The Future of Mobile According to Samsung? Flexible, Resizable AMOLED Displays [Video]

Samsung’s look far – very far – into the future of mobile. They’re always looking to innovate and they think they have found out where they eventually want to be headed. It’s very ambitious, but hear it out.

What would you think about a display that was extremely thin, flexible, see-through and resizable? In the concept video, Samsung shows many uses of the bezel-less display, from it being small tablet to a large slate.

This sort of technology is nowhere near ready for the consumer market but we know Samsung has been working on this concept for quite some time. It may be many years before we see a practical solution but we’re excited that Samsung doesn’t look at this as an impossibility. Just imagine all the things you could do with a tablet (screenlet?) like this. Check out the video above.

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  • Tati

    This is just a concept. Show me a device and I will believe you. 

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      Dear Derp:

      In 4-6 years we well!


      • ConceptVBS

        It is “will” not “well”.

        Spelling Nazis will still be around.

  • Chris Tezak

    I wonder if you could play frisbee with a “phone” like that =)

  • Minja Miketa

    I would love a phone that I could expand to tablet size.

  • auwino

    And I thought losing my keys was an easy accomplishment…

  • B2L

    i can’t wait to see what tech is like 5 years from now. :O

    • sfeldkamp

      this is alot further off than 5 years, maybe never.

  • Aaron soles

    Would be awesome!

  • Joe


  • Guest

    Only down side of something like that is anyone could see what you were doing or reading

    • Robabobbob

      If they can eventually make a thin flexible screen with an invisible battery or wireless power transfer then I think making it like one way glass would be super easy.  This way you can surf for porn in public without having to worry.

    • ConceptVBS

      All you need is a polarize on the other side of the screen.

      Kind of like in the witness booth.

  • Tarik Husejinovic

    Cloud battery for the win!

  • Xcelr8ion

    Watch Apple steal this tech and patient it!

  • Mada447

    But will it blend?

  • Taylor Mauceri

    They already make something like this: OLED and it is bendable but not see threw. I see this as an advanced OLED. They make OLED TV’s taht bend but the tech. is just so extremely expensive but hopefully will drop in time like everything else.

  • Paladaxar

    I think I’m just going to hold onto my OG Droid until this comes out hahaha

    (Hopefully I’ll only be able to make that joke for the next two days :))

  • Kyle Walker

    Where is battery, speakers, camera, etc….

  • Guest

    Hey not so fast! Steve Jobs invented this way back in 1757!  Copycat!

  • pat

    Apple lawyers are working on patent infringement suits as we speak….they are sure they would of thought of this eventually if this video wasn’t shown

  • DYNK

    Samsung have been working on this for years. Hopefully it will reach the public jn the next 5~8years or so

    • ConceptVBS

      They are introducing the flexible screen in 2012

  • DYNK


  • BP

    The future of newspapers?