying unlocked, open software cell phones popular (as it is in Europe and Asia).

        This means if you walk into a Verizon store and buy an unlocked Block C phone (that means, it does not use Verizon’s CDMA 3G), Verizon can’t tell you or prevent you from putting software on it. Verizon will never stock these phones, and they have no obligation to. If you sign a contract with Verizon that says “we’re giving you a Block C phone subject to certain conditions – such as our approval of the software on the phone” the Block C rules very likely will not preempt that, the scope of them couldn’t have been intended to be so wide as to limit Verizon’s ability to contract with consumers for subsidy phones. That’d be pretty silly.

        However, we’ll see what the FCC’s interpretation of the rules is, as they have yet to really issue any interpretation, because rules like this exist no where else in the regulatory system. I agree that it’s possible I’m misinterpreting, but I think it’s very, very unlikely.

        1. Are you sure you can contractually bind a consumer if the terms and conditions violate regulations? You seem to know a lot on the topic, where you’re not clear is why subsidizing should make that difference. If a carrier hands you a free phone loaded with inclusive apps this wouldn’t fly. My cable box is “subsidized” (in a matter of speaking), they still follow the same bylaws under the ruling. If the carriers can provide loopholes as weak as this, then the FCC is powerless and none of this matters.

    4. Agree.  The author needs to actually read the FCC rules on neutrality issued in December of 2010. The net neutrality advocates were essentially up in arms because of its extremely weak treatment of wireless carriers.  I just get a kick out of guys like this who are essentially arguing from the “ought” instead of the “is.”  

        1. The C-block conditions don’t apply to contractual negotiation for God’s sake.  Verizon hasn’t blocked, restricted, or limited any consumer.  The C-block conditions have no bearing whatsoever on what Verizon negotiates with 3rd party makers (i.e., Google).  Net neutrality doesn’t mean any consumer gets what he wants anytime he wants it. 

    5. Guidelines outlined by the FCC:

      Carriers can’t block legit law-abiding sites (or apps) that directly compete with their service.

      From the National Journal:
      Matt Wood, a Free Press attorney, says that the Verizon move may have
      violated a federal requirement forcing Verizon not to “deny, limit, or
      restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and
      applications of their choice” on its network. The Federal Communications
      Commission attached the rule to spectrum licenses that Verizon bought
      in the so-called C block of spectrum three years ago.

      “We think this could very well be a violation of the C-block
      conditions,” Wood said. “When you have a powerful network operator, it
      can wield a lot of influence. But Google Wallet should be allowed to
      compete with Verizon.”

      i.e. Carriers cannot circumscribe a fortress of preferred websites and apps that pander to their investments. Complexity of the app and hardware integration, even if proprietary, should make no difference (especially if you bought the frickin phones with it already enabled!)

      Are you absolutely sure they’re “not even close”?

    6. Because for verizon to do the kind the of business they are in they are required to abide by telecommunication laws set forth by the federal govt. They can’t just do whatever they want over regulated air. Airlines tries stuff like that all the time with their company policies and municipalities have fired back saying “if you choose to not recognize xyz then we have the right to tell you, you can no longer use terminal abc in our city”

  15. Not that I’m doubting this, but it’s already released in Canada, no?  Wouldn’t it also be delayed in Canada if this is true? 

    1. It’s released everywhere but the US. 

  16. I’ve taken so much grains of salt that I can now fill up a salt shaker.

    This is upsetting cause I don’t really care about Google Wallet…I just want my phone already!

    1. I’m right there with you. My blood pressure is through the roof! Lol

      1. I’m feeling ill… I think I might be coming down with DBS :(

        that being Droid Bionic Syndrome…

        1. I’ve had mine for 2 months now, and the water’s great! I was hoping to have a polished CM release by now, but I have the Bionic and my mom has the RAZR and they are both great phones!

      2. uuuum, FUCK fuckriZon

  17. Wasn’t all this crap decided on when they agreed to carry the phone in the first place?

    1. If it wasn’t, it should have been. Google should have said that a Nexus phone is a Nexus phone. Don’t dick with a Nexus phone. This should be Google’s policy without discussion with any carrier.

      1. Verizon should just stop being idiots and there wouldn’t be a problem

      2. It would be awesome if the policy actually read “Don’t dick with a Nexus phone.” 

      3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was and Verizon decided to pull the db move and backstab Google at the last moment hoping Google would cave.  I have a feeling that we are witnessing a game of backroom chicken between Google and Verizon.

  18. I don’t mind if the phone ships without Google Wallet pre-installed.  Truth be told, I don’t intend on using that feature much anyway.

    But if Verizon tries to block my ability to get this application from the market, that will be a serious offence.

    1. Exactly.  If this truly is the reason, verizon just lost a $250 a month customer (peanuts in the scheme of things, but it’s my money).

      1. Peanuts?  See Netflix.

      2. i dont get it dont they talk about this before they make the phone. or just wait last minute to see what they put in it. Google should let everyone no that NExus is theres and its what they want on it. Its not up for debate 

    2. It’s not just an app, though. It needs more than a simple click and download to be able to use. It’s a lot more complicated than just downloading it from the market. Although, rumor has it that the Nexus may have the software built-in to handle the program, but that has not been confirmed. Long story short, it’s not as simple as just leaving it off the stock version and downloading it from the market.

      1. Actually it is as simple as a regular app anyone can write and put in the market. ICS exposes the nfc chip through standard APIs.

      2. Actually, like vitriolix has said, it *is* as simple as just an app to download. Not a single Galaxy Nexus, sold worldwide, came with Google Wallet pre-installed; however, a few developers enabled the app within minutes of the phone being released (using the AOSP). There are some small hooks that needed to be set, but it was a simple task.

        Point being, there’s nothing “special” that has to be done with the phone to get Google Wallet to work. You install the app via sideloading and it works.

        1. Google wallet was released to AOSP? that’s news to me.
          Officiall, only the Sprint version supports it.

          1. Officially only Springs Galaxy S 4g supports it, but the development community worked its magic.

    3. I have Google Wallet and I can’t use it. I have a City Visa.. but only City Mastercard is supported or prepaid Google card. The usage for me would be more a gimmick to show people the future (unless they have been to Japan the last couple of years). 

      1. You can use any credit card to fund the prepaid Google card. Problem solved.

    4. problem is, they don’t care if you will be using it or not. sad but true :(
      that’s some American corporate and political pie for you. :(

  19. Google should have stayed with T-Mobile and Sprint for that matter and we would have had the phone out already

    1. But then I wouldn’t be able to have one :'(

      1. of course you could have.  you could have given fuckrizon the finger like i did

  20. Meh.

  21. Google could easily resolve this in my opinion (if this is truly the hold up..), put wallet in the market and just allow it to be downloaded by devices with nfc capability…

    1. The whole debacle is hilarious BC the whole debate is on what’s pre loaded. In 30 sec u can side load the app. If they prevent the install…development will solve that soon after day 1.

    2. My thoughts exactly… There must be some sort of insider crap going on…

    3. fuck verizon, ive always hated their nickel and dime shit.  they charge you for charging you.

  22. What this reminds me of is when Microsoft forced Internet explorer on people. It wouldn’t be an issue for me except Verizon seems to be enforcing a ISIS only solution and not giving the (average) consumer the choice. At least Netflix is still an option even though Verizon has gone to bed with Blockbuster (probably because they were a higher bidder. Take it with a grain of salt but it seems that Verizon is more than willing to push their dollar as opposed to what’s good for the customer. I’m not surprised but i find myself rooting for Sprint and T-Mobile to catch up in their networks.

    1. The flip side of that argument is Google is pushing Google Wallet on everyone.  It goes both ways.   Why should Verizon be forced to peddle something it doesn’t want to?  I agree generally that Google Wallet should be allowed, but not because of the anti-trust issue you’re trying to raise.

      1. Except that Google never forced you to use any of their software… it’s open source. For a while the only Android phone that AT&T had was using Yahoo search because AT&T and Yahoo were partners.

      2. I would be willing to bet Google either will not include wallet, meaning it is an app you have to download or make it removable anyhow.

      3. how is Goog pushing G.W.?  Are they pushing Gmail on you as well?

      4. This argument makes no sense at all. Google isn’t dictating whether or not you or the carrier can put a rival application on by just putting Google Wallet on your phone. Whereas, Verizon will end up putting ISIS on your phone while limiting the competition. Thus forcing the their choice on you because they left you with no other choice. 

        This speaks to the very core of unfair business competition practices. It also laid out illegal in the provisions of their spectrum acquisitions deal some years back.

        1. Google is trying to force GW onto its OS.  How is that any different than Microsoft requiring that Explorer be in every copy of Windows?

          I am making the counter argument.  The reality the anti-trust argument that the poster originally made simply does not apply here.

  23. This is exactly why Google should step in and buy T-Mobile. Then they won’t have to worry about a carrier messing with them. Although, they could also just go back to launching the Nexus like they did with the One. I’d do that all over again in a heartbeat. 

    1. Same. They would just need to advertise it better, and maybe partner up with Bestbuy or RadioShack or something.

    2. Heck yeah they should buy T-Mobile. Then revolutionize the industry by providing cheap data only plans that allow you to use google voice for calls. If only dreams came true!!!

      1. Yea? Do you honestly think the FCC is going to approve a merger where one company will own the software, hardware and delivery service? Its a recipe for disaster.

        1. While it is a recipe for disaster, is there anything else that’s come close to knocking the big carriers off their pedestals?

          Google may achieve full integration, but the carriers will not be immediately obsolete (even IF android pulls out completely – still have iOS, WebOS-open, etc).  I’m not sure how else we are really going to have true innovation (Carriers are competing for LTE, but there aren’t any other changes, nor alternatives arriving anytime soon).

          1. I think what’ll happen when LTE gains mass adoption is that there will be big pressure on the carriers to double or at least expand data caps. Just one speed test alone on LTE knocks out about 20mb, which on a 200mb plan is unacceptable.

            We would need at least two carriers to do this to pressure all the others. Then..who knows. Maybe the next race will be best network speeds and also highest data caps. We need ordinary people complaining though, not just early adopter tech geeks.

  24. Google is right don’t take crap from the carriers

    1. SOMEONE needs to stand up for them… Google needs to launch it’s own phone service… I’m down!

      1. im betting that they will, but it wont be till our childrens have children

    2. Are you serious??  If you’re trying to put a white hat on Google you’re insane.  They are no less evil than the carriers.  

      1. Proof? Sure, they run their ad business which tracks you, but at least they fight for the consumers in the process. Not to mention Carrier IQ and Verizon’s tracking shit logs just as much data. 

        Unless you are referring to the website owner’s point of view, where Google can make you disappear from the internet? In which case, people treat search engines as if they are a right. If Google doesn’t want to index you then they shouldn’t have to, and it’s not like there aren’t other options. How do people know who to call without a phone book? You tell them. God forbid you have to do your own advertising instead of relying on Google’s search results. 

        I’m not saying Google is our savior, but on a relative scale they are no where near evil compared to the corruptness of the US Gov. and other large corporations.

        1. ads that track.  at first i would get adds related to what i was searching for, then realized that goog was watching me “with my consent”.  i have nothing to hide, it was pretty cool.  they did half the searches for me.  track away goog.  now if apple tracked me, i’d be scared of that fucking rotten fruit.

          the proof is that our pal matthew is a crapple spy spreading anti-goog propaganda. lol

        2. Uh you might want to do a little research before making the statement that Google fights for the consumers.

          The very fact that carriers in the US have this power over phone software is because of a joint effort between Verizon’s and Google’s lobbying. When net neutrality was being hashed out, both Google and Verizon argued that wireless carriers didn’t need to be treated like internet service providers because the wireless industry was more competitive. The resulting code and guidelines closely follow suggestions made by Google and Verizon. Lobbying at its finest where corporations’ desires trumped that of US citizens.

          In essence, the Google Wallet situation is the result of Google’s helping wireless carriers put a strangle hold on consumers. Google’s bad business practices led to this.

        3. So I need to provide “proof” that Google is evil, but no one needs to provide “proof” that Verizon is evil??  If you think that Google is interested in anything other than the bottom line you’re just simply delusional.  I have no problem with Google only carrying about money (by default that is the position of all businesses).  But I get incredibly tired of sheepish consumers pitting one company versus another and treating one of them as though they are evil and one as a victim. Its naive.

  25. well we all know this is the last time google will release their flagship phone on verizon…. i guess we should just enjoy this phone as much as possible. 

    1. This is not a Google phone. The only Nexus that was a Google phone, was the Google Nexus One. Now, we have the Samsung Nexus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Did the Nexus One have HTC on the phone, or in the name? Nope! Google’s phone died with the failed online store.

  26. Why not just release the phone and make google wallet work through an ota? I know most people won’t use it anyway people bitch and moan yet the cdma nexus s is the only one with google wallet available for it now.. Come on these “excuses” are getting old and lame. Just release the damn phone.

    1. why would ppl not use it?  the only thing that would hold me back would be no vendor support for it

      1. Lack of security.

        1. As compared to credit cards themselves?  They’re not the most secure things in the world.

          1. You’re absolutely right. It’s not wirelessly transmitting my account info for a receiver topossibly pick up though.

  27. It would be interesting to see how Verizon reacted if Apple announced their own NFC payment system..Wonder if they would delay the iPhone 5?…My guess would be no :p

    1. The 4S was the 5th gen. IF they name by product gen, the next in line is 6, not 5.

    2. That ought to tell you something….

  28. Honestly, why is this all such a big deal? How many stores and places actually support google wallet? How many users plan on using it? Personally I have no interest in using my phone to pay bills, AT ALL!

    1. actually, it doesnt have to say google wallet on the machine for it to work. google wallet is just a program that communicates the data. any device that has the nfc symbol will work with google wallet. it looks like a credit card with wifi signals coming out of it. almost every store near me uses it.

      1. Then I am officially jealous since almost none of the stores near me use it.

    2. Umm…I’m pretty sure when ATMs were first introduced they started with a relatively low level of market penetration.  That’s kind of the nature of introducing and growing a product. 

    3. wtf, why not?  its like carrying your wallet and your phone, but one less item. all you do is register your cc and your off.  its a no brainer.  dont resist progress it will only make you seem as(s)inine

      1. What about the other contents of a wallet? Google Wallet can’t show my Driver’s license. Besides, how hard is it to swipe a card? It won’t catch on at merchants, until NFC is on more phones In case you haven’t noticed, it isn’t a priority to manufacturers. As sad as it is, it won’t catch on til the iPhone comes equipped with it.

      2. Its not progress if its a less secure way to .anage your money. I never thought there would ever be an NFC fanboy.

  29. I doubt its google wallet as GW is only available on one phone on one carrier. The Nexus S only has GW on Sprint at the moment due to the same issue ATT and TMobile have as they are also part of ISIS.

    I’m betting it was more of a technical issue with the 4G issues from a few days ago and Verizon clearing up some issue. With that gone, we’ll probably see the phone early next week or by the 15th which is their next Thursday, i.e. normal launch day for them.

    1. Just a clarification:  The Nexus S 4G with Sprint has Google Wallet.    It was installed thru a carrier OTA update a while back.

      1. Ok then its TMobile and ATT… point is its only available on one phone on one carrier for the same reason Verizon doesn’t want it on the gnex.

  30. Also, its still a non-issue as you can easily get GW on the phone via back door channels just like the ATT/TMobile NexusS models can.

  31. If I were Google I would be doing two things right now, making sure all the 3 other carriers are ready to go when the time comes to launch the device on their networks and making sure I release ICS to the Nexus S and Nexus S 4G ASAP. So at least it would diffuse the situation a little and stick a big middle finger to Verizon, by taking away the hype of them having the first devices running ICS. But I can’t help but feel like every one is at fault. Google, Verizon, and even Samsung was looking to get money from this agreement and it back fired immensely. Before this fiasco, I had respect for Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon. Now after seeing whats going on. I only have respect for Sprint and T-mobile.

    Now that I have the Nexus S 4G I will probably be waiting until the next Nexus(rolls eyes) comes out because of this crap that’s going on here. Hopefully Google will learn and pull an Apple by making each OEM design a part of this phone(making it truly unique), so no one has control except them and Launch it on all the carriers at once. 

    1. tmo, verizon, and att all are part of the isis deal.  sprint is solo.  i read that tmo will not have G.W. as well, but cannot remember from what source.  i think Goog should team with tmo and really make them shine since they were the first to introduce Android, but maybe other carriers would retalliate and start selling meego haaaaaaaaaaa

  32. Verizon should never be allowed to carry a Nexus device ever again.

    1. fuck ya man, amen, hallelujah, praise Allah.  I goog tells V to fuck themselves i will sacrifice a 1000 goats.  haaaaaaaaaaaa

  33. F U VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. oh come on adam, just spell it out.  
      ahhhh, now doesnt that look much better

  34. ugh, fuck everything about the carriers. I am so sick of them all.

    If your mobile payment is so good Verizon then you don’t need to worry about Google wallet. If it isn’t very good. Then that is your fault as well. Let the fucking market decide what is worthy on our phones and not you.

    1. thats far too sensible-
      VZN obviously suck, and Google are pandering to them far too much- they should just release it on another network and then see if verizon come to the party..

      1. Oh shit, yeah you are right what was i thinking. Someone, much less a company, being sensible just doesn’t happen. lol

        Only problem i have with just outing vzn Is then Samsung is kinda up the creak with a lot of useless phones now. Not entirely fair for Samsung and properly would break some contact somewhere and someone would have to pay a lot of money. lol Other then that yeah, so sick of VZN bullshit. I don’t even have them and i am sick of them. lol

  35. Wasn’t really planning on using Google Wallet, but Verizon has made my decision on using Isis, I’m not going to. Thanks Verizon for embittering all of your potential Nexus customers against your yet to be released payment system. Way to win customer service points!

  36. greedy a-holes, I hope the vz higher ups spread their herpes between each other while they’re on their knees suking each other off for kicks. I hope they get gang raped while they’re in prison for their shady practices and not whitecolor, personal butler prison. I hope they get locked up with people who make them wear lipstick, while their shirts are tied in the front, and their forced to put lotion on its skin

    1. thats graphic, but oh how happy i would be to have your scenario come to light

    2. Dude it’s only a phone…

      1. Yeah it “was” only a phone. VZ made it personal by hyping shitty products that left me with no choice but to return them. Then teasing me with the prospect of getting the actual device that would save me from the daily frustration that my OG droid has become. But 1 year later from my actual upgrade allowance, and I still have to put up with my droid and the frustration of VZ delaying the nexus release. As a kid, did you ever punch a bully in the face, that kept something you wanted just out of your reach. I did and it was satisfying then, and I’m sure it would be satisfying now.

  37. I said it awhile back, this phone won’t launch on Verizon until next year. Those saying that Google should state that its a Google phone don’t mess with it are correct. In a situation like this why not just agree to put both apps on it and let the customer decide which they prefer.
    I hope this is a lesson learned for Google though, don’t do business with the devil. And so many people out there hate att, atleast I can delete the bloatware off of my phone when I buy it.

  38. I’ve been with VZW for I guess 10 years now. For the last year I’ve felt like a 10 year old trapped in the Penn State locker room shower. Let’s hope someone starts selling the GSM G Nex within the next two weeks. I don’t care if I have to go to Big Lots to get it.

    1. that was funny.  you earn my lol

  39. How bout they load it with Google’s software and this ISIS thing and let the end user decide what they want to use. Or put neither on it and let us d/l what we want from the market…..

    I can see Verizon being stubborn enough to the point where we will actually never see this device. In all honesty, Verizon doesn’t need the Nexus. I would have already had purchased a RAZR or Rezound if I hadn’t heard months ago about the Nexus coming to Verizon and I’m sure this goes for all with an eligible upgrade.

    1. In your first line you said, “let the end user decide…”  I stopped reading then because, although I AGREE WITH YOU, this goes against Verizon in so many ways. Verizon is becoming to wireless service as to what Apple is to wireless hardware. 

    2. i will have disagree with you on this VZW have a lot of OG droid contacts up, mine one of them since nov, and if they weren’t getting nexus i would go else  where

    3. fuck verizon, tmobile works well where im at, so paid 175 and gave the verizon sign the finger.  no verizon employee’s were harmed during my gesture.

    4. We will see the phone.  Verizon has too much money tied up in this phone to just junk it.  If there is a battle going on between Verizon and Google and the Verizon shareholders get wind of the fact that potential revenue is just taking up space on store shelves, shit will happen.

  40. And I am pretty sure Google should be the one with the upper hand. Can’t they just package GW with all current and future phones that will support the tech. And say screw you Verizon, GW is a part of our software, I guess you will no longer be selling any android phones than.

    1. Google only put it on the Sprint Nexus S.

    2. Google has no say over whether or not Verizon sells Android phones…Android is open source, and manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola) get to choose carriers.

  41. I’m in Wyoming for work and just bought an unlocked iPhone 4S ON CONTRACT on a minor carrier.  They also had older GSM (European) Android phones but none were that much better than my EVO 4G.  I wish we could force the big 4 (3?) and phone makers to create actual net worth pricing on phones, it would immediately break they’re strangle hold over us by allowing us to buy unlocked phones and telling them to fuck off when they do shit we don’t like.

  42. All this discussion has been around Google and Verizon. What about Samsung? They are the actual manufacturer and it is costing them more than anyone at this point since we are dead in the middle of the Holiday shopping season. It is evident that this is precisely the reason there hasn’t been a Nexus phone, any Nexus phone, released on Verizon yet. Verizon does business like they are Microsoft or Apple and while this does bring much success it also creates a lot of animosity. Google and manufacturers like Samsung need to stick to the more developer-friendly channels with developer-targeted products like the Nexus line. That is the bottom line.

    Verizon = no Nexus fun

  43. Verizon and Apple are seeming to have a lot in common lately. 

    1. I love Android, and always have. But, Apple have always seemed have better control over the carriers and getting what they want. I hate to say this, but Google should take a note from Apple and start being more aggressive.

      1. i agree that Google should step up, but not in the carrier sense… 

      2. Google just makes the OS…that is all. They are not an OEM. People seem to forget this. It’s open source software. Google has no say-so on any Android phone…not even the Nexus. The Nexus One and their failed online store was the last of their control.

  44. I’m going to rip open Verizon a second asshole if this phone isn’t released on December 15th, that’s my final deadline I’ll be waiting for this phone. I’ve been waiting for the Nexus long enough. Fuck Verizon, all they care about is fucking over customers.

    1. At least when iPhone customers wait in line, it’s for a phone that they can actually buy :-)

  45. We really need just a internet companies offering LTE service with VoIP and the smartphone makers selling only LTE devices, in that way we wouldn´t need the actual carriers anymore.

    1. Its not any of that stuff said up top its all the GTA 3 release they are going to launch the galaxy nexus with GTA 3 on 12/15

  46. …but the phones have already shipped to stores. Soooo….. software is already there.

    Plus, WHO THE HELL wants to give their information to a NEW company, when we already have it on file with Google, whom we trust?  I’ll never use ISIS, I guarantee it.  If Google Wallet isn’t on my Galaxy Nexus, it will be sideloaded and it will be there at some point. :)

    Suck it, corporate VZW.

  47. verizon=make sure you have soap on a rope

  48. Talked with a non Verizon retailer today and he called a rep and they said that he can’t sell me a phone until the 15th. So as of right now itsthe 15th, however I can’t say for sure since I don’t even know dude. I wish this thing would come out soon, I’m missing these 10 cent deals!

  49. I plan on using Google wallet, I won’t cry if its not there, I just want the damn phone!

  50. After all this time, NOW they are fighting over Google Wallet? You would think that they already had this discussion and came to an agreement of some sort… sigh




    1. They wont. Be more mad now.

    2. You mad brother?

  52. This whole excuse about it being about Google Wallet sounds like BS to me. Google hasn’t release wallet on any phone but the Nexus S4G (for sprint). They didn’t include it on the worldwide GSM version when they could have easily, since there were no carrier contracts or obligations.

    There’s is something more then Google Wallet going on here. Probably has to do with Verizon not having absolute control over the software and updates.

    1. You work for Verizon.. dont lie.

      1. He’s right about the Google wallet installs though. It only appears on a single phone. That’s it.

  53. Hint to Google release the phone on the other U.S. carriers.

  54. All of you crying about Verizon its your own fault by staying with them and fueling there greed you don’t like then leave. They won’t change because they don’t need to when you all keeping handing them your money

  55. Remember back when the Nexus One was announced? When Google wanted to shake the world of wireless carriers by selling the phone unlocked from their online store? Well that didn’t work out at all, did it?

    Looking at this Galaxy Nexus debacle, I think Google found another way to shake things up. 

    Google Wireless. Let’s make it happen.

  56. In other words….

    It’s Verizon’s fault!

  57. Just an idea, but for those who will still buy the phone, when they offer you accessories at a discount, tell them you won’t buy them because of there unreasonable delay. 

  58. This is not a Google phone. The only Nexus that was a Google phone, was the Google Nexus One. Now, we have the Samsung Nexus S, and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Did the Nexus One have HTC on the phone, or in the name? Nope! Google’s phone died with the failed online store.

    1. Uh, yes. The Nexus One did have HTC on the phone. 

      1. But was not called the HTC Nexus One. It was called Google Nexus One.

        1. As you know there are always confusions regarding naming devices a lot of companies made the mistake of calling the Nexus One an HTC device and same for the Samsung Google Phone

    2. It wasn’t called the Samsung Nexus S it was called the Google Nexus S.

      1. Ummm no it wasn’t.

        1. It very much was

  59. Why leave Google Wallet and say you took it out and we can all pretend we give shit so we can all get our god damn Galaxy’s

  60. @Gamercore:disqus Suggestion, I think your next write up should be something along the lines of “Tired of all the vzw b/s? call in and let them know!”. Short and sweet. I think Verizon is seriously underestimating the selling power of this device. I speak for myself, but if vzw doesn’t get me this device by 2012 I’m switching carriers ASAP.

    1. If I had a number to someone besides a poor customer service rep who most likely will listen to me talk to him/her and then nothing goes up the chain. I would do that.

      There is no point in complaining to the small fish at the stores. I am sure they are are frustrated as we are. They know they are losing out on sales because of this wait.

  61. I play with it on thursday then was told they didnt have fri

  62. I’m very disappointed with Verizon right now. I was ready to buy this phone. My wife thought I was stalling on upgrading and tried to buy the phone for me. My 8yo daughter reminded me when we picked her up from school that the phone was being released today.
    Verizon, nobody cares about your payment solution! Allow the phone to be sold already and stop screwing with your customers!

  63. I think its fucking stupid how Verizon puts their stupid apps on all the druids. Apps like vz navigator. WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR APP VERIZON WHEN GOOGLE OFFERS THEIRS FOR FREE!!! remember when Verizon would remove the gps on certain phones just so they can charge people a monthly fee to use theirs?

    Just an example of people revolting against this tyrant. Enough is enough!

  64. I don’t see why either company has an issue with the consumer deciding what NFC payment system to use. It should be no different than my ability to decide what bank to bank with.

    In reality though, I really think that ISIS will succeed over GW. I mean, ISIS has so many players already involved.

  65. Google wallet was already not installed on the device. Why would it delay it more? I smell rumormongers with agendas.

    The whole issue of Google wallet is stupid. You will still be able to make mobile payments so what’s the huge deal. Furthermore why do you as a consumer think that you have any right to dictate to Verizon who they choose as a mobile payment provider? The only choice you have is to simply not purchase their product. That’s called consumer choice.

    If the idiotic whiners over Google wallet have truely delayed the galaxy nexus then you should all be ashamed. Don’t buy the galaxy nexus please. It will only mean that there is a better chance of it not selling out on launch day.

  66. Since when does Android need Google Wallet? Does it need Music? Does it need the Camera app? Google expecting carriers to include their pet apps is like Microsoft integrating Internet Explorer into Windows. It’s not necessary and gums up the whole process.

    1. Except it’s you know, Google’s freaking phone. It’s supposed to be exactly what Google envisions an Android device as.

    2. I totally agree. Adding their browser and camera apps to their programs that they own, has been the problem of many a phone and the real reason for delay. Why did it take so long to release the iPhone4S? The phone application. They should’nt force us to use their phone app! I say why put anything on the phone at all? A blank programless phone with the only option available, would be to make the background white or black! NOTHING ON THE PHONE FTW! YEAH! I like the way you think sir. I’m with you!

  67. Well then if they dont like it so much and keep delaying it. They shouldnt sell it all. Just give the Galaxy Nexus to the rest of usm im sick & tired of them for not releasing it. Makes it harder for the rest of us to release on other carriers. It looks like it wont be release till mext year.

  68. The many benefits of owning an GSM phone. Already got two of em from expansys. Pop your sim in and go.

    1. Do you have it working with HSPA+ for ATT?

      1. Yup. Not a big deal though because I don’t see a lot of pass and pay merchants as of yet.

  69. I’m sure these delays have 3rd parties furious during this holiday season. Doesn’t Best Buy have the nexus advertised in their weekly ad starting tomorrow?

  70. They’re probably afraid of the stockpile of RAZRs they’ll have left over after its release (jus kiddin RAZR fans) I’m pretty sure it’ll come out on the 15 or 16th. Hold your horses and eat some biscuits.

  71. So yesterday, Dec 9th, I went into my local Verizon. I talked to an employee I had talked to previously about the Galaxy Nexus. Last time I was there he knew nothing about it… This time I asked if they’d gotten their shipment in and if they had one that I could check out. He said “I was just playing with one in the back.” I said oh yeah? how is it? Can I check it out? He said, “oh you want to SEE ONE?” I was like hell yes I want to see one. Felt like he was trollin’ me. So he goes and gets it and just leaves me alone to check it out.

    This thing was crazy thin and crazy fast. I was actually really surprised how thin it was even after comparing it to all the photos that have been released. It was pretty ridiculous. It felt really really nice in hand to me, I dont have giant hands or anything but I had absolutely no problem handling the thing.
    The screen was amazing. It was bright and colorful, and no matter how close I looked I couldnt find any evidence of the screen being subpar in anyway.

    The onscreen buttons worked perfectly. I was pretty impressed with the overall feel of ICS. I have used Honeycomb only sparingly while checking out tablets at stores, so while I am very used to Gingerbread on my OG Droid, ICS was a great step up.
    The button and various jack positioning are great, exactly where they feel they should be, at least to me.

    This is long enough, so I will wrap it up. The phone seems great and I cant wait to get one and dive in to it. One thing that made me think is that the store rep said that he had been playing with it but that he found it to be confusing. He’s no nerd, and he doesnt seem all that impressed, but one thing he said was that he liked his Razr way more. Now I would think maybe he just wanted to get a sale and convince me to get the Razr but he already knew I Wasnt budging in that I want the Nexus, and he talked about how he thought ICS was confusing to him and he liked Motorolas setup way more.

    He also said that they get at least 2-3 calls a day asking about the phones release date, and that I should check back in a few days, which I’m assuming that if he knows anything simply means next week sometime. I live just outside of Harrisburg, PA so it’s not a huge city or anything. I Was suprised to hear they had so much interest in the phone around here.

    tl;dr – after playing with the nexus first hand, the hype holds up. I want one.

  72. It might seem that the carriers are in the driver’s seat, but with the tablet market maturing, manufacturers are going to be able to sell product lines that are not meant to be tied to any carrier. More and more customers are going to see what is possible with vanilla android 4.0 on their tablets, and they are going to 1) not care as much about what is on their phone as long as it can serve as a WiFi tether 2) want to have the same interface on their phones as their tablets.

    1. I’ve been saying this for about a year now- As soon as we have mature, cost-effective Android tabs (and I think we’re just about there) I stop caring so much what my phone can display.  In fact, I’d *rather* have a smaller display size with better battery life and an on-demand wi-fi tether capability.

  73. yeah, screw you Verizon.

  74. At this point I don’t care what the hold up is. Political, technical, whatever the case may be, but someone, either Verizon, Samsung, or Google needs to come forward about WHY this is happening. This is exactly the reason why it’s now possible to buy any phone and plug it into your phone line and it will work exactly the way the manufacturer wanted. The land line providers had too much power at one time and look what happened, they wound up being regulated. This is happening all over again in the wireless Industry. The only reason the regulating probably isn’t happening now is because here, most phones a subsidized. If nothing else, it would seem this could be building the legal framework for Google to sue Verizon because regardless of what if going on in the background, Verizon’s handling of this is tarnishing Google’s name and credibility. It’s just very sad that Verizon does not seem to care about all of the bad press they are getting over this. Google is all about openness and choice, Verizon is all about control and forcing customers/manufacturers to bow to their demands, this fundamental difference is bound to collide repeatedly until something gives.

    1. sadly they dont need to give a shit. because everybody who still monitoring these sites and trashing on on verizon is going to end up either waiting for GN or getting a rezound or something. i don’t believe 1/10th of the empty threats to leave verizon. and everbody not on verizon is just laughing with their GS2 in their hand

  75. I wonder how long the exclusivity lasts …. I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing Google pass on Verizon 4G LTE and move the GN to another carrier based on principle …. I would move my account for principle and the GN, especially if the hardware specs were improved with the move ….

    1. Verizon’s exclusivity probably lasts at least through January. However, there might be some terms in Verizon and Google’s agreement that would let Google release on another carrier if Verizon has not released it after a certain amount of time. Unfortunately, I’m stuck on Verizon either way because I don’t want to leave my unlimited data.

  76. Load of bull shit . I feel vzw is doing this to fuck customers over and google . They’ve let the iPhone untouched . As they’ve push it on apple will come out with a new better phone than we got to wait till google puts out its new phone and after that more daelays . Gsm would be a good choice at this moment .

  77. Smells like Verizon is really digging its own hole. They started with implementing BING as the only search option in the Blackberry, then passed on the magnificent SGS2 and now they are messing around with a phone that is clearly the flagship of its maker.

    no matter what is the reason for the delay, at the end of the day both companies are losing revenue and it definitely doesn’t make Verizon look any better in the yes of its frustrated customers. 

    I was ready to switch to another carrier long time ago. however I still have the unlimited data plan which unfortunately no one is offering anymore, except Sprint which doesn’t support 4G LTE and has bad customer service. Nevertheless, AT&T seem to be getting better in customer service and their network and they definitely has more attractive devices. All in all, Verizon may be banking on its excellent 4G LTE network, but that may prove to not hold for a long time if they continue to annoy consumers with nonsense intrigues like this one.


    1. While I agree with you in that I am very much considering moving from Verizon, but my unlimited data package is right now keeping me where I am at.

      That being said, I think the people that visit sites like these are a vocal minority of Verizon’s customer base and since we actually use our devices, they would just as soon see all of us all leave.

      I am really surprised they even messed with the nexus, except to keep from being beat over the head with it from the other carriers.

    2. For what it is worth I just got done talking to a National Retail Account Manager at a Best Buy near my house. I have talked to him before and I get the feeling he is a straight shooter. We live near each other and our kids have gone to the same schools, he even encouraged me to return my Razr last week if I did not like it so I don’t think he would BS me…. He swears that the delay is being caused by the 4G problems. He said that the latest update he got was in a conference call on Friday morning. They are running on back up servers and as of now have not managed to get the main servers back up. He speculates that it would be bad news for Verizon if they launched the Nexus and it brought the 4G network to it’s knees. Especially so close to Christmas. He says that the 15th is within the realm of possibility but he has not been told it will happen yet and he is in charge of a state and a half of stores. The last thing I asked him was why no big advert campaign for the Nexus and he just kinda smiled and admitted that it was going to be a soft launch but would not tell me why.I know I am just feeding the fire but I would want to know if someone else had experinced this conversation so I figured I would post it.
      Here’s hoping for the 15th!

  78. The last sentence of this post made me cringe.

  79. Google gets a good as it gives. Remember when they strong armed Motorola into using google maps instead of that other better map service?

    1. There’s a map service that’s better than Google Maps?

      1. Skyhook great read about the iron fist control by Google

  80. How about let both products be enabled on the phone and the consumers decide. That’s a novel idea. 

  81. Oh please get over yourselves. Like someone else said you are a customer you don’t dictate when or how a phone is release. You are now given more info than you need and think you have a say, like you’re part of the company dealing with the legal, political and technical issues day in and out…. you are not. Join the Apple fanboys who think they deserve the phone, make your threats no one cares. Sit down and wait for the phone if you want it, if you’re tired of waiting no one cares move on to something else because we all know you aren’t going anywhere so just wait.
    For the guy 44. You’re going to switch companies if the delay as political? When are you going to switch countries then? Everything is political in business, if Google is all about open then why force everyone to have their app if it might violate an already established contract…. rules can’t just be broken because you ant your little phone. Get over yourselves.

    1. You sound like the perfect Democrat or Chinese citizen. Do as you’re told. The government and rulers know your interests better than you.  If Samsung and Google announce a release date before the end of November and before the end of 2011, who is anyone to hold Verizon to those time tables?  Verizon deserves this.  They accepted a Nexus and now are holding up the show, not to mention treating customers with contempt by refusing the common decency of providing any info.

  82. I hope that Verizon loses its exclusivity to the release of ICS. What is the point of a “pure” google experience if you don’t get the first crack at the latest software, because a carrier you are not on is fighting over a feature that may or may not compete with something they support.  AKA release ICS for Nexus S customers Google… Screw Verizon.

  83. I don’t recall the VZW iphone being altered by the carrier.

    1. yes it was.. it has CDMA radios in it.. also they fixed the antenna.. which they didn’t do for the GSM version until the next “S” version came out, because they didn’t want to admit to a defective product.. Apple doesn’t have NFC yet either.. and that fight “using iTunes for payment” is yet to be fought.

  84. This reminds me of that Toshiba commercial…I picture a vzw exec sitting and looking at a galaxy nexus, his minions waiting for approval to release. He thinks about it and has a foreboding vision of some hapless user starting a massive chain reaction that results in a worldwide zombie apocalypse, all because the aforementioned user didn’t have VZW bloat app_______.

    “NO!! That Galaxy Nexus MUST have VZW bloat app______ !”

    Hence the delays.


  85. verizon, i dont half a fuck about google wallet or ISIS. the majority of users dont anyway. and even if i did, im just gonna root and flash a TRULEY pure google rom.

    1. This man is right; LISTEN TO HIM!

  86. Does anyone else feel the need to go to VZW headquarters and knock the CEO out? i do. Your gonna tell me that all the stores are stocked and the reason that I dont have that shiny Nexus in my hand is only because you are being stuck up pricks to the company that has helped your company make a lot of money? Please everyone knows ISIS wont even be used because its already behind and retailers will use Google Wallet over it. So if anyone from verizon see’s this just know, you are working for the scummiest company in the country and I will be purchasing my Nexus from a dealer so they get the money not Verizon. Scumbags. By the way Verizon why dont you hire some people that know something and arent grumpy all the time. The customer shouldn’t know more than the salesman!

  87. ” I’ve said it time and time again. The carriers are in total control and have all the power. It’s their world, we just live in it”

    Uh, the carriers may have all the power over Google, but not a certain company from Cupertino…..

  88. Quite an accusation. It implies that the only reason that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not released is a business arrangement that came up last week. Not that Google bought Motorola who has a few competitive phones out. Not that Verizon had a year to prepare for the features included and aside from a reported two “bloatware” apps, let the phone be a Google phone. I’m just betting the wallet topic came up before last week.

    Every “little more advanced” phone has a fury of those wanting to be the first to buy. Blogs like this one exists to fuel the “the leaks were wrong, here’s another leak” frenzy.

    Leave the legal accusations to the commenters — their tantrums at not seeing something for sale when another blog lied about the date, are enough.

    1. Samsung and Google both announced dates.  One said before the end of November.  The other said by 2011.  So, you’re wrong.  The dates people are upset about Verizon missing are not based on lies from blogs.

  89. Is it just me, or does it seem like complete amateurs are running the wireless companies and Google’s mobile division?

    1. greedy fucks run all big corporations……………….since when has any corporation had the consumer’s back? If they had their way they would just empty our bank accounts every month.

      1. At least you can choose.  Government arrests you and takes your property if you don’t give up with a smile like a nice subject.

  90. I couldn’t wait for the Nexus any longer, my phone was virtually unusable… I picked up Galaxy S2 and have been insanely pleased with it.  And the NFC chip means I won’t even miss out on Android beam, though I do wish the screen resolution was a bit higher even with the PLUS.  The 480 is going to look like garbage versus the Nexus’ 720.

  91. Wow… so Verizon finally get’s google’s flagship phone and they are trying to control it? Seriously? Do they not understand what “pure google experience” means?

    And what a pathetic way to face competition, instead of just letting the user pick which service is better, they try to bar google’s app from their phone. Absolutely disgusting Verizon…

    1. Why did you put an apostrophe in gets?

  92. Well Google can’t place any demands, who do they think they are? Apple

  93. Damn, this rezound is nice.

  94. Verizon doesn’t seem to have the slightest conception of what a Google Experience device is. They didn’t get the Nexus One or the Nexus S, and I sincerely hope they never attempt to get another Google Experience phone again. I am saddened by the fact that Verizon grabbed exclusivity for the Galaxy Nexus and is now flubbing it so badly.

  95. At&t will take it if apple doesn’t give them money to not sell it.

  96. HTC is in a perfect prime position to strike with a quad-core phone early January. If we get any reports before the Nexus comes out I’m saying F the Nexus and F Verizon

  97. This is what I’ve been suspecting. Thinks for actually putting it in writing. A little explanation goes a long way.

  98. there’s a reason why google started out with the g 1 and the nexus devices on t-mobile. Low barriers to innovation. I’m glad that google is now experiencing the pain from choosing Verizon to roll this device out on first. Should have rolled it out to T-Mobile or sprint first. Actually I’m happy to keep my money longer. I actually may end up with phone for a full 2 years.

  99. Won’t NFC allow pick-pockets simply to walk paste you and empty your wallet? How are we protected if we carry a Google Wallet as opposed to a real one.

  100. as much as I dislike the wait, this doesn’t have anything to do with net neutrality. Near field communication via an application that interfaces with phone hardware isn’t relevant to content management on the internet…

  101. That might explain VZW’s delay, but what about the other carriers? Same reason? If so, we shouldn’t really be jumping all over Verizon specifically.

  102. I think that if preorders are not available tomorrow (tuesday 12/13) that there is a 99% chance it will not launch on thursday 12/15.

  103. One of those you ask a question & they try to answer web sites, had the question–what will the Galaxy Nexus launch date be? The person supposedly asking the question was listed as being the CEO of Verizon. LOL Personally, I would trust Verizon with our nuclear missile launch codes, as who else is that good at keeping secrets like the GN launch date.

  104. Of all the rumored reasons for delay, none are reason enough to
    hamstring the potential profits.  So one really has to wonder what VZW
    is doing.  Ultimately you have to conclude that VZW has a really bad
    case of cranium-en-rectum over the whole situation.

    Is it possible that VZW arranged production spec changes with Samsung,
    but without Google’s knowledge?  That would be some rough water to sail

    It makes absolutely no sense to delay Hardware RTM ( release to market ) for a software problem.  Software issues can all be patched up over-the-air very quickly and easily.  If the core functions of the phone are working just fine, no one will care.

    The key differences I can see between the HSPA and LTE versions are the transceiver capabilities, the 16 vs 32 GB Flash storage, and a slightly longer battery life 1850 mAh vs 1750.  On paper, the device supports Google Wallet just fine.

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