Gallery of Verizon’s Retail Release Galaxy Nexus and In-Box Accessories

Third-party retailers and VZW corporate stores alike have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in stock and ready to go, but Big Red hasn’t given the go-ahead to start selling the Ice Cream Sandwich handset. Despite this, earlier today we reported that a member of our own Android Forums managed to get a third-party retailer to sell him Verizon’s LTE-ready Galaxy Nexus despite the carrier’s decision to delay the phone’s release for what will likely be another week. He was kind enough to throw together a gallery of images for us featuring the Galaxy Nexus, its retail packaging, and the accessories that come in the box. Enjoy it as much as you can, though it won’t quite be the same as being able to head to your local Verizon outlet and pick up the phone for yourself.

[Thanks, anonymous! via AndroidForums]

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  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    :( Today was supposed to be such a good day

    • Biohaz7331

      I agree…but this was not the case.
      Thanks for the pics though!

  • Stephen_Rockefeller

    The only thing this phone has going for it is ICS……..Q1 2012 when every dual core phone has ICS, then what???? Just another sub standard phone from our buddies at Samsung.O wait I almost forgot what about Q2 or 3 when the quad cores start coming out?? Wont be a mention of this phone ANYWHERE!!!

    • mike

      You forget about it being a Nexus device, perhaps the only one Verizon will ever have. Minimal Verizon bloat, no manufacturer crap UI on top of ICS, and an unlocked bootloader. These are the reason I want the device.. 

      • Cowql8er

        I have to agree.  The hardware on my Fascinate is still adequate, it’s the software that is lagging.  This phone’s hardware is good enough to support the next couple years updates, and it will see them  waaaaaay before other non-Nexus devices.  That, coupled with the chance to have it on Big Red’s 4G instead of the other networks, makes it a phone worth having.  Did we mention that it won’t have all the carrier bloatware and manufacturer’s skins hogging its resources?  

      • MrDSL

        Is it really a Nexus device anymore? Sure minimal bloat but still bloat..I hate to be negative but it would NOT surprise me one bit when Google decides to roll out an update for the Prime my money says the Verizon update will be delayed..

        To enchance user experience of course..

        • BrandonC

          Well even if its not a nexus its the closest you are ever going to get on Verizon.

    • Tom Ace

      The camera’s the only disappointing spec so far. Maybe by Q2, “most” dual core phones will have ICS and then Nexus will be enjoying Jellybean or whatever comes next, and those phones will hope to get that months later, if ever. The fact that many phones are still on Froyo makes getting a Nexus worth a shot at being more current.

      • svartalf

        It is this little detail for which I’m peeved at them taking this long to get the thing out.  I’m due for an upgrade and I’ve got an OLD Droid 1 just waiting to be replaced.  I’ve limped it along as long as I can and it’s showing.

        • Chris DuBois

          I’m in the same boat as you, but I have a Droid Eris, the bastard child of the whole Droid line-up!

    • JBrowne1012

      Oh please the only other phone that is on par with a GN in terms of specs is a GS2 and thats because they are of the same family. No other android phones come close to a GN or a GS2. By the time Quad Core or Tri cores roll which realistically would not be till closer to the release of the next nexus this phone will still be the top device running the latest version of android. The main selling point of a Nexus is the purest experience, you can not get purer than a nexus, The specs of this nexus are hard to beat all around. By the time quadcores are actually put in phones the next nexus will already be near its release that no one will care. More cores is not always preferred anyways, there is no need for it. There was a need for a 1 ghz processor and dual core because with android and all the multitasking a low processor just isn’t gonna cut it for the new types of games that were being put out that are graphic intensive.

  • Hank Godwin

    Kinda surprised about the ear buds.

    • Nudo

      they came with Nexus S as well :) kinda looks identical actually

      • SuperChunk

        Do they have a microphone or just for listening?

        • Nudo

          I’m not sure, but if they are the same as the Nexus S version, yes they will have a microphone. In fact, they might be usable as an FM antenna for radio, but I can’t be certain of that at all.

          • SuperChunk

            sweet… I needed a new micro/headset. I used my old BlackBerry one with my Fascinate, but it has broken.

  • ShangTsung702

    I know. :( WTF Verizon?  You’re supposed to rock… but today I want to throw a rock at you.

    F U MF’ers. :) (Im not really that angry… just disappointed… just wanted to acronym it up.)

    • sc0rch3d

      about to leave and try my luck at a store i haven’t called or visited. here goes! lol

      • Nudo

        good luck!

        • sc0rch3d

          home….and my D2 breathes a sigh of relief :) Couple of takeaways from this walk-in…

          > Manager immediately took my question (“can i play with the nexus?”) when I asked an employee
          > he said none are on display b/c they are not “live” and cannot be activated to be played with or sold
          > he said with confidence – “we’re selling them in about a week”
          > he wasn’t taking pre-orders but is taking a list of people that are interested and will let them know (before launch) when to come back

          I’m sure some was BS and some was canned response. Either way, he was very nice and not ashamed to discuss it in front of other customers that didn’t know about the phone at all.

          • Del373

            Even though I live in an area where I don’t think they’ll fly off the shelves I’m still paranoid that I won’t be able to get one before they sell out.

            …I haz t3h sad. :(   

            Apologies if you hate internet speak.

  • someguy01

    A week? I thought we were waiting for tues now. A guy answering the phone at a Verizon store suggested that I look for an announcement on Sunday. Who knows what he knows though.

  • Ashley Cannon

    At least SOMEONE got one. Hopefully it won’t be long now.

  • TxSteelersFan

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I got my hands on one in a Dallas-area store just to check out the feel and style of it. It was a real device, but a dead one (typical early display model). I bought a Droid Razr about three weeks ago. I have to say that I much prefer the physical look, feel, and thin profile of the Razr over the GNex. But really, I don’t know what I’ll do when they finally let the GNex loose.


    A guy at radioshack brought one out of the back and let me handle it…he said he couldnt put a battery in it but very thin!  He said an email with the shipment came and said release date soon…no specific date

    • JBrowne1012

      thin? that couldn’t really be seeing as if its a verizon version its fatter than the gsm.

      • Noah Evans

        The verizon version is still pretty much the same thickness as the iphone 4s, except for the hump. couple that with a much bigger foot print and it will probably look thinner.

  • Andrew torres

    Its so unfortunate that Samsung can not capitalize on such a popular phone, nor can the consumer waiting for this phone buy it.  The US Release of this phone has been a nail biting disaster for Samsung and alot of ppl on Big Red. Im on Sprint and was dying for this phone to come out on Sprint, but due to the sucky issues they are having with Wimax & probably deciding whether many phones are worth wimax, this has been just as aggravating for me as well. What would be totally worse if this phone releases on big Red with bugs that are just as aggravating as the wait. God knows what is holding Verizon back, mind you i work with the execs and see them pass by all the time…maybe i can get a lil conversation going and drag something out and post on phandroid, but i must tread lightly. regardless i cant justify going to big red for this phone economically, and truely wished all carriers had an opportunity for this beast of a phone.

    • Nudo

      just wait for the GSM version, or buy one from Canada or Europe. Boycott Verizon if you don’t like them.

      • JBrowne1012

        Canada is better but man what is going on this is what happens when you give verizon exclusivity over good products they are such an undeserving company i hope google goes back to releasing through best buy.

  • fartyarty

    it comes with Samsung earphones?

    • Nudo

      yes, as well as the Nexus S

      • Noah Evans

        You mean it comes with a Nexus S?!?    JK

        • Nudo

          lol that would kick ass

      • JBrowne1012

        The same exact ones as the nexus s it looks like.

  • JAV

    I too once had a Lte Galaxy Nexus just like this… And then I took an arrow to the knee

    • LawrenceMcatee

      I love you.

    • jpelaccio

      y u no get better knee armor?

    • dan4patriots

      why dont you GTFO and come up with a meme that is original you stupid piece of sh-t

      • Jeremiah Bengtson

        An original meme? To be a meme it can’t be original, it has to be rehashed and overused. 

      • Del373

        On the list of things you don’t have: a sense of humor.

  • EraserXIV

    Is that a Shure earphone I see being plugged into the Galaxy Nexus? :)

  • am79

    Comes out on the 15th for sure guys. Got it from a Verizon regional managers who has a test model since last Tuesday.

    • svartalf

      Bit late coming out, really.  I’ve been waiting on this for weeks. 

      • Big R

        I’ve been waiting almost 2 months.

        • Kenahn Ghazal

          9th was for sure as well.. I don’t have high hopes. Checking back Monday, and Thursday, like my rep told me to.

          • Del373

            I might just give up and pick one up a few weeks after I’m sure they’ve been released.  With all the people apparently scrambling to be able to get one I don’t want to go in on release day just to be told they’ve sold out of them.

            That would be even more disappointing than a delay in my book.

        • 현중 주

          I’ve been waiting since Verizon first messed up releasing the Nexus One. 

  • Michael Suriel

    I wanted to use my beats with this phone and if Verizon would have released this phone when they were supposed to, I would have. But, they are now stolen and I am without a Nexus AND Beats. Depressing to say the least.

    • Nudo

      when were they “supposed to” ? just wondering

    • Jason Farrell

      Somebody stole your Beats? They did you favor. Buy a real pair of headphones that isn’t an overprived trendy scam.

      • Jake Remes

        i agree with jason, get the on, or over ear bose ones, i have them and theyre awesome. the cord they come with is a little flimsy but its cheap to get a nice replacement cord

    • Del373

      Grado Labs ftw.

      • William_Morris

        I’m currently using some high end Audio Technica cans.  Granted they’re not mobile, but they’re better than anything I’ve used thus far.  Grado was definitely in the running but the ATs have a better soundstage.

  • Tyler Herzog

    Just a few minutes ago my local VZW store told me quote “we won’t have it until it’s released”… 

    Thanks for that.

    • Del373

      That’s kinda like the “when it’s done” stance Blizzard took with Starcraft III.  Or was it Valve with HL 2: Ep. 3?

      Meh…I can’t remember.

      • 현중 주

        OR Black Mesa Source (Look it up). 6 years…

  • Nudo

    That Verizon 4G Logo Sucks!  Where’s the “Google” logo?

    • Tim242

      Obsessing over a logo is so far beyond stupid. You make me sick.

      • Seth McMullan

        You can hardly say he’s obsessing. He made a comment critiquing an esthetically element of the device and i happen to agree with him, the Google logo looks classier.

        • Tim242

          It’s a logo. My old htc hero from my sprint days has a google logo on it. That didn’t mean a damn thing. It’s a logo…ON THE BACK OF THE PHONE. Bitching about it is obsessing.

          • Doan

            It’s mighty ignorant of you to assume you know what’s going on in Nudo’s head.

            He could very well be referencing the fact that Google is letting Verizon bend them over by modifying a “Pure Google” device.  Not limited to the logo, of course.

          • Tim242

            Two apps do not ruin a “pure google” phone., especially when it can easily be disabled. Google has its own share of bloat…latitude, places, books, etc. Don’t even bring up wallet…there are currently 3 nexus s models in the us, only one of them has wallet. STFU with this nonsense already. The God Damn phone is stock “pure” google IC-FUCKING-S.

          • Doan

            You’re an angry little man, Tim. Who said the Nexus was ruined? I didn’t see anyone say that. Also, you realize what disabling is, right? It’s hiding the icon from the app drawer, nothing more.

            Besides, you shouldn’t obsess over Google’s “bloatware.” You realize you can disable that, right?

      • Del373

        Complaining about Nudo’s comment is even farther beyond stupid.

        • Tim242

          Responding to mine…pricelessly stupid.

          • JBrowne1012

            but you don’t have likes to back up that comment.

          • Tim242

            I don’t need likes to back up my comments. These threads are full of a bunch of whiney bitches that have nothing better to do than bitch about a logo.

  • preachJESUS!

    There is one problem here.  I am hoping google or Verizon doesn’t deactivate the phone, being that it was not supposed to be sold.  It is very likely this could be the case; hopefully it won’t be.

    • svartalf

      Ah, but that could get them into a Lawsuit territory…it was sold.  They can pay the person compensation to take it back, but disabling it for any time is against UCC and correspondingly the law.

  • asarab19

    im melting.. please refresh me ICS!!

  • Cam

    Any word if those are regular headphones, or if they have a mic on the cord?

    • JBrowne1012

      Looks like the same ones the google nexus s was packaged with so yes

  • theGseries

    After reading that someone got one I called all NON retail stores. I got one person dumb enough to sell me one but they didn’t have any in stock. He called the rep up and they said he will get it tomorrow but not to sell it (DAMN YOUUUU!) and that the scheduled launch is for Thursday. 

    So close, yet so far!

  • Ron_Swanson

    Verizon makes my moustache hurt

    • Marlon Millhouse

      Ron needs a steak.

    • Del373

      At least you HAVE a moustache.

      …lucky bastard.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    the good thing about all these delays are all the reviews that point now that really the only good thing about this phone is ice cream sandwich.  The take away is wait for a better phone with ice cream sandwich. 

    • svartalf

      Actually, there’s one other thing about this phone that’s a selling point…  It’s a Google phone.  This means no excuses for delays in updates and the ability to EASILY flash it with CM9 or similar.  The same can’t be said about the other phones- and it’s actually an important feature.  I suppose I could wait a bit for an HTC or Samsung phone to grace Verizon that can be unlocked.  But that’s not likely until my next upgrade is going to be available.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Yes it was nice when my wife’s NEXUS got GB pretty quick. 
        I feel ya. 
        Some of the reviews that I have read though question if this is truly a google experience phone like the Nexus and Nexus S. 
        Google has allowed Verizon to bastardize the Nexus line with their addons. 
        I hope that the updates come directly from Google BUT IMHO I think ICS is such a step forward that maybe updates wont be as big a deal in the future. 
        Anyhoo YMMV. 

        • jathak

          All they added was My Verizon and VZW Backup Assistant. I don’t like them, but they’re better than Blockbuster or a bunch of demo games preloaded. Plus, with ICS you can disable them, or you can root and completely remove them.

      • MasterRothschild

        Don’t get HTC unless you care about using Bluetooth phone book sync to your car.  I have the Evo 3D and it sucks.  However, my bro’s SGS2 syncs perfectly!

    • Tim242

      Nevermind the HD Samoled screen, right? *rolls eyes*

    • JBrowne1012

      A better Android than a Nexus? are you kidding me? there are no better Android than the original series thats like saying the best iPhone is one made by someone other than apple.

      • The_ATL_Guy

        Sorry but the reviews don’t concur with this being a great phone.

        • JBrowne1012

          You mean the very same reviews that said it was the best screen on device until they were told it was pentile then went back on what they said? Or maybe the reviews that think that any samsung made device feels plasticky just because of the unreal lightness of the phone as if its weightless? what reviews are you talking about?

          • The_ATL_Guy

            Google seems happy to release ICS on a phone that has a forgettable camera, no external storage, 16 gigs when it should be 32, cheap look and feel. More power to Google

          • The_ATL_Guy

            The Nexus line will be irrelevant with the release of the GN

          • MasterRothschild

            I’ve heard it’s supposed to be 32gb

          • MasterRothschild

            wtf are you talking about “forgettable camera”???

            look at the night time test shots between the SGS2 and the GN:


  • Jake Remes

    how can you say ICS is the only thing keeping this phone afloat? while it is a mojor factor i think youre forgetting about that SAMOLED HD display 

    • Big R

      That is good as long as the GPU can handle it.  Until I see it myself streaming 720P video, I will not say it is a great phone.  This thing has to tackle the highest end of games and play HD video without issue (720p).

      • Jake Remes

        youre kinda right, the GPU in this is slightly outdated but i think that the implementation of hardware acceleration should help alot, not iphone smooth because page rendering was built on java…but someday i think theyll reach that point (hopefully!!!)

  • Nick Mantzoros

    So what’s the size? 32gb  or 16? 

    • Kenahn Ghazal


  • Austin Nichols

    i ran all over town trying to find this baby, verizon corperate #1 denied the existance of the phone and said they havent heard anything since the announcment. then i went to costco and the woman said she could not sell it to me but let me look at the box and phone, radio shack #1 told me they had the phone in stock and were ready to go but coulldnt sell till the 15th. after that i went to best buy mobile the manager told me they had the phone in stock and that he had actvated the phone for himself and told me a bit about it and said it should go on sale the 15th then gave me his number and a business card and told me to be there thursday, next i went a verizon store in the mall where i started to renew my contract and when he asked what phone i wanted to be upgraded to i said the galaxy nexus and he told me it would probably be launching monday but he couldnt sell it yet. the last place i went was a radio shack in the mall, i asked about the phone and the man had to check below the counter to see if they had it. he came up with the same box i had seen at costco, i told him i wanted to buy it and he let me look at the phone while he went through a cycle of checking the computer system and calling his superiors and after about 20 minutes told me he could sell it to me on the 15th. after a day of searching i got about 5 business cards 4 odd looks and a chance to check out the phone ive been salivating over for weeks now.

    • Chris DuBois

      Kudos for a good effort! My local 3rd party told me I had to get on the wait list and they will call me. So I am #2 on the list, right behind the owner!! :)

    • MasterRothschild

      Now that’s some good ol fashioned reporting, good work!!

  • sethcolin

    Walked into a Verizon store today in SF. Asked Verizon dude if he had a Nexus in stock. He first tried to send me to Sprint to check out their Nexus saying it was very similar. I laughed in his face. He  then said they had a non-operational display unit. He went back and got it and it was fully operational. Played with it for about 15min. Very sweet.

  • suite_laydee@yahoo.con

    Ya’ll do realize this is a phone, right?

    • JBrowne1012

      Your point? you do realize yahoo sucks, right?

  • Chris Olson

    Thanks for the good pics, kudos to the guy / gal who was able to land this phone today!  Not only did they get the phone they were thoughtful enough to take some pics for everyone else to enjoy, nice.

  • jeff

    I almost landed one today at best buy till the manager saw me holding it. It is a very nice phone but although I don’t care about the logo on back the Verizon one does look like an a$$ hat

  • InspectorGadget80

    JUST RELEASE THE DAMN PHONE ALREADY VERIZON. So the rest of the carriers can get it

  • Juan Castro

    I am going to freeze myself. Someone come get me when this phone releases. I can’t wait any longer.