Rumor: HTC EVO View 4G Getting Honeycomb Before the End of the Year

While the HTC Flyer’s Honeycomb upgrade is rolling out across Europe right now, the United States wasn’t given any rollout date other than “soon”. We have Sprint and T-Mobile with their own versions of the flyer and one of those networks (hint: they like the color yellow) may be getting it sooner than we anticipated.

Sprint is rumored to be getting the upgrade before year’s end, a great turnaround time if this turns out to be true. We won’t be mad if this doesn’t turn out to be true since HTC never gave a specific time window themselves but we’ll be all the more joyous if we can get to New Year’s Eve with a piece of Honeycomb on this 7 inch device. [via Sprint Feed]

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  • Guillermo Martinez

    I certainly hope that this tablet will get an ICS update soon.

  • ShangTsung702

    When you say “Honeycomb”, don’t you mean “ICS”? :). ¬†HTC… get a life ! :P

  • Pedro Gelabert

    I am hoping for ICS as well, but will take Honeycomb in the meantime! Thanks for being true to your promise HTC!