Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now Available through Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada

While US residents continue to wait for Verizon to get their act together and announce a release date, Canadian carriers Bell and Virgin Mobile now have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for sale. The phone is available for $159 on a three-year contract from both carriers or can be purchased outright for $649.99. The handset will be available on Rogers and Telus early next year.

[Bell, Virgin via MobileSyrup]

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  • sprecher12


    • sprecher12

      edit – please dont stfu verizon, please speak up

  • Ellianth

    LOLOLOL! Canada got it before you guys :P. I remember when we weren’t even on the list of countries that the device was launching in. A cog somewhere in the machine that is the US Galaxy Nexus launch has seriously fallen out of place.

    • newdiedewdie

      I wouldn’t say getting it first in Canada is a good thing.   I wouldn’t even say a release date of tomorrow for the US would be a good thing.  There are clearly issues with this phone and/or software.   I wouldn’t recommend it until at least a month after release.  I have a feeling this is going to be a disaster on launch day.

      • Ryan Stewart

        Except for the european users that have been enjoying theirs for some time.  The only bug shown at the moment was the volume thing on the old 2g band that we dont even use here.

  • markgbe

    The only time in my existence i wished i was Canadian…..  :D

    • John


      • markgbe


    • newdiedewdie

      then you came to your senses and laughed out loud like I did.

    • BryanMacKenzie

      Oh the feeling is mutual up here… but about being American

    • Jim Tilley

      You make it sound as though being Canadian is a bad thing.

  • Big R

    I see it is F the US again.  Someone needs to make a rotary dial dumbphone for the US.  The carriers think that is all we really care about or need.

  • John

    I hate you Canada.  >:|

  • Christopher St. John

    God bless Verizon for not rushing to market like the rest of these jokers.  I, for one, want to be sure that my preloaded VCAST music, VZW Navigator, and Bing are working perfectly before I get my Nexus in hand.

    • Minja Miketa

      And if they could cover it in VZW logos that would be great.

      • Christopher St. John

        They did:

        • Minja Miketa

           Not ENOUGH!! I want you to look at that phone and know its a verizon phone. I want to see a 4GLTE VZW logo embedded in the Software. Maybe they can replaye that terrible search bar that stays on every screen with

          • Christopher St. John

            I see what you mean. With that tiny matte logo, I’m going to have to hold my phone practically in someone’s face before they realize how deep my pockets are. I don’t know if I even want it anymore :/

          • Tyler Herzog

            I’m expecting a watermark logo imprinted in the glass, plus CallerID should tell me “this isn’t a VZW customer, you probably shouldn’t answer…”

          • jclokwork

            I almost cried laughing reading that

      • Christopher St. John

        I just realized your name is “Eff”  I was reading “Elf” and I thought, how festive!

  • dcyamaha

    And from the verizon camp we hear: crickets

    • Nudo

      Verizon actually breeds crickets just for times like these.

  • Humberto Cortes

    159??? thats a steal!

    • sc0rch3d

      3 year contract, no thanks. i wish US carrier would go back to 1 year contracts. I would pay a higher premium for a device.

      • raiders42878

        I would definitely pay a little extra to have the latest and greatest every year.  Especially with how fast the technology is moving.  I’m getting the nexus, but starting to get a little hesitant knowing that quad cores aren’t that far off.

        • sc0rch3d

          it’s difficult to say, dual cores are in a sweet spot now where phones are taking full advantage of the hardware. i know this isn’t a good comparison, but most laptops with quad cores are battery hogs. dual core phones have only been out, what, six months?

          • raiders42878

            Yeah, supposedly with the (5th) companion core they are supposed to have a better battery life. But they said the same thing about dual cores also.  it might take them 18-24 months just to get them fine tuned, and released (I’m looking at you verizon)

        • BryanMacKenzie

          but you live in the USA.. you will be last on the list again when they come out.

      • BryanMacKenzie

        In canada you can get a 1 year 2 year or 3 year contract all with different pricing… We dont force a 0 year or 3 year option.

        • Nudo

          hehe I like how you said “We”

          • BryanMacKenzie


          • Nudo

            I thought it was funny because you said “We don’t force…” as if you are representing the country hehe. very noble.

      • cherubdawg

        I just got mine for $159 with Virgin, *without* a contract. All I have to do is stick with them and they’ll reduce the total price of the phone every month. I can leave whenever I want, and all I’ll have to do is pay off the remainder of the total phone price. It’s a fantastic deal, and I’m really glad I gave Virgin a change (normally I wouldn’t even consider them).

  • JamesS

    Any chance this is an unlocked version that works on the US GSM carriers? I could see people making a quick dash over the border soon.

    • selonmoi

      It is. It’s pentaband, so it’ll work great on AT&T and T-Mobile. Be warned: Bell won’t sell it to you without changing $50 for 30 days of service, though.

    • Nudo

      The nice thing is, all the Galaxy Nexus’ OTHER than VZW’s are all the same. (95% sure about that) They are pentaband and will work in the US with TMO or ATT :) But i’m going to wait for it to go on sale at Best Buy. I think i’ll get a better deal that way :)

  • jon ashley

    The boardroom at verizon must be ran by the 2 Bob’s from Office Space.

    • TechJunkie198

      i think they need a visit by the two Bobs.  For not doing their jobs and releasing the damn phone by now.  ‘what do you say ya do here..?’

      • Guest

        I tell the customers they aren’t getting the phone so the bloatware engineers don’t have to!

    • UTZorro

      The Swingline 4G LTE will be out before the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Scott Schopman
    • Cipher Zero

      I literally LOLed.  “udder disaster”? That sounds like milk infected with mad cow disease.
       “Galaxy Nexus is going the way of the latter” What is that supposed to mean? 
      Who wrote that? LMAO


    “…in Canada.”  What’s that all aboot?  Why is USA always last in terms of technology? :(


    • Nudo

      Verizon exclusive launch :(  and they are taking their sweet sweet time

  • Rad Stevens

    If John Lennon were alive he would be outraged on how Verizon has handled this release. All we are saying is give the Nexus a chance.

  • creektrails

    Canada?  Canada?  who next, virgin islands?  Aruba?  Somalia? On anther perhaps related (probably not) note.   Have you guys gotten your 4G back yet?

    • GarnetRuggedVanterpool

      The funny thing is, my friends in the Virgin Islands already have theirs.. 

      • creektrails

        wow, no doubt.  probably on 2 yr. contract for 100.00 and a bag of shells.  In Somalia it will be 2 yr contract 1.00 and a sharp spear.

        • GarnetRuggedVanterpool

          Agreed.. Verizon needs to pull it together honestly.. 

    • Cipher Zero

      My LTE was back on when I woke up earlier. I obviously can’t speak for the rest of the country, but the LTE is up and running in my area.

  • babadush

    And again everyone has something before the US. Surprised? I’m not. Sgs2
    remember that?

  • Hopeisfleeting

    AMERICA…..Fuck No!

  • MasterRothschild

    if verizon has the audacity to release it at $300, i will say FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! BUT HELL NO THANKS!

    • Nudo

      isn’t that a normal price? i’m confused

      • iljm83

        Wow, dark day has arrived when these ludicrous $300 price points have become “normal”.

        • Nudo

          lol right? it’ll be full price before ya know it

  • Evan LeRoy

    Silly Phandroid Lumbjacks don’t use smartphones!

  • BigCiX

    Verizon is just delaying it so people could lose patience and grab the RAZR.

    • Devinrob

      I’m this close to picking up the Rezound >  < 

      • Andy Kim

        just get the rezound and return it when nexus comes out, thats what I did

        • yo2boy

          Isn’t there a restocking fee?

          • Devinrob

            Yea, it’s usually like $30 or $35.  I may go test out the Rezound and if I like it, go with that.  My Hero is long overdue for a replacement.

  • hulk smash

    I feel like this phone is old. It is not out in the US. Wtf.

  • Aerocles

    FWIW — My take on the delay: How Is Alienating The High-Income, Tech-Savvy Consumer It Worked So Hard to Attract 

  • Brady A Berman

    Is it 649 for the 16 gig or the 32 gig?

    • BryanMacKenzie


  • Insect Overlord

    “Samsung Galaxy Nexus Now Available…” [boner] “…through Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada.” [limp]

  • The Hater

    Cool story bro

  • derk p

    oh looky, now us Americans can bitch about not getting something first!! lol and its our OS!!! lol

  • Lecav

    postponed t 15 dec….

  • chuckles87

    this is what we need to do

  • Trader888

    I went to a Verizon franchise store today and started asking about the GN. At first they were hesitant to say anything but eventually the salesman said that they have received some stock and they are going to be available Dec. 9th. They had opened one and they let me play with it on WIFI. I was told, if they installed the SIM, they would be fired. They only received 6 and are holding one for me. I will have one in my hot little hands by noon. 

  • Jeff72

    649.99 eh?  No contract import price is getting lower…I can wait for the US T-Mobile version…either that or the Galaxy S III.

  • Tyler_Karlsson

    I went to every store in my area today and they were all sold out :(

  • John Burke

    Got mine last night for FREE from Virgin!
    They were giving a few away at their Montreal flag ship store location and I was one of the lucky 5!
    I’m not a Virgin subscriber (though they tried to convince me). I shook their hand, thanked them for the free phone, stood for the obligatory photo-op, popped in my Koodo SIM and walked out.