ASUS Transformer Prime Origami Cover Shown Off For The Camera [Video]

If you’re a diehard Android user with a bit of extra coin this holiday season, you most likely have the ASUS Transformer Prime on their holiday wishlist. If the keyboard dock doesn’t quite fit into your budget, you may have been eying ASUS’s own origami type smartcover to compliment the supertab and keep it safe from the environment. Even with my flawless screen protecting technique, I can’t even imagine attempting to screen protect one of these bad boys making their smart cover an almost necessary option. Their cover folds in an almost unnecessary amount of ways (most likely to avoid lawsuits) and can easily transform to into a stand that suits a variety of positions. Looks, damn cool too. You can watch the video that was uploaded to ASUS Taiwan’s Facebook page down below.

[Facebook via Engadget]

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  • Aaron Berlin

    It’s a good thing they made the cover design more cluttered and less attractive than the Smart Cover. ¬†Dodged a bullet!

    • TongueDar

      I know, we wouldn’t want “Incase” to sue! You know, the company that Apple BORROWED their Smart Cover design from… :P

    •'s+Games+and+Apps Brian Ouellette

      Nope, Apple will still sue, because it is a folding cover that can act like a stand, and keyboard lifter. The idea itself to apple is patented. (At least that is what apple thinks lol)

  • JulianZHuang

    can be used as stand, but cant be used as cover…..

    • Chris Chavez

      It’s very… smart. O_o

      • JulianZHuang

        my bad, it does indeed can be used as a cover. 

  • Eric Gonzalez

    Looks neat. Seems a little complicated though.

  • The_ATL_Guy

    It’s funny how the very first comment is a dig at Apple.
    I sometimes wonder if some posters on this forum sit around stabbing a knife at their kitchen floor while saying,” Steve Jobs” over and over.

    • JustTrollin69

      U mad bro?

  • bossyman15

    when does the cover come out? anyone know?

  • Joshwa1

    O_o not that good at all

  • jshaffer21

    ….its a smart cover with with the folds in different places,how is this a big deal at all?

  • Guest

    Lol, I love to hate on Apple, but I just can’t help but chuckle at this one… Clearly this shouldn’t be in law suit territory, but man, could it be any more obvious what they were after with this one? Oh well, that Transformer still looks super sweet! I’d leave the cover at the store though.

  • dy4me

    may be if u guys paid more attention to ur tips u would have seen that this one was already sent in to u.