HTC Flyer Getting Honeycomb in Europe, US Update Coming “Very Soon”

The HTC Flyer has been confirmed to be getting Honeycomb for some time now but an actual rollout date was not given. They have confirmed that the upgrade is rolling out to all of Europe from today. Be sure to check your device for the upgrade, though don’t fret if it hasn’t made its way to yours yet. As for US users, there is still a bit of time to wait but HTC promises it definitely will be coming out “very soon.” [via The Verge]

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  • Mike Currie

    Laughable. It should never have been released without Honeycomb – this should be a story an update to ICS. 

    • Mental_Moose

      I work a bit with HTC and they used to say HC for the Flyer should be released by the end of summer. Even June was mentioned at one point I think.
      Then everything went silent about updates before they assumed they would probably just skip right to ICS (the guys I deal with are not involved with these kinds of decisions or anything global).
      And now this?
      I guess they where too close to finishing HC when ICS where released to just drop it, but …
      At least one can hope that an ICS build will be a lot faster after getting HC running.

  • Sarah758

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  • Flame Blade

    evo view? please

  • Daniel


  • barry99705

    Been running honeycomb for a month now.  Will be cool to see what’s different between the last leak and the official release.

  • MobileSmug

    Available in Finland for the 3G+WiFi version