Galaxy Tab 10.1 Back On Sale In Australia – Apple Loses Final Appeal Against Samsung

It’s baaaaaaack! Samsung’s two month long battle with Apple that ended up in a ban of the Galaxy Tab is finally over. Apple was granted an extension last week for one last appeal of which the decision came back from the High Court… DENIED. Apple lost the appeal today which means Australians can once again find the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on store shelves in time for the holiday season. The Galaxy Tab has been shown in clinical tests to provide 4 times more fun than a boomerang and 8 times more enjoyment than the iPad 2. Have fun, Aussies.

[Via Reuters]

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  • Tati

    Just in time for the holidays. 

  • Travillion

    I hope Apple has to pay Sammy some restitution charges. They virtually had a monopoly and probably cost Samsung a load of money in lost sales while it was banned.

  • Ash

    Good for you guys down under.

  • XxXDroidRocXxX

    Happy for them, suck it apple

  • MJBigDeal


  • Guest

    Hey the Aussies proved they actually have COMMON SENSE. Let’s hope this sentiment gets around to Europe.

  • Papapau

    Good for you mate!!

    Love this line…

    ” The Galaxy Tab has been shown in clinical tests to provide 4 times more
    fun than a boomerang and 8 times more enjoyment than the iPad 2″


    Justice!!!! Freaking Tabulous News!!!

    • Perry Ahern

      That’s fanTABulous!  ;-)

  • ScottColbert

    I can see the ads now: “The tablet Apple didn’t want you to have!”

    • Guillermo Martinez

      A Samsung a day, keeps the apple away. :D

  • jonathanbond110111

    Apple: what?! How!?

    Samsung: simple. You cried about A. So I replaced it with B

    Apple: lawyers quick! Make another harmonious lawsuit! Now!

    Lawyers: ok. We’re on it

    Samsung: you’re making lawsuits that have little to no relevance. Its not that hard to change something so simple

    Apple: good. Make a triangular phone then

    Samsung: I’m not done innovating the rectangular shape. Lets see. I put a curve on it. Made a humpback. Slapped a true HD screen on it-

    Apple: Enough! I can’t wait to stop your parade of handicapped phones

    Samsung: keep dreaming. If I lose you lose. I win? The world keeps spinning. Don’t forget I got strings attached to yo bitch ass

    Motorola: yea. Its about time that little runt face the music. One wrong move with me and UH-OH. Apple sales might have to be disabled due to some…property?…infringement? …perhaps?

    HTC: hey hey hey. I know moto might have some patents that Apple is infringing on, but man. Just wait till they see S3 Graphics

    Samsung: you see what you started Apple? You made a patent troll world

    Audi: yea tell me about it. LG is suing me for some damn LED headlights on my cars

    • Patrick Chua

      Whoa you’re here as well? And I thought only engadget gets graced by your Talkposts.

      • jonathanbond110111

        Haha. I come here from time to time. Phandroid rocks

    • newdiedewdie

      you really are a tool

    • newdiedewdie

      I bet you talked to your ex-gf like that..

      Me:  I’m gonna have sex with you
      You:  ORLY?
      Me:  Yes, RLY.  I’m about to take out my small-sized package
      You:  Oh I can’t wait.
      Me:  Me either

      Meanwhile she’s walking out the door with all of her stuff as you continue this dreadful monologue out loud to yourself.

      • jonathanbond110111

        Yo hater. Get off my dick

  • Jimmy

    Awesome news. But although its back I feel its kinda last minute, still couple weeks till xmas, can Samsung build enough awareness and hype for it to get sales before the 25th? Hopefully the court ordered apple to pay up for loss of sales! Now I gotta find out which telco will have it so I can get a hands on :-)

  • Perry Ahern

    Hallelujah! I’m so glad to see this finally settled and with Apple as the loser. Keep handing them more losses like this and they might finally realize that it’s better to innovate than it is to litigate. Compete with your products, Apple, not your lawyers.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    Good about time this crap ended.

    • newdiedewdie

      Are you pouring some out for your dead homie, Steve Jobs right about now?

      • The_ATL_Guy

        I love ghetto speak.

  • Sean Dwyer

    I’m from Australia. That’s fantastic news. Although, I’d say the mentality of most Aussie android fans is “Too Late, what a shame, my sights are on the Transformer Prime now”.

    This is why Samsung could have grabbed so much market share. Still, great news though,

    • Keith

      yeah, that is unfortunate for Samsung that it took so long. Maybe some restitution is in order for the lost time. 

  • Mada447

    Congratulations, Australia!  Enjoy :)

  • schitzengigles10


  • Covert_Death

    LOLOLOL that a boomerang is 2x as fun as an iPad (probably totally true though)

  • Treknologist

    Great news!  Score two black eyes for the rotten apple this week.

  • Andruoid

    Never liked fruit companies anyway. Banana’s are good though.

  • Aslan N.L. Bollin

    great new, but it’s too late. Everyone that wanted the Galaxy Tab more then likely have there eyes on the Transformer Prime now which is right around the corner.

    Apple should owe Sammy some restitution cause they sure lost some sales because of this that they will not get back at this point.

  • Alex Mercer

    Great news for Samsung but that boomerang comment was uncalled for. Really unprofessional. Don’t care if it was a joke.

    • Hank Godwin

       Lots of sand in this girl’s vagina.

  • Guest

    Lol, another Apple fail. Seems like Apple is losing these cases more than they’re winning. That’s what they get for starting it.