Apple Offered Some Helpful Suggestions to Samsung for Avoiding Patent Issues


Though Apple has played the part of villainous corporation out to destroy competition by attacking the makers of so-called copycat product from Android manufacturers, don’t think their legal advances didn’t come with some helpful tips for the accused parties. No, Apple was nice enough to provide a list of more than reasonable changes that would help to differentiate Samsung’s tablets and phones from the iPad and iPhone. The suggestions, which came to light thanks to recently surfaced court documents, involve Samsung avoiding things such as rectangular-shaped devices and utilizing “substantial adornment” on the front of of their Android handsets.

In any other context, Apple’s suggestions read as farcical as if they were ripped from the pages of The Onion, essentially asking Samsung to design product that in no way resemble standard tablets or smartphones. Apple talks as if they own the right to any device that utilizes a black case, displays centered on the front of a device, and a horizontal speaker grill (which, last I checked, was just about how every cellphone has ever handled its earpiece).

You can see some of the changes requested by Apple in the newly redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany, but even an enlarged metal bezel and repositioned speakers wasn’t enough to satisfy Apple. At this point we think if Apple had a time machine they would go back in time and sue Alexander Graham Bell because his telephone functions in a way too similar to the iPhone. Here is a quick look at some of Apple’s suggestions as reported by The Verge:

“On the smartphone side of things, the following is a list of some of the alternative design options Apple felt Samsung should have looked into further:

  • Front surface that isn’t black.
  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Display screens that aren’t centered on the front face and have substantial lateral borders.
  • Non-horizontal speaker slots.
  • Front surfaces with substantial adornment.
  • No front bezel at all.

As for tablets, Apple identified a similar list of alternative designs available to Samsung:

  • Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.
  • Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.
  • Front surface that isn’t entirely flat.
  • Profiles that aren’t thin.
  • Cluttered appearance.”
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  1. You forgot… 

    * Does not power up. 

    1. And you might as well add:

      * Does not exist.

  2. Is it just me or is Apple trolling Samsung hard?

    “Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.”


  3. Haha, are you kidding me?  So Apple wants them to make an oval tablet…wait, does that count as rounded corners? It can’t be black and the screen can’t be centered….hmmm.  I don’t even know where to begin on this.  Doesn’t Apple have better things to do?  This is just ridiculous.  Makes me never want to buy another Apple product again.

  4. is this a joke

  5. wow apple sounded like dicks in that

    1. don’t see any difference between this and any other statement from them

  6. This is a joke right? It’s got to be…
    They want Samsung to make cluttered looking, thick everything, and non-flat front surface touch device??

    1. That is true, though.  I could totally see myself buying a similar phone seen used in the movie “Real Steel.” That thing is siiiick.  Too bad its too futuristic for our current tech, but who knows; all this Apple lawsuit trolling may push Sammy to innovate closer to that kind of tech.

  7. “Overall shape that isn’t rectangular, or doesn’t have rounded corners.”
    Dwight was right! welcome to the days of the triangular tablet. It is “designed with 50L of memory without optional memory booster, the weight of the pyramid tablet is barely three pounds without the battery pack.”

  8. Wow….this makes apple worse not better…

  9. Apple lawyers have balls of steel. Waitasec, if they had balls at all they would actually try and compete with Samsung rather than try to litigate them out of the stores.

  10. i cannot think how the man in charge from apple really believed the words coming out of his mouth
    they are making fun of samsung .. and the response won’t be nice

  11. I hate Apple I will never support them even if they were the only smartphone company left. I’ll go back to mailing letters.

    1. I agree. Every move they make disgusts me. They invented none of that! and in other news, no other tablets can be rectangular?!?!? iReally don’t know what to say… but I’ll try, PATHETiC!

  12. Ha apple…their just pissed because the new sgs2 commercials are so genius….oh and samsung is taking tons of sales away from apple.

  13. I can’t believe they’re serious with this. I love android and had no hate towards apple at all before this but after reading that I have absolutely no desire to even use an apple product. This is completely ridiculous.

  14. Is this a joke? How any court in the world can accept such demands?

  15. The eff?!?! Please tell me this is you guys just troll posting and not Apple actually being serious with those comments. Samsung please oh please use this as grounds to get the ban overturned I would love to see Apple actually try to defend this and fail giving Samsung billions in losses

    1. They are serious with it.

      Which is why I thought the legal department at Apple was drunk and smoking pot when they came up with this stupidity, and sent it to Samsung.

      Turns out, they were very sober and wasn’t smoking pot.

  16. This makes me want to sell my ipad ipod and macbook pro. This is ludicrous! I love Apple and Android products (although prefer the latter) but may have a change in heart and might stop buying any Apple products period!

  17. LOL @ Apple! 
    You have got to be kidding me!’
    They might as well of just said, “hey look just dont make it look like a phone or tablet”. 
    LOL  “Thick frames rather than a thin rim around the front surface.”
    Really just sounds like some asshat trying to have fun at Samsung’s expense. 

  18. Like I said, when apple TV comes out it better make sure it don’t look like a TV and be all rectangular with rounded edges or crazy radical design like that. Samsung has been in the TV business long before apple. Apple needs a good slap.

  19. Down with apple! This is not logically reasonable….never support them ever!

  20. Apple is one of the greatest trolling organizations on the planet, rivaling even dedicated trolling organizations such as LulzSec, GNAA, and PETA.

  21. yes, very helpful…let’s make the tablet triangular with 3″ bezels, with a wave front screen and use a mouse to control rather than your finger….can I say ass*@#le.

  22. I was going to go on a huge rant of all the reasons why this is completely wrong and how stupidly idiotic this whole ordeal that Samsung is going thru but I think I can sum it up in just a couple of words; Fuck you apple!

  23. Next step:
    -Remove camera
    -Remove the touchscreen
    -Disable ability to connect to Wifi
    -Disable ability to make phone calls
    -Just don’t even make the phone.

  24. All I can say is WTF (justice is truly blind and dumb).  Kill all f*king corporate lawyers.

  25. If anyone still thought that Apple was not actually trying to claim exclusive rights to every single obvious, generic attribute of virtually every tablet in existence, this ought to be an eye opener.  I hope some judges wake up and smell the roses pretty soon.  Until then, I will actively boycott Apple and continue purchasing Samsung products, like the Galaxy Nexus, as well as steer every acquaintance I possibly can from away from Apple to Samsung products.  Apple has lost any and all credibility in my book.

  26. Hey guys, don’t be short sighted.
    This is a good thing! Apple is pushing Samsung to innovate.

    Would you not want a crystal ball with ICS in it?

    1. if it folds flat for my pocket!

  27. So basically apple is telling samsung not to make a tablet or a phone. Is this an early April fools joke from Apple?

  28. Apple’s just bitchy because they now the galaxy tab is better then there ipad

  29. Apple suck my xperias analog, my motorollas keyboard, my htcs trac ball and my samsungs black dick. Or will you sue mw

  30. I have an idea apple go screw yourself and your skankphone and maxypad

  31. Wow, they really did try to patent the thin black rectangle. What a bunch of a**holes

  32. You guys are morons. Apple is not being serious, they are clearly taking a jab at Samsung.

  33. You know what this reminds me of?

    The Apple Computers vs Microsoft lawsuit.

    Following this:

    Apple must have claim to photo frames too.
    And touch screen.
    And Black boxes
    Hey! They must have invented the first touch screen phone. This is the first touch mobile:

    Maybe apple should just focus on their iOS software and leave the hardware alone. Everybody who is anybody is making their OWN hardware to make it look not like Apples. China will copy anything so dont count them.

  34. Profiles that arent thin really because we all lnow the first ipod and iphone were both the aleet things ever invented this is beyond laughable its ludicrous egregious ridiculous……… you get the idea

  35. Apple requests

    -Sell us the components for our phone at dirt cheap prices.-Don’t make touchscreen smartphones that look, resemble, or function like an Iphone at all.
    -We will sue you anyways even if you change your current products and abide by the above.

  36. In related news, cancer patients all over the globe have been served with lawsuits. In a letter attached to the lawsuit, Apple suggested that these people should contract a cancer of an organ other than the pancreas.

  37. Yes!!! I’m ONLY happy about that because Samsungs mobile division creates horrible quality devices. Bring on the Sammy ban to the US! :)

  38. Apparently, God made the Apple and is ticked at your logo.

  39. Those arrogant bitches!

  40. After reading that list, I am never buying apple products again. And i’m not joking.

  41. display screens that aren’t centered on the front face…. ok i got this … lets call the “front” the “back” of the tablet now on any tablet that isnt apple and problem solved.

    No sir, the front of our tablet looks nothing like apples front. If you look our screen is on the back of the tablet.

    Problem solved.

    1. HAHAHAHA Nice!  This comment is pure win lol

      1. Lol thanks. Have to say though this is one of my betters one. I was cracking up luaghing As I was typing it out as well. Haha

  42. omfg f’off apple.

  43. So basically they are saying to not release a phone or a tablet?  What idiots.

  44. Imagine how this would play out in other industries when they were beginning…If Daimler-Benz demanded that other automobile makers refrain from making cars with four wheels or an internal combustion engine…

    1. You may make a car, but your “design options” should not include doors, a vaguely rectangular shape, round wheels, a steering wheel as a means of controlling the vehicle…

  45. are u effing kidding me?? lmao

  46. This shows apple are cowards… Afraid of a good healthy competiton

  47. Apple: here’s an idea Samsung, stop copying my shit!

    Samsung: here’s an idea Apple, stop blaming the shit you do on other people!

    Apple: I copyied no one! Android copied me!

    Samsung: oh yea that’s right, you were the first with that notification bar right? Oh I’m sorry…the…NOTIFICATION CENTER. Pardon me

    Apple: its not patented

    HTC: give me back my weather widget you son of a bitch

    Apple: Android suck

    Samsung: obviously not if iOS always seem to resemble it in some way

  48. in other words stop competeing in the smartphone/tablet industry all together?

  49. if thats how it is, im pretty sure they gotta case with my 47″ sony plasma.  and a New King James version pocket bible.

  50. It times like these to remember that a company is not one single mind with one voice. Apple has a legal team that’s job is to look for anyway to disadvantage their competitors. Samsung has a legal team just like this who have also said some pretty ridiculous things (demanded an early version of the 4s to make sure it wasn’t infringing on their patents).

    This sucks on all sides. These legal teams aren’t really that much apart of the company. There a simple necessity of doing business. Same reason why companies pay for lobbyists. It’s just what the world has come to.

    1. Well, Kinda true and not. Apple was one the sue onto Samsung. How can’t you not counter-sue against Apple.

    2. Samsung only requested an early 4s because Apple requested their products ahead of release.  It’s more of a “If I have to show you mine, you damn well better give me a peek at yours” kind of thing..

  51. OK apple I’ll buy a triangle phone with a screen that isn’t centered. Then will you be happy?

  52. that’s reasonable? are you joking?

    they’re trying to say they own a *trademark* on a shape.

    hint: no company in the entire world owns a shape by itself. 

  53. Pablo Picasso, “challenge accepted”

  54. This is way out of control. 

    Fuck you apple. I dont care if you make the best shit ever or the worst, This playing dirty needs to end. with bullshit like this still going on i wish the company would have went down with 

  55. Samsung, please made a music player like the Ipod clasic because I need to replace the fu**** Ipod clasic that I have in my car just to don’t have any Apple product anymore. While that happend I’ll paste a Samsung logo in the fu**** Ipod and when finally samsung create it, I promise I will drive over the only Apple product that I have.

    To dream is easy, but to paste a Samsung logo on the rotten apple is easy too!

    This comment has nothing to do with phones, but it is the reflection of my hate against the rotten apple

    1. look for the galaxy player.
      android based media player from samsung, pretty much their version of the ipod. (in functionality, not appearance)

      1. What he said (see above). Its called a Galaxy Player with Amoled goodness too!

  56. This can’t be real.

  57. Next thing you know, Apple sues TV manufacturers for using rectangle shape TVs.

    1. Samsung originally made TVs #hint

  58. If you guys read the comments on Verge you would be surprised by people supporting Apples rectangle with rounded corners. 

  59. U a dick, Apple?

    I can just imagine the courtroom filled with laughter as those suggestions are read one by one.

  60. At this point we think if Apple had a time machine they would go back in time and sue Alexander Graham Bell because his telephone functions in a way too similar to the iPhone… best quote ever!!!

  61. Where do I get that wallpaper for my Galaxy Tab 10.1????

  62. Might makes right, when Apple became one of the richest companies on the planet, they felt they can do whatever they want with total immunity.  Saddest part is people actually defend this stupidity and still think Samsung is nothing but a copy-cat company.

  63. Next step, apple trees are all cut off.. courtesy of copyrights

  64. I’d like to drop a nuke on apple hq

    1. Let’s not get crazy – a nuke?! You’d kill innocent people whose only crime was living near Apple HQ. HDRMs (High Density Reactive Materials) are the way to go.

      1. I want to drop a rotten egg on those pigs because I am one Angry bird!

  65. didnt realize apple had patented the use of flat surfaces and rectangle… oh because i really what an phone that has obtuse and acute angles…


    1. Richard Yarrell? That looks like your caps writing.

      1. Hmm……Really, richard yarrell? You got no originality. Go troll elsewhere

        1. It wasn’t trolling, it was a guess – obviously incorrectly, since Richard can’t spell, or use punctuation.  I saw “He_who_must_not_b_named” and a bunch of caps, and guessed wrong. 
          My sincere apologies, no one should ever be wrongfully accused of being a Yarrell.

          1. No worries, lol. Sometimes it is a disqus f%@k up. Lol .just blame it on disqus simce it does hickup often enough.

  67. I’m an IP lawyer and I even find this absurd.  Apple basically went through and identified several features that would make the device less attractive.  Its almost as though Apple is claiming to have the only right to produce “cool” looking devices.  Its absurd.  

  68. Apple was once a great company and now look at it. Pathetic. I will never own their crap.

  69. Samsung: I know there is much to learn from each other if
    we can make a truce. We can find a way to co-exist. Can there be a peace
    between us?

    Apple: Peace? NO PEACE!

    Samsung: What is it you want us to do?

    Apple: Die… Die.

    1. I dont think any one else got the Independence Day reference…..or no one else cared but me…

      1. I got it.  I thought it was awesome.

  70. Wow….

    Just,.. wow…. 


  71. I guess I’ll be buying a PC next instead of a Mac…this pretty much sealed the deal.  

    Really?  No one can make slim and minimalistic phones and tablets except Apple?  Give me a break.  This is anticompetitive and babyish.  

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